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Exclusive: How Jimmy Kimmel Live Pulled Off Its Matt Damon Episode

Matt Damon

Viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live tuned in Thursday night to see the late-night host bound and gagged at the corner of the stage. Matt Damon had hijacked the show, and proceeded to oversee what may have been one of the most star-studded episodes in talk show history.

The Damon episode, of course, was the culmination of a long-running joke... read more

VIDEO: Matt Damon Hijacks Jimmy Kimmel with Ben Affleck, Oprah and More

Jimmy Kimmel Live

After 10 years, Matt Damon has finally gotten revenge on Jimmy Kimmel for bumping him from Jimmy Kimmel Live 1,205 times.

"Welcome to tonight's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Sucks," Damon said on Thursday's episode, while Kimmel struggled tied to a chair behind him. read more

Keck's Exclusives: Jane Lynch, Kiefer Sutherland Among The Simpsons' Season 23 Guests

Jane Lynch

On March 3, Fox's The Simpsons will begin recording voice talent for their 23rd season!

Executive producer Al Jean tells me that episodes coming this fall will feature characters voiced by guest stars Kiefer Sutherland, Jane Lynch, Andy Garcia and science fiction and comic book author Neil Gaiman (Coraline).

"Jane plays ... read more

"The Test"

This was definitely one of the tougher episodes in recent memory especially being the mother of a son Watching Gates brave young patient succumb to his terminal respiratory disease was almost too much to bear The scene with the chaplain and the mother watching his struggle for each breath was heartbreaking made even more so by the courage and conviction the boy demonstrated by making the decision not to go on a ventilator On a much more lighthearted note I felt like there was a lot of chemistry between Sam and Gates as they butted heads over the ethical handling of the case Ive said it before but I really feel like a Sam-Tony pairing would be an interesting place to go especially when you think about the kids and the connection they would have there Come on ER writers throw me a boneAs Pratt and Morris opted for a rather nontraditional approach to preparing for their board exams a new attending came on the scene I loved Kari Matchett on both Invasion and St read more

Legal Briefs: Prince, Lance Armstrong, Guns N' Roses, More!

Prince by Theo Wargo/

Prince has decided to sue YouTube and a bunch of other websites for unauthorized use of his music so that, according to Reuters, he can "reclaim his art on the Internet." Fine. But he'd damn well better leave my Apollonia videos alone.... According to, Lance Armstrong is as mad as a wet cat — a wet cat with an attorney, I might add — that an Oklahoma firm is peddling pet collars modeled after his yellow "Livestrong" wristbands.... A security guard at a 1996 Guns N' Roses concert is finally getting around to suing Axl Rose for allegedly kicking him in the head during a performance.... Andy Garcia is being sued by a woman who claims his film, The Lost City, is based on her husband's life, TMZ says. Since her spouse is a sax player who was exiled from Cuba after Castro took over and Garcia plays a nightclub owner who flees of his own accord, I have a hunch this isn't going to go well for her. read more

Carla Gugino Joins the Watchmen, More Movie News

Carla Gugino by Stephen Lovekin/

Carla Gugino is joining Zack Snyder's Watchmen, playing burlesque dancer turned costumed heroine Sally Jupiter.... Also per the Reporter, Jessica Alba, Verne "Mini-Me" Troyer and Romany Malco (Weeds) have a date with The Love Guru, Mike Myers' first original character since Austin Powers.... Colin Hanks is the male lead opposite Anna Faris in that Playboy bunny-becomes-sorority-house-mom comedy.... Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell are joining Daniel Craig in the WWII movie Defiance.... Per Variety, Andy Garcia, John Cleese and Alfred Molina are in the pink, as in The Pink Panther 2. read more

At the Movies: Drew Barrymore Is a Dog

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Drew Barrymore will voice Chloe, a pampered Beverly Hills chihuahua who gets lost in Mexico in the live-action, talking-animal Disney comedy South of the Border. Also on board are Andy Garcia (as a German shepherd), George Lopez (as a macho pooch with eyes for Chloe) and Salma Hayek.... The red-hot Frank Langella will star with Elliott Gould in On the Hook, a thriller about a corporate whistleblower and the PI who protects him from killers.... Flags of Our Fathers' Jesse Bradford will star in The Echo, a remake of the Filipino thriller Sigaw. read more


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