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Wed May 4 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandNaked and Afraid(Season 6, Episode 4) TVLAND

Elka throws a party to sway the vote of a rival politician; Melanie investigates a neighbor she thinks may have seen her naked.

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Wed May 4 4:54am
Hot in ClevelandTazed and Confused(Season 6, Episode 5) TVLAND

Victoria prepares for her detective role on a ride-along with Joy and Bob; Elka and Melanie face off against Agnes and Mona in a game competition at Stormi's.

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Thu May 5 4:30am
Hot in ClevelandOut of Our Minds(Season 6, Episode 6) TVLAND

Melanie and Jack try to spice things up in their relationship; Victoria promotes a new vodka brand; Joy's new hairstyle backfires upon meeting Owen's office crush. Meanwhile, Elka and Mayor Deacon have a scandalous affair.

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Thu May 5 5:00am
Hot in ClevelandCold In Cleveland: The Christmas Episode(Season 6, Episode 7) TVLAND

The ladies celebrate the holidays as only they can.

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Fri May 6 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandThe Young and the Restless(Season 6, Episode 8) TVLAND

Joy is roped into convincing Jenna to attend medical school; Victoria fixates on an upcoming nude scene; and Elka offers guidance to Lance.

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Fri May 6 4:54am
Hot in ClevelandBad Boys(Season 6, Episode 9) TVLAND

Melanie feels smothered by Jack, so she asks Frankie to help her break up with him. Meanwhile, Victoria's dad comes to town with a surprise announcement and also tries to woo Elka.

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Fri May 6 4:00pm
Anger ManagementCharlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic(Season 2, Episode 19) FX

Martin meddles with Charlie and Kate's relationship.

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Sat May 7 12:30am
The King of QueensSilent Mite(Season 7, Episode 7) TVLAND

Doug's Christmas shopping and Yuletide cheer take a holiday after his wallet goes missing at the mall and he has to cancel all of his credit cards. Phil: Jon Simanton. Don: Dana Michael Woods. Det. Perry: Bruce Fine.

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Sat May 7 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandWe Could Be Royals(Season 6, Episode 10) TVLAND

Joy's younger sister visits; Victoria writes a children's book with help from Melanie; Elka and Mamie Sue roll out the red carpet for British royalty.

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Sat May 7 4:54am
Hot in ClevelandAbout a Joy(Season 6, Episode 11) TVLAND

Bob helps Joy's grandson deal with the school bully; Victoria tries to keep up with a younger beau; Melanie decides to reconnect with a woman from her past thanks to inspiration from Elka.

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Sat May 7 11:30pm
The King of QueensSilent Mite(Season 7, Episode 7) TVLAND

Doug's Christmas shopping and Yuletide cheer take a holiday after his wallet goes missing at the mall and he has to cancel all of his credit cards. Phil: Jon Simanton. Don: Dana Michael Woods. Det. Perry: Bruce Fine.

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Tue May 10 4:27am
Hot in ClevelandOne Wedding and One Funeral(Season 6, Episode 12) TVLAND

Victoria hires a bodyguard; Joy has competition for Bob's affection; Elka needs Melanie's help when her affair with the mayor takes a surprising turn.

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Tue May 10 5:00am
Hot in ClevelandScandalous(Season 6, Episode 13) TVLAND

Joy and Bob do damage control to cover up the details surrounding the mayor's death, so Melanie is tasked with keeping the story from the press, while Elka meets one of the mayor's mistresses. Elsewhere, Victoria confronts a woman who panned her show.

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Wed May 11 2:30am
Rules of EngagementGhost Story(Season 4, Episode 4) WGNA

Audrey gets mad at Jeff when he doesn't believe she saw her grandmother's ghost; and Russell does his best to discourage Timmy from going through with his arranged marriage.

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Wed May 11 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandFamily Affair(Season 6, Episode 14) TVLAND

The women take DNA tests to learn more about their ancestries, which leads to some interesting discoveries, including Victoria finding out she has Native American roots, while Melanie pretends to be someone else when she meets a handsome relative.

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Wed May 11 4:54am
Hot in Cleveland TVLAND

Three L.A. women move to Ohio after their Paris-bound plane makes an emergency landing in Cleveland, where they meet the elderly caretaker of the house they decide to rent.

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Thu May 12 2:30am
Rules of EngagementIndian Giver(Season 4, Episode 7) WGNA

Jeff has an ulterior motive for taking an interest in Audrey's favorite reality show; and Russell is happy to hear that Timmy is having second thoughts about his arranged marriage.

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Thu May 12 4:30am
Hot in ClevelandBad Girlfriends(Season 6, Episode 16) TVLAND

Melanie becomes jealous when Dane plays Victoria's love interest on stage; Joy persuades Bob to watch the film "Love Actually"; Elka is a guest on a political talk show.

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Thu May 12 5:00am
Hot in ClevelandDuct Soup(Season 6, Episode 17) TVLAND

The women help Joy's son plan the rehearsal dinner for his wedding, but Joy is surprised by an unexpected guest.

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Fri May 13 2:00am
Rules of Engagement3rd Wheel(Season 4, Episode 6) WGNA

Audrey tries to give her unattractive friend confidence by lying to her and telling her she's on Jeff's list of women he would sleep with if Audrey wasn't around.

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Fri May 13 2:30am
Rules of EngagementSnoozin' for a Bruisin'(Season 4, Episode 2) WGNA

Audrey ends up in the hospital after she and Jeff switch sides in bed and Jeff rolls over and accidentally hits her.

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Fri May 13 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandCleveland Calendar Girls(Season 6, Episode 18) TVLAND

Melanie goes on a date with herself; Joy discovers something new about Bob during their engagement-photo shoot; Victoria needs a driver's license photo; Elka and Mamie pose nude for charity.

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Fri May 13 4:54am
Hot in ClevelandKitchen Nightmare(Season 6, Episode 19) TVLAND

The gang buys Stormi's, but Melanie has her hands full with a temperamental chef, while Victoria tries to impress a restaurant critic. Also: Joy meets the mother of the baby she wants to adopt; Elka goes on a date with the Pope.

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Sat May 14 4:21am
Hot in ClevelandAll About Elka(Season 6, Episode 20) TVLAND

Victoria directs a musical starring her mother and her son, and Elka auditions for a part. Meanwhile, Joy and Melanie try to get rid of a touchy-feely waiter.

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