Free the Nipple
A group of fearless women fight for their right to go topless in public, as they smash societal taboos one bare breast at a time. Based on a true stor (more…)
Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a ghost hunter who was looking into a haunting at a New York mansion.
When clues in a murder implicate Castle and Beckett's nemesis, Dr. Kelly Nieman (guest star Annie Wersching), Castle is called in to consult on the ca (more…)
Idol Bomb!!
Kanon, a pop idol, attends school with Elsie and Keima - though Keima has no idea. His ignorance upsets Kanon, who also happens to be his next target.
Need to Know
Agents Beckett and McCord arrive to take over Castle and the guys' investigation into the death of a former child star, creating tension in the precin (more…)
The Blue Butterfly
Castle and Beckett must investigate a mysterious case from 1947 in order to solve the present-day murder of a treasure hunter.
Dead from New York
11:09 — When Sid Ross, the powerful creator of a long-running sketch comedy show is killed, Castle and Beckett are called to investigate. But as they delve in (more…)
The Nose
When a priceless work of art is stolen and its transporter murdered, Castle and Beckett must work with the key witness to track down the painting and (more…)
Law & Boarder
When an up-and-coming professional skateboarder is gunned down by a mysterious motorcyclist, Castle and Beckett are thrust into the world of extreme s (more…)
Nanny McDead
Castle and Beckett's first case together is to solve the mystery of the death of a young nanny inside a laundry room; their investigation leads to a t (more…)
Turntables and Tennis Tables
Featuring Ciara Bravo, Leon Thomas III, Alex Heartman, Stephan Glickman. Cover your eyes and ears, cause its time to play Figure It Out. Guess along w (more…)
Your Friends and Neighbors
The KT house gets new neighbors and Calvin tries to solve a mystery in his house.
A professional hit man (Max Martini) with information about the murder of Beckett's mother escapes during a court hearing; Castle and the team uncover (more…)
Air Force One
The fate of the nation rests on the courage of one man. Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman star in two-time OscarĀ® nominee Wolfgang Petersen's gripping thr (more…)
Tales from the Script - Trailer 1
02:23 — War stories and life lessons from the industry's top writers.
Air Force One - Trailer
00:30 — When a group of dangerous terrorists hijack Air Force One, the U.S President must save himself, his staff, and his family. Fortunately, he's a tough-a (more…)
Tour of the set of the ABC comedy/drama series
On set with the stars of hit ABC crime comedy/drama
Castle Season 8
As newlyweds, Castle and Beckett go back to work.
Castle Season 8
As newlyweds, Castle and Beckett go back to work.
Season 8 Inside Look
01:00 — Will the truth of Castle's missing months come back to haunt him?
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