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Tue Jun 28 4:24am
George LopezCurious George(Season 1, Episode 2) NIK

Benny urges George to spy on Carmen when she brings a boy home for the first time. Duncan: Jonathan Jones. Jessica: Paige Segal. Carmen: Masiela Lusha. Benny: Belita Moreno. Angie: Constance Marie.

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Tue Jun 28 4:27am
Hot in ClevelandMagic Diet Candy(Season 4, Episode 7) TVLAND

Wilbur's christening brings Joy's new family members together for the first time, but Owen is encouraged to pretend to be someone else. Meanwhile, Elka displays her artistic side by altering a church fresco; and Melanie is fed up with Victoria's obsession (more…)

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Tue Jun 28 5:00am
Hot in ClevelandExtras(Season 4, Episode 8) TVLAND

Joy gets a job as an extra in Victoria's movie and meets a new love interest; Melanie's plans for a romantic evening go awry; Elka and Mamie aren't good role models for Wilbur.

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Wed Jun 29 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandThe Conversation(Season 4, Episode 9) TVLAND

Victoria ponders Emmet's past when a woman he used to know resurfaces; Melanie and Elka have an unwanted guest; Joy falls for a doctor who may not be as perfect as he seems.

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Wed Jun 29 4:54am
Hot in ClevelandThe Anger Games(Season 4, Episode 10) TVLAND

Elka becomes Victoria's agent; Melanie sets Joy up on a date with her boyfriend's friend; the women's monthly game night is dominated by gossip and secrets.

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Thu Jun 30 4:30am
Hot in ClevelandFast and Furious(Season 4, Episode 11) TVLAND

Joy is suspicious of a yogi at a spa retreat; Mamie accuses Elka of controlling behavior; Melanie suffers side effects from fasting; Victoria learns the true meaning of friendship.

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Thu Jun 30 5:00am
Hot in ClevelandWhat Now, My Love?(Season 4, Episode 12) TVLAND

Victoria's movie wraps up filming, but it leaves her wondering if she and Emmet have a future. Meanwhile, Melanie ponders her relationship with Alec; and Joy discovers a new mystery about Elka during her internship.

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Thu Jun 30 8:00pm
George LopezGeorge to the Third PowerNew(Season 4, Episode 13) TVLAND

George goes behind his bosses' backs to their retired partner/brother to try to get a better dental plan. Dr. Holland: Michael Clarke Duncan. Lou: Paul Gleason. Jack: Jack Blessing. Mel: Mark Tymchyshyn. Max: Luis Armand Garcia.

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Thu Jun 30 8:30pm
George LopezGeorge Gets AssisteranceNew(Season 4, Episode 14) TVLAND

George has another encounter with his sister, who wants to meet the mother who gave her up for adoption. Linda: Eva La Rue. Benny: Belita Moreno. Max: Luis Armand Garcia. Angie: Constance Marie.

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Fri Jul 1 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandIt's Alive!(Season 4, Episode 13) TVLAND

Elka's illegal activities could put her life in danger and present a major dilemma for Joy, Victoria and Melanie when they try to help her out of a sticky situation.

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Fri Jul 1 8:00pm
Home ImprovementTo Build or Not to Build(Season 2, Episode 23) HALMRK

Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) has trouble building a gift for Mother's Day. Wilson's Mom: Ann Guilbert. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Al: Richard Karn. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Fri Jul 1 8:30pm
Home ImprovementBirth of a Hot Rod(Season 2, Episode 24) HALMRK

Jill calls a repairman (David Correia) when Tim shuns household repairs to work on his hot rod. Lester: Gene Weygandt. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Sat Jul 2 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandCanoga Falls(Season 4, Episode 14) TVLAND

Victoria goes home for a visit after being tricked by her sister, but is surprised to find their mother in a disturbing state. Meanwhile, Joy and Melanie get nostalgic for the 1970s; and Elka has advice for Victoria's mother.

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Sat Jul 2 4:54am
Hot in ClevelandThe Proposal(Season 4, Episode 15) TVLAND

Emmet, who's been married four times, asks the women to help make his wedding proposal to Victoria a special one, since it would be her sixth walk down the aisle.

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Sat Jul 2 5:27am
Hot in ClevelandPony Up(Season 4, Episode 16) TVLAND

Victoria gets a spokesmodel gig but accidentally pledges a large donation on TV. Meanwhile, Joy works with a private investigator, and reunites with Sean the firefighter.

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Sat Jul 2 6:00am
Hot in ClevelandNo Glove, No Love(Season 4, Episode 17) TVLAND

Wilbur's first birthday prompts the women to come up with a memorable celebration; Melanie and Alec wonder what it would be like to have a family together.

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Sat Jul 2 6:36am
Hot in ClevelandThe Fixer(Season 4, Episode 18) TVLAND

Victoria hires a shady lawyer to help Emmet; Melanie meets a new man and has an encounter with a former fling; Joy and Elka become competitors in film class.

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Fri Jul 8 4:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie Goes Back to Therapy(Season 1, Episode 1) FX

Charlie returns to therapy after an unpleasant encounter with his ex-wife's new boyfriend in the opener of this series, which follows a therapist specializing in anger issues who battles them himself.

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Sat Jul 9 9:30am
Anger ManagementCharlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient(Season 1, Episode 3) FX

Katie steals a patient from Charlie, fueling the competitive rivalry between the two therapists.

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Sun Jul 10 4:00am
Anger ManagementCharlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient(Season 1, Episode 3) FX

Katie steals a patient from Charlie, fueling the competitive rivalry between the two therapists.

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