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Teddy Bear Doubles as a Sex Toy?!
02:24 — The Doctors discuss a new sex toy that looks like a teddy bear but serves as a vibrator for women. Would you give it a try?
Help for Woman Addicted to Eating Clay Pots
05:06 — Tamika seeks help to battle her addiction. She joins The Doctors with psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow, gastroenterologist Dr. Pradnya Mitroo, and Tamika’ (more…)
What Is Causing This Woman’s Extreme Hair Loss?
04:20 — Glynis has come to The Doctors for help with her extreme hair loss. Find out what’s causing the hair loss and see what surprises they have in store fo (more…)
Family Accidentally Killed by Pesticides?
03:48 — The Doctors discuss the recent death of 5 family members who were sickened by an accidental poisoning due to incorrectly used pesticide pellets. Exter (more…)
A Pest Free Home the Safe Way
03:52 — Exterminator Nick Isaac joins The Doctors to discuss both safe and unsafe methods to rid your home of unwanted pests.
Assault on Snapchat
03:26 — 14-year old Jordan sustained a head injury after being assaulted on Snapchat, changing his life forever. Jordan and his father Ed are working to get l (more…)
What Will It Take to Save 500 Pound Jessica?
02:26 — Plus-size model Rosie Mercado and Jessica hit the town to work on Jessica’s self-esteem.
100 Dates to Find Love?
02:48 — Rosie Mercado’s life coach had her go on 100 dates with no kissing and no sex. She joins The Doctors to share about her recent engagement and the fun (more…)
Hope or Hype: OB/GYN Edition
03:51 — The Doctors, with the help of OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry talk about a few DIY trends. From popsicles for your lady parts to primrose oil to induce labor, (more…)
Sexual Assault Defense is Sleep Apnea?
05:05 — A man is going to trial for allegedly groping a woman on an international flight. He claims his sleep apnea is to be blamed! Sleep specialist Dr. Raj (more…)
Healthy and Kid Friendly Mac ‘N’ Cheese
04:10 — This top secret mac ‘n’ cheese recipe is healthy and kid approved? See as three kids join The Doctors to weigh in on how the secret recipe tastes from (more…)
Oscar Nominations Spark Outrage!
04:43 — The announcement of the nominees for the 89th annual Academy Awards sparked some outrage because of two controversial nominees: Casey Affleck and Mel (more…)
Mass Shooting Survivor Lives with PTSD
04:43 — Shelly is trying to reclaim her life after a mass shooting at the Washington State mall where she worked. Her PTSD is making it difficult to move forw (more…)
Is Syphilis Making a Comeback?
05:06 — The rates of syphilis are climbing and now there’s an incurable strain of the sometimes fatal sexually transmitted disease. Here’s what you need to kn (more…)
Mom Injects Son with Feces!
03:01 — A mother is being accused of injecting fecal matter into her teenage son’s IV bag while he was undergoing cancer treatments.
Make-Up Game Changer
01:19 — There’s a new make-up sponge in town and dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra puts the silicone-based Silisponge to the test!
When Is Too Soon to Have Sex?
03:23 — Relationship and sex therapist Dr. Chris Donaghue and Matthew Hussey, dating expert and author of “Get the Guy,” share when they think it’s appropriat (more…)
Extreme Weight Loss Experts Chris & Heidi Powell
04:04 — ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ trainers Chris & Heidi Powell join The Doctors to discuss New Year’s resolutions and their new book ‘Extreme Transformatio (more…)
Selena Gomez’s Cell Phone Tip
00:58 — Pop star Selena Gomez recently went 3 months without her cell phone while in rehab battling lupus. Could you go that long?
Lamar Odom’s Message to Khloe & Biggest Regret
04:38 — NBA star Lamar Odom joins The Doctors for an exclusive interview, where he reveals his surprising message to his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian and his bigg (more…)
Lamar Odom’s Turning Point on the Path to Recovery
04:08 — The team that treated Lamar at Casa Palmera, director of clinical services Dr. Bruce Figuered and Lamar’s primary therapist Dr. Kellie Delli Colli, jo (more…)
Lamar Odom’s Battle with Addiction
04:10 — NBA star Lamar Odom has struggled with personal loss and drug addiction. From his public marriage and divorce from Khloe Kardashian and ending up in a (more…)
Who is the Real Lamar Odom?
03:07 — Lamar has a message for those in the grips of addiction. Also, Lamar wants everyone to know a little bit more about who he really is and shares his fo (more…)
THE DOCTORS give you medical info from real doctors.
02:04 — Younghollywood.com's Jill Wilderman interviews the hosts Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Andrew Ordon plus Executive Producer Jay McGraw on the set of The Do (more…)
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