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Andy Cohen: Bush League??
01:41 — Would the Bravo host consider replacing Billy Bush on “Today?” And if so, could he wake up in time??
Sarah Jessica Parker Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction
00:38 — SJP rips her dress on "Watch What Happens Live" and host Andy Cohen call her out for it.
Melissa Etheridge Speaks on Onetime Pal Brad Pitt: 'I Hope He Reaches Out'
01:24 — The singer spoke with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show.
Melissa Etheridge Speaks On Onetime Pal Brad Pitt: 'I Hope He Reaches Out'
01:23 — The singer spoke with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM radio show.
Salma Hayek and Andy Cohen Fight Sexism
02:37 — Salma Hayek and Andy Cohen call on the world to fight sexism, and call to amend the 1971 "Law of Marriage" act in Tanzania.
Vicki the Monogamous Girl
01:51 — Vicki believes if one partner cheats, everything is over.
Gretchen's Meltdown
01:49 — Gretchen is so upset about what the other ladies have been saying about her relationship with Slade.
Heather Dubrow Pops a Vein
02:12 — The RHOC star fires back at Lydia McLaughlin
Gretchen Cites Her Sources
01:58 — Gretchen offers proof of Tamra's lies.
Brooks Leaves Vicki
01:52 — Brooks makes the decision to break up with Vicki.
Alexis Knows Things
02:23 — Alexis shares questionable behavior she saw from Gretchen.
What's a Chuckie?
01:22 — Caroline explains what a "chuckie" and a "pee pee" are.
The New York Wives as Porn Stars
01:51 — The New York housewives share what their porn names would be.
If the Tables Were Turned
02:00 — What would Zoila Chavez have Jeff Lewis do if he was her manservant for the day?
Scandalous Behavior
01:59 — There wasn't a scandalous romance but there was scandalous behavior.
Truth or Dare, Part 2
04:28 — Gretchen Rossi took the dare and now watch her kiss Tamra Barney!
Gia's Jewish Comment
02:18 — Teresa Giudice answers to Gia's Jewish comment.
The Best and Worst Food
01:58 — Relive all the best and worst dishes of the season.
Giving a Whippin'?
01:00 — Phaedra Parks still plans to give a whippin' to her son as a disciplinary measure.
Catch up With Lynne Curtin
02:45 — Find out what's up with Lynne Curtin now.
Eviscerated by Jay Mohr
02:37 — The ladies discuss Jay Mohr's blog and Melissa Gorga admits she was getting a bit mad at him since she is a fan of his.
Sibling Rivalry
01:38 — The kids of New Jersey may love each other but that doesn't mean they don't get into it.
Double Standard?
01:34 — A viewers calls out Kyle Richards for doing things that she would mock if Brandi Glanville did them.
Heather Would Kiss Bev?
01:04 — Andy Cohen loosens things up a bit and finds out what would make Heather Terhune kiss Beverly Kim.
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