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Poll: Britney/K-Fed Was the Year's Juiciest Jilting

You like to see slackers get their comeuppance, dontcha? The results of's year-end Pop Culture Poll are out, and Britney's booting of Mr. Federline (earning 22 percent of the vote) was deemed the most deliciously rocky celeb romance of 2006. Other findings: — Y'all would rather smooch your real-life honeys than, say, Angelina Jolie (14 percent) or George Clooney (19 percent) on New Year's Eve. Um, OK....— Thirty-eight percent of the 15,013 respondents pick Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban as the next celeb union to go south. (How many times did that Nashville lingerie model vote?)— Jennifer Aniston boasts the closet most women want to raid. (And frankly, she may welcome the company.)— Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Alba, meanwhile, are those you imagine look best unclothed, topping their respective gender's lists with 48 and 24 percent of the hottest-bod votes. Good to see that folks have been renting Into the Blue.For more categories and results, go to... read more

Angelina Opens Up About Brad... and Jen

How did Hollywood's most famous hookup happen? And has Brad Pitt's babymomma ever met his ex? In the January Vogue, on newsstands Friday, Angelina Jolie tackles those hot topics and more. Some excerpts published in USA Today:Re: Brad: "He's somebody I admire based on the way he lives his life. And that's why I'm with him."Re: the onset of their on-set romance: "A few months [into filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith] I realized, god, I can't wait to get to work. Whether it was shooting a scene or... gun practice or dance class or doing stunts, anything we had to do with each other, we found a lot of joy in it."Re: Jennifer Aniston, Jolie says the two ladies have never had "a real sit-down-and-talk kind of meeting," and have only said hello in passing. To ever have a heart-to-heart, Jolie says, "would be [Jen's] decision, and I would welcome it." As would Barbara Walters and the cameras from 20/20. read more

The Jolie-Pitt Wedding Is (Waxed) Off!

Aww, what a handsome parafin they would have made, too. The Las Vegas Madame Tussauds nixed its plan to stage a wax depiction of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tying the knot after a rep for the latter protested. "I personally found it a little off, re-creating a wedding that never really happened," Pitt's spokesperson tells the AP. "[It's] disturbing." The never-to-be-seen scene would have featured George Clooney as best man and Rev. Robert Schuller as officiant, with the likes (likenesses?) of Elvis, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra (surprising, seeing as Ol' Blue Eyes is said to have been Team Aniston) serving as witnesses. read more

Elizabeth Mitchell: Has Lost's Juliet Found Her Romeo in Jack?

Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost

This past Friday the 13th was a lucky, yet unlucky, day The good news is that we got the chance to Q&A Lost newcomer Elizabeth Mitchell, who first caught our eye years ago when she bedded Angelina Jolie (in the HBO movie Gia). The bad news was that we had to sit on this feature until today, Nov. 1 — albeit in time for Lost's penultimate pre-hiatus outing. (The even worse news was that the end of our chat — in which we discussed The Santa Clause 3, opening Friday and in which she again plays the big guy's Mrs. read more

That's the Pitts': E! Duo Axed

Speaking of Babel, according to People, E! Networks has eighty-sixed a pair of employees who trespassed at the Hollywood Hills home of the flick's leading man, were spotted by construction workers, and eventually became the subjects of a police report. In a statement, E! ( making no mention whatsoever of its 217 Brangelina True Hollywood Story episodes) said that it "would like to offer its most sincere apologies to Mr. Pitt and his family." read more

At the Movies: Clooney Back with O Brother Brothers

Per the Hollywood Reporter, George Clooney will play a killer in Burn After Reading, a spy caper being helmed by Joel and Ethan Coen, with whom Clooney did O Brother, Where Are Thou? and Intolerable Cruelty.... Universal has grabbed the rights to Cobalt 60, a cult comic book set in a postapocalytpic world inhabited by mutants. Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) will direct.... Robert Zemeckis will release the Polar Express-like, digitally enhanced Beowulf, starring Angelina Jolie, in large-format 3-D on Nov. 16.... Per Variety, Sarah Jessica Parker has replaced Rachel Weisz opposite Dennis Quaid in Smart People.... Peter Sarsgaard will join future bro-in-law Jake Gyllenhaal in Rendition, director Gavin Hood's Tsotsi follow-up.... Anthony Mackie (Half Nelson) will play Olympic track-and-field legend Jesse Owens in a biopic shooting next summer. read more

Baby Talk: Pregnant Peet Is Altar-Bound

Earlier this week, Amanda Peet told Late Show's David Letterman that she is four months pregnant — earning her the nickname "Fatty" on the Studio 60 set — and is planning to tie the knot with screenwriter David Benioff this weekend.... Sources tell the New York Post's Page Six that Angelina Jolie is itching to adopt again, but beau Brad Pitt is hot to sire a son – or at least die smiling, trying. Also per the Post: Britney Spears refuses to confirm that Sutton Preston is her newborn's name until the tot's first pics pop up in People.... Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose is six months pregnant with her first child, Us reports. read more

Also at the Movies: Jolie Has a Fine Atlas

Per Variety, Angelina Jolie is set to star as Dagny Taggart in a film adaptation of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.... Brazilian beauty Alice Braga is Will Smith's leading lady in I Am Legend.... Katie Cassidy, who reportedly beat out Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Speed TV's Debbie Beal for the role of Lucy Ewing in the Dallas feature film, is in final talks to play Pi Delta Pi's queen bee in the Revenge of the Nerds redo.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Jesse Bradford will star opposite Elisha Cuthbert in My Sassy Girl, a remake of a hit South Korean romantic comedy. read more

Claire Forlani Faces a Nightmarish End

Claire Forlani, Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Tonight the nightmares begin. TNT's Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King, that is. The four-week series of eight spine-tingling tales kicks off at 8 pm/ET with "Battleground" (starring William Hurt), followed at 9:50 pm by "Crouch End," in which Claire Forlani and Eion Bailey play a couple who wind up in the very wrong part of town while honeymooning in London. spoke with Forlani about embarking on this trippy trip. TVGuide.c read more

What's the Secret to Blockbuster Success?

What, if anything, do Star Wars, Mission: Impossible, and Jaws have in common?

What is the formula for blockbuster-movie success? And how does it differ from the recipe for disaster? Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters, an HBO documentary premiering tonight at 9 pm/ET — and based on the new book Boffo! How I Learned to Love the Blockbuster and Fear the Bomb, by Variety editor-in-chief and former studio exec Peter Bart — explores those much-asked questions by way of A-list talking heads and fantastic clips from films both great and... so-so. Bart says that  — especially as cohost of AMC's Sunday Morn read more

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