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Fri Jun 30 1:00am
PsychAny Given Friday Night(Season 3, Episode 13) ION

After the foot of a pro football kicker is found, Shawn and Gus sign up for training camp.

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Fri Jun 30 2:00am
PsychTruer Lies(Season 3, Episode 14) ION

The guys hope to foil an assassination plot by proving that a pathological liar is telling the truth.

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Sat Jul 1 1:00am
PsychTuesday the 17th(Season 3, Episode 15) ION

The guys investigate the disappearance of a camp counselor who vanished near abandoned camp grounds. The case turns spooky when Shawn and Gus witness strange occurrences that may be connected to the camp's dark past. Justine Bateman guest stars.

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Sat Jul 1 2:00am
PsychAn Evening With Mr. Yang(Season 3, Episode 16) ION

An elusive serial killer, Yin Yang, resurfaces after years of hiding and targets Shawn in the third-season finale. Cybill Shepherd and Rachael Leigh Cook guest star.

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Sun Jul 2 1:00am
PsychExtradition: British Columbia(Season 4, Episode 1) ION

In the Season 4 opener, Shawn and Gus meet an elusive art thief (Cary Elwes) while skiing in Vancouver and discover he's not what he seems.

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Sun Jul 2 2:00am
PsychHe Dead(Season 4, Episode 2) ION

Shawn and Gus discover the fresh wreckage of a plane crash that killed a billionaire, whose dying words indicate he was murdered.

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Mon Jul 3 1:00am
PsychHigh Noon-ish(Season 4, Episode 3) ION

An Old West tourist attraction is plagued by a series of strange events threatening to shut it down. In hopes of saving it, Lassiter asks Shawn and Gus to look into the odd occurrences. James Brolin guest stars.

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Mon Jul 3 2:00am
PsychThe Devil's in the Details...And in the Upstairs Bedroom(Season 4, Episode 4) ION

Shawn and Gus are recruited by their former teacher (Ray Wise) to investigate a student's suicide, which he believes is the work of the devil.

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Mon Jul 3 9:00am
PsychShawn Gets the Yips(Season 4, Episode 5) ION

Shawn thinks a shooter is deliberately targeting Lassiter after a robbery at a police bar ends in gunfire.

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Mon Jul 3 10:00am
PsychBollywood Homicide(Season 4, Episode 6) ION

A man thinks he's cursed after several of his former girlfriends meet grim fates, and he asks Shawn and Gus to investigate. Sendhil Ramamurthy guest stars.

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Tue Jul 4 1:00am
PsychHigh Top Fade Out(Season 4, Episode 7) ION

A member of Gus' college a cappella group is murdered. When the group reunite, they are able to decipher an encrypted message that could pinpoint the killer. Kenan Thompson and Jaleel White guest star.

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Tue Jul 4 2:00am
PsychLet's Get Hairy(Season 4, Episode 8) ION

Shawn and Gus help a man who claims he's a werewolf and believes he's dangerous to the public. David Naughton and Joshua Malina guest star.

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Tue Jul 4 9:00am
PsychShawn Takes a Shot in the Dark(Season 4, Episode 9) ION

While working on an ice-cream-truck case, Shawn makes a shocking discovery that could put his life at risk.

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Tue Jul 4 10:00am
PsychYou Can't Handle This Episode(Season 4, Episode 10) ION

Shawn thinks a soldier's suicide was really murder and soon comes to suspect that Juliet's mercenary brother (John Cena) was involved in the killing.

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Wed Jul 5 1:00am
PsychThrill Seekers & Hell Raisers(Season 4, Episode 11) ION

Shawn suspects foul play when a rafter goes overboard during a river-rafting outing with Gus' adrenaline-junkie girlfriend (Sarah Shahi).

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Wed Jul 5 2:00am
PsychA Very Juliet Episode(Season 4, Episode 12) ION

Juliet recruits Gus to help her locate an old boyfriend, a search that ends up revealing a closely guarded secret.

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Thu Jul 6 1:00am
PsychDeath Is in the Air(Season 4, Episode 13) ION

Shawn and Gus try to recover a stolen lethal pathogen, which could be released in the city by the thief. Judd Nelson guest stars.

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Thu Jul 6 2:00am
PsychThink Tank(Season 4, Episode 14) ION

Shawn and Gus join a think tank designed to protect a tycoon from assassination plots. After the group disbands, they realize one of the members was using the meetings to plan an attack on the tycoon.

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Fri Jul 7 1:00am
PsychThe Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode(Season 4, Episode 15) ION

Lassiter suspects that a shark-attack victim was really murdered and asks Shawn and Gus to investigate. Jeri Ryan and Michael Hogan guest star.

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Fri Jul 7 2:00am
PsychMr. Yin Presents...(Season 4, Episode 16) ION

A would-be murderer makes deadly plans for Shawn that are modeled after classic Hitchcock films in the fourth-season finale. Ally Sheedy guest stars.

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Sat Jul 8 1:00am
PsychRomeo and Juliet and Juliet(Season 5, Episode 1) ION

In the Season 5 opener, Shawn and Gus look for the missing daughter of a Chinese crime boss, whose organization is feuding with another Triad.

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Sat Jul 8 2:00am
PsychFeet Don't Kill Me Now(Season 5, Episode 2) ION

Gus helps Lassiter loosen up by tap dancing while the pair are working together. Shawn and Juliet, meanwhile, team up to investigate a case involving a jealous girlfriend and murder.

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Sun Jul 9 1:00am
PsychNot Even Close...Encounters(Season 5, Episode 3) ION

The guys try to stay objective while investigating an alien abduction with an old friend.

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Sun Jul 9 2:00am
PsychChivalry Is Not Dead...But Someone Is(Season 5, Episode 4) ION

A rich widow's young beau is killed, and Shawn and Gus think someone trained the man to be a con artist. Jean Smart guest stars.

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