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Mega Buzz: NCIS' Daddy Danger, House's New Doc and Chuck's Run-In with 007

Cote de Pablo (NCIS), Hugh Laurie (House), and Zachary Levi (Chuck)

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Have you heard anything about Ziva's storyline on NCIS' November sweeps episodes? — Carly
ADAM: A special security team will be tasked with protecting Ziva's father (Michael Nouri) when he attends an NCIS conference. Also at the conference: former NCIS agent Riley McCallister, whose troubled past has given him a bit of a hero complex. It's probably no accident that McCallister is played by Michael O'Neill, who learned a lot about gunplay as a Secret Service agent on The West Wing and as the gunman who shot the hell out of Seattle Grace in last year's Grey's Anatomy finale.

Who does Amber Tamblyn play on House? — Peter
House describes her as the "the love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins." The brainiac's bleeding-heart principles of course irk the cranky doc. So he fires her — several times.... read more

Showtime Renews Green Room for Season 2

Paul Provenza

The Green Room with Paul Provenza has been renewed for Season 2, Showtime announced Thursday.

Hosted by Provenza, Green Room has been picked up for... read more

Andy Dick Arrested on Charges of Sexual Abuse

Andy Dick

Andy Dick was arrested Saturday in West Virginia and charged with two counts of sexual abuse, according to The Associated Press.

The 44-year-old comedian was arraigned in Cabell County Magistrate Court, the news service reported. He's accused of... read more

NewsRadio The Complete Series — Review

Newsradio - The Complete Series

Tune into NewsRadio for a hilarious look behind-the-scenes at WNYX, the #2 news radio station in New York City. Starring Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall), Stephen Root (Office Space), Andy Dick (Less Than Perfect), Maura Tierney (ER), Vicki Lewis (Three Sisters), Joe Rogan (Fear Factor), Khandi Alexander (ER), Phil Hartman (Saturday Night Live) and Jon Lovitz (Saturday Night Live), NewsRadio delivers tons of laughs in this 12-disc set featuring all 97 episodes of the series. Bonus material includes hilarious commentary tracks (some of the best I've ever heard), blooper reels, filmographies, featurettes, and more. The only downside is the packaging; the discs are on a plastic hub. but on the bright side it's only $59.95 (SRP) for the complete series. There's no reason to buy this if you already have the season sets, but it offers fans an opportunity to buy the entire series for a cheap price if you don't already have it in your collection.

Buy NewsRadio The Complete Series on


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Happy New Year for Late-night TV

Conan O'Brien by Dana Edelson/NBC Photo

Did absence make our hearts grow fonder of late-night TV's hosts, missing in action for the last two months? I suppose it's possible, though I doubt anyone's preferences were changed by what they saw Wednesday night, when all of the network hosts finally returned to work, all but David Letterman and Craig Ferguson without writers. (If anything grew, it was facial hair, at least on Dave and Conan.)If you're the sort who for whatever reason prefers affable Jay Leno over cranky Dave, or chooses to stay up late for the delectable derangement that is Conan O’Brien, nothing about Wednesday’s opening night would likely have shaken you from your long-ingrained after-hours habits. The strike beards sported by Dave and Conan in solidarity with the still-striking writers (“and to prove that I still have some testosterone,” joked Conan) were the most noticeable changes on the late-night landscape.Here’s my report card on late-night’s opening night, keeping in mind ... read more

Jessica Simpson's Blonde Ambition Could Set Record

It seems Jessica Simpson's new movie, Blonde Ambition, may have set some sort of record. With an opening day gross of $384, it may be one of the lowest grossing theatrical films ever. In what sounds like a shamelessly uncredited remake of Mike Nichols' Academy Award-winning comedy Working Girl, Simpson stars as a sweet, small-town gal from Oklahoma who climbs the corporate ladder at a construction firm in big, bad New York City. My guess is that a credited Luke Wilson stars as the Harrison Ford character. Now in all fairness, Blonde Ambition, which was produced by father Joe Simpson's ickily named Papa Joe Productions, was only released into eight theaters, all in Simpson's and Wilson's home state of Texas. To put this in perspective, I Am Legend opened across the country on over 3600 screens, and Blonde Ambition, which is scheduled to come out on DVD on January 22 anyway, arrived with none of the ad muscle accompanying its holiday season competition, like this week's box-office cha... read more

February 15, 2007: Crisis of Conscience

Thankfully tonights episode brought us back to the interesting cases and patients that draw out the best and the worst in our favorite ER doctors and nurses We were also treated to some more superlative guest-acting Sean Young is certainly no Forest Whitaker but she was poignant and sympathetic in her portrayal of the mother suspiciously dying from liver failure Though I wasnt the least bit surprised that the hateful older son was complicit in her scheme to slowly kill herself without jeopardizing the insurance money for her sons I did think this was an interesting way to once again call Gates moral compass into question Lukas assessment of Gates ability to lie without a second thought was spot-on It was interesting to juxtapose this story against Neelas refusal to participate in Manishs surgey due to her own reservations about his motives for donating a kidney Frankly I was somewhat surprised at Dubenkos pragmatic approach read more

Kimmel Forced to Yank Andy Dick Away from Trump

Never has the word "Andy" been such a game-changer, eh?At this past Friday's taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian Andy Dick had to be forcibly removed from the stage when he ignored repeated requests to cease touching/poking/caressing Guest No. 2, Ivanka Trump. (Video here.) Even despite the talker host's warning that, "Donald Trump will kill both of us," the possibly inebriated Dick persisted in pawing the titan's pretty offspring, requiring security guards to literally drag him off stage, down the hall, past hair-and-makeup, and back into obscurity. read more

Obviously there are tons of ...

Question: Obviously there are tons of Christmas movies, but how about Hannukah movies? I don't want episodes of TV shows – I'm looking for real movies.

Answer: All I can come up with are two comedies: The Hebrew Hammer (2003), starring Adam Goldberg as hardboiled Jewish private eye Mordechai Jefferson Carver, who teams up with the Kwanzaa Liberation Front to defeat evil Santa Damian's (Andy Dick) plot to enforce holiday hegemony, and Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights (2002), an animated feature. Eight Crazy Nights is family-friendly (assuming your family isn't too uptight), while The Hebrew Hammer is not — it's pretty damned funny, though.

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On Sept. 15 ABC will premiere Celebrity A-List Bloopers, a special cohosted by Dick Clark and Sherri Shepherd and featuring foul-ups, bleeps and blunders by "Hollywood's biggest stars," including Andy Dick, Wayne Brady, Sharon Osbourne, Ryan Seacrest and Kevin Sorbo. I know what you're thinking: Something is wrong with the "A" on my keyboard. read more

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