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Anika Noni Rose of the New 'Roots'
01:58 — Anika Noni Rose talks about feeling the spirits during the filming of the new "Roots."
Panel: The State of Feminism in America
07:14 — Anika Noni Rose, Franchesca Ramsey and Holly Walker weigh in on President Obama's speech at the United States of Women Summit and discuss what it mean (more…)
Felonious Munk Tackles the Word War On Terror
04:53 — Resident blegghead and language expert Felonious Munk weighs in on President Obama's refusal to use the term "radical Islamic terrorism."
No Guns for No-Fly Listers?
08:10 — Democrats fight for expanded background checks to prohibit people on the federal no-fly list from buying guns, drawing support from both Hillary Clint (more…)
Meet the Cast: Laurence Fishburne as Alex Haley
In the role of Roots' author Alex Haley, Laurence Fishburne fulfills a lifelong dream of being part of this iconic miniseries.
Meet the Cast: Anika Noni Rose as Kizzy
Anika Noni Rose explains how her character Kizzy inherited a strong sense of self and heritage from her father, Kunta Kinte, in this web exclusive.
Meet the Cast: Sedale Threatt, Jr. as Young Tom
Sedale Threatt, Jr. describes the research and commitment he put into playing the role of Tom, the fourth generation of Kunta Kinte's family.
Joy Behar Officiated Her First Wedding
03:04 — Joy joined The Chew, brought them up to speed on The View, and talked about the first wedding she officiated.
Know Your Roots: Anika Noni Rose
01:47 — Watch as one of the stars of the series discusses her personal journey as she gains insight into her DNA lineage.
"New Beginnings" by Bear and a Banjo (Official Music Video)
Check out the official Roots music video “New Beginnings” performed by Poo Bear and Jingle Jared featuring video from HISTORY's "Roots," starring Laur (more…)
"Born This Way" by Bear and a Banjo (Official Music Video)
Check out the official Roots music video “Born This Way” performed by Poo Bear and Jingle Jared featuring video from HISTORY's "Roots," starring Laure (more…)
LeVar Burton & Valerie Jarrett at the White House
02:57 — LeVar Burton and Valerie Jarret discuss the generational impact of Roots at the White House.
Donald Trump On Creating Insulting Nicknames
01:12 — Donald Trump talks about his self esteem and where the nicknames he uses for other politicians come from.
Donald Trump Talks About Supporting Hillary Clinton
02:04 — Donald Trump explains why he has made positive comments about Hillary.
Donald Trump On Fundraising and Celebrity Endorsements
03:13 — Donald Trump talks about a Republican fundraiser.
Donald Trump Denies PR Spokesman Tapes Were Him
02:40 — Donald Trump denies that he once posed as his own publicist .
Donald Trump Is Willing to Debate Bernie Sanders
02:50 — Donald Trump shares his opinion on the Democratic race.
Jimmy Kimmel Writes a Second Children's Book for Donald Trump
02:18 — Jimmy reads the second children's book he ghost wrote for Donald Trump.
Gregory Porter Performs "Don't Lose Your Steam"
03:17 — Gregory Porter - Don't Lose Your Steam
Gregory Porter Performs "Holding On"
04:24 — Gregory Porter - Holding On
Lie Witness News: Donald Trump Edition
02:42 — We put the loyalty of Trump supporters to the test.
Little Trump Competes at National Spelling Bee
01:26 — The 89th Annual Scripps Spelling Bee just got going. The favorite this year is a kid from New York who did very well in the first round.
Donald Trump Talks About VP Selection Process
01:30 — Donald Trump talks about his hunt for a running mate and Jimmy gives him a suggestion on how to do it.
Trump Speech at Half Speed
01:10 — YouTube has a feature where you can watch videos at half speed. Our keyboard player Jeff noticed that when you use this on Donald Trump, he ends up so (more…)
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