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Ann Coulter: You Can't Police My Language
01:21 — Conversation gets fiery when MSNBC's Joy Reid and conservative political commentator Ann Coulter discuss the 'demographic panic' that many claim the T (more…)
Clinton: Trump 'needs to Release Tax Returns'
04:17 — Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns, but will it matter to the average voter if Trump doesn't release them? Ann Coulter (more…)
Poll: Trump and Clinton in Dead Heat
05:09 — The latest poll shows Donald Trump closing in on Hillary Clinton. Ann Coulter, David Corn and Jay Newton-Small discuss what’s causing the gap between (more…)
Will the State of the GOP Race Change in WI?
07:17 — A new national poll from NBC shows Donald Trump holding steady among Republican voters at 45 percent while Ted Cruz is 17 points back. Conservative co (more…)
Trump Battles Bush Bros Over 9/11, Iraq
07:38 — Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, Rep. Mark Sanford, R - S.C., and Jeb Bush senior adviser Al Cardenas discuss Donald Trump's recent attacks on the (more…)
Coulter, Mair Debate What’s Best for GOP
02:51 — Republican strategist Liz Mair and conservative columnist Ann Coulter debate what’s best for the Republican party in 2016…including whether or not Ted (more…)
Padma’s Take on Ann Coulter
Season 12 Episode 196 Show Highlight: Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi says what was going through her head when she was a guest co-host on The View wh (more…)
NeNe Leakes & Ellen Barkin
Mazel: I m feeling generous so there are multiple Mazels tonight. First, to WIllie Geist for the Today Show gig. Second Whoopie on The View for ho (more…)
Top Stories For May 13, 2014
Al Gore keeps fight conservatives on climate change, Dems are strategizing on how to win on Benghazi, Karl Rove thinks Hillary Clinton has brain damag (more…)
Piers Morgan Clashes with Right-Wing Commentator Over Trump
Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan tells right-wing commentator Ann Coulter it 'might be helpful' if she was deported.
Ann Coulter Responds To Rumors She's Dating Jimmie Walker
Best-selling author, syndicated columnist political commentator Ann Coulter joins HuffPost Live and discusses the rumors swirling around her and Jimmi (more…)
Ann Coulter Calls Ebola Doctor 'Idiotic'
Ann Coulter has a message for the American doctor who contracted Ebola while treating the sick in South Africa, and her comments should surprise absol (more…)
Ann Coulter Under Fire For Controversial Tweet
Political commentator Ann Coulter is under fire for a controversial tweet about Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, who spoke Wednesday night at the (more…)
Coulter Right On Guns?
Ann Coulter blames America € s high rate of gun violence on non-Americans & non-whites. It sounds racist. But to what extent might demographics e (more…)
Ann Coulter LIVE
Best-selling author, syndicated columnist political commentator Ann Coulter joins HuffPost Live to discuss her new book, 'Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 (more…)
Ann Coulter:Â If You Can't Afford A Maid, Amnesty Is A 'Net Loss' For You
Ann Coulter sits down with Marc to discuss her take on amnesty, as well as how she thinks the American people should decide their stance on it.
Ann Coulter: 'Civil Rights Are For Blacks'
During a panel discussion on This Week with George Stephanopolous, right-wing social and political commentator Ann Coulter made controversial comment
Ann Coulter To Gingrich: 'You Can't Have Two Affairs And Run For President'
Ann Coulter To Gingrich: € You Can € t Have Two Affairs And Run For President'
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