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Fri Sep 30 3:18am
George LopezCurious George(Season 1, Episode 2) NIK

Benny urges George to spy on Carmen when she brings a boy home for the first time. Duncan: Jonathan Jones. Jessica: Paige Segal. Carmen: Masiela Lusha. Benny: Belita Moreno. Angie: Constance Marie.

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Fri Sep 30 4:00pm
Home ImprovementFear of Flying(Season 5, Episode 17) HALMRK

On "Tool Time," Columbia astronauts show footage of themselves in space using Tim's gifts; Jill vetoes Mark's desire for flying lessons. Mark: Taran Noah Smith. Mrs. Kluzewski: Pat Crawford Brown. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Fri Sep 30 4:30pm
Home ImprovementWhen Harry Kept Dolores(Season 5, Episode 18) HALMRK

Harry's Hardware is no longer man's "last refuge" after Harry's wife comes to work there. On "Tool Time," Alan Jackson sings "Mercury Blues" and shows off his customized 1950 coupe. Dolores: Shirley Prestia. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

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Fri Sep 30 5:30pm
Home ImprovementBud Bowl(Season 5, Episode 20) HALMRK

Tim fears that his future will wind up in the gutter after he and Jill outbowl his boss and his boss's wife. Bud: Charlie Robinson. Jean: Bever-Leigh Banfield. Angela: Kristin Clayton. Jill: Patricia Richardson.

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Fri Sep 30 8:00pm
Home ImprovementA Frozen Moment(Season 3, Episode 10) HALMRK

Tim promises to keep the family Christmas card simple; Al and his girlfriend (Sherry Hursey) come for Thanksgiving. Tim: Tim Allen. Al: Richard Karn. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

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Fri Sep 30 8:30pm
Home ImprovementFeud for Thought(Season 3, Episode 11) HALMRK

At a school reunion, Jill sees her ex-best friend (Lee Garlington) and the ex-beau (Michael Toland) the ex-friend stole from Jill. Pam: Bonnie Hellman. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Sat Oct 1 7:30am
Anger ManagementCharlie and Deception Therapy(Season 2, Episode 6) FXX

Charlie uses a placebo pill to try to help a patient control his anger issues.

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Mon Oct 3 4:30pm
Home ImprovementThe Longest Day(Season 5, Episode 22) HALMRK

Tim and Jill endure a 24-hour wait to learn the results of a test on a lump in Randy's neck. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Al: Richard Karn.

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Mon Oct 3 5:30pm
Home ImprovementShopping Around(Season 5, Episode 24) HALMRK

Tim's mother and his former shop teacher make a cute couple, but Tim and Jill spy the teacher with another woman. Lucille: Bonnie Bartlett. Art: Dick O'Neill. Antonio: Vasili Bogazianos. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Tue Oct 4 8:30am
Anger ManagementCharlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry(Season 2, Episode 11) FXX

Charlie makes an unpleasant discovery about Jennifer's business partner.

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Fri Oct 7 8:00pm
Home Improvement'Twas the Blight Before Christmas(Season 3, Episode 12) HALMRK

Brad wants to go skiing rather than stay home for Christmas; subterfuge is key in the neighborhood decoration contest. Reverend: Alan Fudge.

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Fri Oct 7 8:30pm
Home ImprovementSlip Sleddin' Away(Season 3, Episode 13) HALMRK

Randy is injured during the trial run of a souped-up sled. Marge: Francesca P. Roberts. Tim: Tim Allen. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan.

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Sat Oct 8 4:24am
George LopezGeorge to the Third Power(Season 4, Episode 13) NIK

George goes behind his bosses' backs to their retired partner/brother to try to get a better dental plan. Dr. Holland: Michael Clarke Duncan. Lou: Paul Gleason. Jack: Jack Blessing. Mel: Mark Tymchyshyn. Max: Luis Armand Garcia.

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Sat Oct 8 4:57am
George LopezGeorge Gets Assisterance(Season 4, Episode 14) NIK

George has another encounter with his sister, who wants to meet the mother who gave her up for adoption. Linda: Eva La Rue. Benny: Belita Moreno. Max: Luis Armand Garcia. Angie: Constance Marie.

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Sat Oct 8 7:30am
Anger ManagementCharlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic(Season 2, Episode 19) FXX

Martin meddles with Charlie and Kate's relationship.

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