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Mon May 2 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210You Better Work(Season 10, Episode 3) POP

Dylan is denied a return to academia; troops assemble to salvage the reopening of Donna's store after a Gina-related fire; realities of fatherhood strike Steve. Pia: Josie DiVincenzo. Lecksis: Richard Biggs. Sutton: Richard Keats. Cherise: Elizabeth Bogush (more…)

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Mon May 2 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210A Fine Mess(Season 10, Episode 4) POP

Steve practices proposals to Janet, who still wants no part; Dylan asks Gina to move out; Matt's cautious view of marriage angers Kelly; David makes a date part of his radio show. Robyn: Brittney Powell. Chet: Nick Cornish. Judy: PaSean Wilson. Dr. Long: N (more…)

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Tue May 3 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210The Loo Ouch(Season 10, Episode 5) POP

Family causes stress for Janet and Steve; friends offer to make room for a nursery---by moving out; David missteps with Robyn (Brittany Powell); Gina proposes an after-hours club to Noah; Dylan assists a hotel employee with two rambunctious sons. The Sosna (more…)

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Tue May 3 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210'80s Night(Season 10, Episode 6) POP

David's radio persona gets flack---and ratings; Matt tries to overturn a death sentence for a rapist-murderer; the after-hours club attracts the wrong attention; Steve haunts the house, while Janet joins a band. Tony: David O'Donnell. Walter: Brant Cotton (more…)

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Wed May 4 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Laying Pipe(Season 10, Episode 7) POP

Kelly and Dylan are asked to be godparents by Janet and Steve, who hesitates to trade in his 'Vette for a mini-van; a homeless man's death affects Donna. Marta: Tami-Adrian George. Walter: Brant Cotton. Pastor: Ken Jenkins. Wendy: Judith Hoag. Coroner: Cly (more…)

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Wed May 4 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Baby You Can Drive My Car(Season 10, Episode 8) POP

Dylan is hurt in a gay-bashing incident; Kelly blames Noah for Jackie and Mel's separation; Janet and Steve corral the gang into a scavenger hunt; Gina feels slighted by Dylan. Andrew: Robb Derringer. Pastor: Ken Jenkins. Janet: Lindsay Price. Dylan: Luke (more…)

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Thu May 5 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Family Tree(Season 10, Episode 9) POP

Kelly learns Gina blackmailed Mel; Dylan goes to bat for Andrew; Janet goes into premature labor; Donna learns of a past indiscretion by her father. Andrew: Robb Derringer. Jackie: Ann Gillespie. Erin: Mercedes Kastner. Ms. Regan: Janet Carroll. Henry: Zac (more…)

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Thu May 5 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210What's in a Name?(Season 10, Episode 10) POP

Complications continue for Janet and Steve's baby; Donna confronts her father about Gina; Dylan recruits Kelly as a Thanksgiving volunteer at the center; Gina's lingering connection to Dylan bothers David; Kelly tries to shield Erin from her parents' troub (more…)

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Fri May 6 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Sibling Revelry(Season 10, Episode 11) POP

Dylan's expensive gift to Kelly disturbs Matt; Donna tells Gina their whole story, but learns Noah hasn't told all of his; Steve becomes overprotective of Madeline. Gina: Vanessa Marcil. Noah: Vincent Young. David: Brian Austin Green. Dylan: Luke Perry. Ke (more…)

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Fri May 6 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly(Season 10, Episode 12) POP

Gina's meeting with her father is unsatisfying, similar to Janet and her parents; Donna can't let go of Noah's accident; Dylan loses control in front of kids, and has second thoughts about Kelly, but is too late. Sosnas: Leslie Ishii, James Shigeta. Martin (more…)

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Mon May 9 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Tainted Love(Season 10, Episode 13) POP

The loss of a client puts Matt in financial straits; Dylan grows uncomfortable about godparenting with Kelly; others benefit from a man's crush on Donna. Mark: Chris Payne Gilbert. Pastor: Ken Jenkins. Behr: Tom Virtue. Matt: Daniel Cosgrove. Dylan: Luke P (more…)

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Mon May 9 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210I'm Using You Cause I Like You(Season 10, Episode 14) POP

Donna and David meet promising new mates; Kelly decides to quit the store; Matt violates his suspension; Dylan suffers from fast-lane acquaintances; the Sanders' hire a nanny (Jill Bennett). Chrissy: Robyn Bliley. Everardo: Danny Mora. Jerry: Steve Wilder (more…)

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Tue May 10 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Fertile Ground(Season 10, Episode 15) POP

Matt's brother asks a very personal favor; Steve tells Janet of his previous encounter with Darby; Noah is threatened when Dylan refuses to cover Josie's drug loss; Gina trains a teenager as a prelude to another job. Michael: Gili Lang. Patrick: Freeman Mi (more…)

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Tue May 10 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210The Final Proof(Season 10, Episode 16) POP

Dylan accedes to Shane's demands for Noah; Kelly and Matt prepare to go on a couples game show; Dr. Martin tries to bond with Gina. Shane: Jesse Hoffman. Josie: Sydney Penny. Camille: Josie Davis. Dr. Martin: Michael Durrell. Gina: Vanessa Marcil. Matt: Da (more…)

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Wed May 11 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Doc Martin(Season 10, Episode 17) POP

Unspoken accusations regarding her father haunt Gina, but Felice (Katherine Cannon) speaks her mind; Kelly considers a job in PR; Dylan decides to explore greener pastures. Camille: Josie Davis. Pia: Josie DiVincenzo. Gina: Vanessa Marcil. Dylan: Luke Perr (more…)

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Wed May 11 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Eddie Waitkus(Season 10, Episode 18) POP

A news report shows a live dead-ringer for Dylan's late father; Noah intrudes on Donna's meeting someone new; Kelly compromises her personal feelings for her profession; David gets the wrong idea when he overhears Camille talking with friends. Camille: Jos (more…)

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Thu May 12 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210I Will Be Your Father Figure(Season 10, Episode 19) POP

Matt joins the search for Dylan's father; Donna brings Noah home to convalesce; Steve reverts to partying form when brother Ryan (Randy Spelling) visits; the link between David and Donna concerns Camille (Josie Davis). Dylan: Luke Perry. Janet: Lindsay Pri (more…)

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Thu May 12 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Ever Hear the One About the Exploding Father?(Season 10, Episode 20) POP

Dylan's father (Josh Taylor) makes him an offer; Steve lobbies for Ryan's return to college; David interviews for a job in New York; Matt represents a stand-up comic fired for not being funny. Stuart: Matt Winston. Christine: Valerie Wildman. Ryan: Randy S (more…)

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Fri May 13 12:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210Spring Fever(Season 10, Episode 21) POP

Kelly recruits Maddy for a photo ad; Noah finds a fellow A.A. member in need; Matt unknowingly ingests acid while on a road trip with Dylan; Donna's distress over David grows. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Amy: Heidi Mark. Borst: Gary Grubbs. Jim: Adrian Ne (more…)

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Fri May 13 1:00pm
Beverly Hills, 90210The Easter Bunny(Season 10, Episode 22) POP

Camille grabs the ball when Donna hesitates to market her wares on-line; Matt considers telling Kelly about his dirty desert deed; the Sanders run afoul of snooty new neighbors. Camille: Josie Davis. Mitch: Mark Collier. Ellen: Heidi Noelle Lenhart. Matt: (more…)

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