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Making the Best of It
00:49 — Gina has her secretary recite all the insults she thought of for Amy.
Detained by Taylor Swift's Security
00:44 — Jake and Holt are detained and brought to jail.
Heterosexual Holt
00:42 — Holt explains his plan to bribe the gun shop.
A Letter to Jake
00:40 — Amy asks the 9-9 if they have anything they'd like to say to Jake in her letter.
The Guys from the Corn Dog Video
00:47 — Holt informs Jake that they have been spotted in witness protection.
Not Very Impressed
00:49 — The new captain introduces himself and the 9-9 isn't very impressed.
Mirror Image
04:41 — On "Mirror Image," twin sisters relied on each other to do half the work until one of them got fat!
Weekend Update: Earth Day Song
03:30 — In honor of Earth Day, Amy and Seth welcome Will Forte to sing a song to the planet he titled "An Open Apology to Mother Earth." Featuring Fred Armise (more…)
Ben Affleck's Endorsement Monologue
01:47 — With the presidential election just days away, Ben Affleck reflects on some of the endorsements he's made in the past uses that to back his 2008 candi (more…)
Weekend Update: Really?! IRS Scandal
02:46 — In the wake of the IRS targeting scandal, Seth Meyers welcomes back Amy Poehler to ask Washington one question: Really?!
Weekend Update: John Belushi On March
02:10 — John Belushi talks about all the different ways March can "come in."
Target Lady's Admirer
05:38 — A UPS employee sets his sights on winning the affection of Target Lady.
New Xanax
01:54 — Stressing out about attending those perfect gay weddings this summer? Calm your nerves with new Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings!
Weekend Update Favorites: May 18, 2013
01:39 — Catch up on the headlines with Seth Meyers and his guest, Amy Poehler, including the new Taco Bell breakfast item with a waffle shell.
Top of the Pops
03:47 — Top of the Pops welcomes Ian Rubbish and The Blizzards for one final performance of "It's a Lovely Day."
Viagra Ad
01:01 — Men are celebrating the advent of Viagra, and their wives kind of seem excited, too.
Iranian Film
03:24 — The Iranian government's response to "Argo," is a film starring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad titled "Bengo F#ck Yourself."
Cold Opening: Politics Nation - IRS Scandal
04:26 — On this episode of Politics Nation, Al Sharpton works to get to the bottom of the IRS targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups.
Movie Pitch With Stefon
03:08 — A movie pitch session with studio executives is complicated when two brothers have trouble conveying the same idea.
01:35 — If you're suffering from dry, itchy scalp, Trilocaine might be the answer, if you're in for a psychedelic journey.
Donnie's Party
05:00 — When Pat catches Denise getting too friendly with Donnie at a party, a fight breaks out that ends in a beautiful reconciliation.
Ben Affleck's Five Timer Monologue
04:39 — After Ben Affleck learns there won't be any other members of the Five Timers Club on hand to celebrate, he explains his Oscar acceptance speech about (more…)
Weekend Update: Stefon's Farewell
05:51 — After Seth Meyers gets flustered with Stefon's picks for spring activities around New York City, Stefon decides to part ways and lead a new life.
Donnie's Wedding
06:05 — Pat and Denise are thrown for a loop when they show up to Donnie's wedding only to see he's marrying a man.
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