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Andrew Rannells was a Kid Model
01:41 — After musing about how "Girls" could end, James asks Andrew Rannells about his modeling stint as a child.
Gwyneth Paltrow Braves Fruit Acid & Bee Stings for Goop
04:40 — After James recalls his burning sensation while wearing a Goop facial mask, Gwyneth Paltrow explains how she took a bee sting during product testing.
Taxes & Liposuction: Coachella 2016 Recap
03:24 — After James Corden heard people were filing their taxes from the Coachella music festival, he looks at the lengths some concertgoers go to in the name (more…)
Honest Headlines
02:36 — James Corden presents actual news headlines and follows them up with what the article was really trying to say.
Toddlerography w/ Gwyneth Paltrow
02:54 — James and Gwyneth Paltrow push their talent and fitness to the limit with a dance class taught by toddlers, in which the two must mimic their instruct (more…)
Gwyneth Paltrow Sings an AC/DC Guitar Solo ...with Her Mouth
01:39 — James asks Gwyneth Paltrow's secret talent of singing 1980s guitar solos and puts her to the test with "You Shook Me All Night Long."
The Last Shadow Puppets: Miracle Aligner
04:25 — Late Late Show music guest The Last Shadow Puppets performs "Miracle Aligner."
So Long from "How Lisa Got Her Marge Back"
00:32 — Bart throws away his box of fun.
The Truth Comes Out from "How Lisa Got Her Marge Back"
00:29 — Lisa overhears Marge telling Homer that she doesn't enjoy jazz music.
Andrew Rannells Blew the Hamilton Lyrics to His King George Solo
02:25 — Andrew Rannells tried lip-syncing his way through Broadway's Hamilton when he blanked on the lyrics, but it didn't work out as planned.
Madonna Stole Part of Andrew Rannells' Soul
02:09 — Girls and Broadway star Andrew Rannells talks to Jimmy about playing 9 to 5 growing up and his Met Gala run-in with Madonna.
What's Next for Elijah On 'Girls': Andrew Rannells Gives Us Two Hints
00:37 — Andrew Rannells, who plays Elijah on HBO's "Girls," discusses what's coming up for his character next season.
Tony Awards announce 2016 nominations
05:59 — Tony winner Nikki M. James and past Tony nominee Andrew Rannells announced this year's nominations in New York's theater district. Among the nominees (more…)
Toddlerography Interviews
01:03 — The world's finest young choreographers share their process and discuss the dance moves of James Corden and Gwyneth Paltrow.
So Long
00:32 — Bart throws away his box of fun.
The Truth Comes Out
00:29 — Lisa overhears Marge telling Homer that she doesn't enjoy jazz music.
Corbin Maxey Brings Animals to Seth and Andrew Rannells
05:23 — Seth and Andrew Rannells play with baby tigers, an alligator and more!
Andrew Rannells Monopolized Obama When He Visited Hamilton
03:24 — Rannells found he had a Girls fan on his hands when President Obama came to see Hamilton.
Andrew Rannells Met a Famous Director While Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out
01:40 — Rob Reiner just happened to be undergoing the same procedure.
Andrew Rannells Is Now a Sex Scene Expert
02:41 — Rannells recently had to take the lead in blocking his Girls sex scene with Corey Stoll.
The New Normal: The Big Day Trailer
02:33 — The big day is here! Don't miss back-to-back episodes at a special time!
Sonic X Trailer
The New Normal: Unplugged Trailer
01:15 — IT’S HALLOWEEN AND HERE COMES BRYAN BOO BOO? -- NICOLE RICHIE AND GEORGE TAKEI GUEST STAR – Bryan (Andrew Rannells) is getting into the Halloween spir (more…)
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