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Wed Mar 1 5:30pm
Home ImprovementEngine and a Haircut, Two Fights(Season 5, Episode 21) HALMRK

Tim takes a hard line against Brad's haircut; Jill and Wilson debate who's the better Juliet to help Randy rehearse as Romeo. Kendall: Joseph Whipp. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

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Thu Mar 2 4:30pm
Home ImprovementAt Sea(Season 6, Episode 1) HALMRK

"Tool Time" visits the USS Constellation for a "Salute to Engines"; Jill catches Brad making out with his girlfriend. Capt. Jenkins: James Read. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Heidi: Debbe Dunning. Jill: Patricia Richardson.

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Thu Mar 2 5:30pm
Home ImprovementWorkshop 'til You Drop(Season 6, Episode 3) HALMRK

To improve their communication, Jill drags Tim to a couples therapy workshop, where Tim opens up---about Jill's faults. Emory: Jim Jansen. Bud: Charlie Robinson. Howard: Sherman Howard.

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Fri Mar 3 2:30pm
Home ImprovementAl's Video(Season 6, Episode 5) HALMRK

Al selects Tim to direct his how-to video. But Tim's "vision" leads to creative differences---and his firing. Harry: Blake Clark. Felix: Al Fann. Ilene: Sherry Hursey. Waiter: Vasili Bogazianos. Al: Richard Karn.

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Fri Mar 3 3:00pm
Home ImprovementWhose Car Is It Anyway?(Season 6, Episode 6) HALMRK

Jill uses an inheritance to buy a foreign sports car, which she prohibits Tim from driving. But how often does Tim listen to Jill? Jerry: Drew Pillsbury. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Al: Richard Karn.

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Fri Mar 3 4:00pm
Home ImprovementJill and Her Sisters(Season 6, Episode 8) HALMRK

Jill's sisters, who are "neurotic---especially when they argue," arrive to plan their parents' anniversary party. And it's neuroses on parade! Linda: Carlene Watkins. Tracy: Maryedith Burrell. Carrie: Tudi Roche. Delores: Shirley Prestia.

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Mon Mar 6 4:30pm
Home ImprovementWilson's World(Season 6, Episode 17) HALMRK

After a critic declares performance artist Wilson out of touch with reality, the Taylors' neighbor decides to be more like...Tim. Wilson: Earl Hindman. Stuart: Robert Forrest. Benny: Jim Labriola. Harry: Blake Clark.

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Tue Mar 7 2:00pm
Home ImprovementMy Son, the Driver(Season 6, Episode 20) HALMRK

Brad has an accident on his first night out with his driver's license---but it's more serious than what he tells his parents. Members of racing's Unser family (Al Sr., Al Jr. and Al Richard) have cameos. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Patty: Tammy Lauren.

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Tue Mar 7 5:00pm
Home ImprovementQuest for Fire(Season 7, Episode 1) HALMRK

At their vacation site in northern Michigan, Tim informs the family that he wants to move there permanently. Lauren: Courtney Peldon. Jenny: Veronica Lauren. Brad: Zachery Ty Bryan. Diane: Ashley Peldon. Tim: Tim Allen.

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Tue Mar 7 5:30pm
Home ImprovementClash of the Taylors(Season 7, Episode 2) HALMRK

Journalist Randy takes a hard line with Tim's boss in an interview about Binford's poor pollution record. Bud: Charlie Robinson. Ronny: Kaylan Romero. Randy: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Wilson: Earl Hindman.

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Wed Mar 8 4:30pm
Home ImprovementLosing My Religion(Season 7, Episode 8) HALMRK

Randy's work at a hospice reinforces his questioning of values, and spawns a decision to stop attending church. Father Mike: Dan Aykroyd. Elaine: Eileen Heckart. Becky: Lauren Tuerk. Willow: China Kantner.

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Thu Mar 9 4:00pm
Home ImprovementSay Goodnight, Gracie(Season 7, Episode 15) HALMRK

Tim's baby-sitting time with his niece sparks a desire to have a daughter; which also manifests itself on "Tool Time." Gracie: Kristen Hooper. Marty: William O'Leary. Jill: Patricia Richardson. Tim: Tim Allen.

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