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Mark Halperin On Egypt
13:29 — Guest host Mark Halperin on Egypt with Peter Baker, White House, correspondent for the New York Times, and Andrea Mitchell, chief foreign affairs corr (more…)
Friend Remembers Pat Summitt's Persistence
03:00 — Mickie Demoss, a friend and colleague of legendary college basketball coach Pat Summitt, joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to celebrate Summitt's legacy.
Benghazi Fallout: Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Faces Questions
03:17 — Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and her response to the 2012 Benghazi attack are back in the headlines, and on Tuesday, Huma Abedin, her closest aide, (more…)
House GOP Sheds Light On Benghazi Attack
03:53 — NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reports on House Benghazi committee has released a report on the attack. Comments are expected from the Clinton campaign soo (more…)
Poolside with Ivonne and Andrea
01:35 — Get to know Jane The Virgin's Ivonne Coll and Andrea Navedo!
Poolside With Ivonne and Andrea
01:29 — Get to know Jane The Virgin's Ivonne Coll and Andrea Navedo!
Political Fallout Follows Brexit Vote
02:39 — The Washington Post's Dan Balz joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell to discuss the political aftermath of Brexit.
Crews Search for Flood Victims in WV
01:15 — Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell as flooding plagues the region and a search for missing residents is underway.
Cecile Richards: Women Suffered Under Law
04:15 — President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards joins NBC's Andrea Mitchell after SCOTUS overturned the Texas abortion law that placed strict restrict (more…)
Warren Set to Campaign With Clinton
03:54 — The RNC is apparently set to strategize against Hillary Clinton's VP pick. NBC News' Andrea Mitchell reports on Clinton's upcoming event with Elizabet (more…)
La Arrolladora Habla del Desnudo de una Conductora Frente a Ellos
02:27 — Narraron como sucedió esto con la Andrea Vilash
Anxieties Fuel Middle Class Revolt
06:38 — Global elites everywhere take it on the chin as immigration and economic anxieties fuel the Brexit vote and the rise of Trump. Council on Foreign Rela (more…)
What Are the Economic Risks for US After Brexit?
04:23 — U.S. Managing Editor for the Financial Times, Gillian Tett, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to discuss how the markets are experiencing a worldwide plumme (more…)
Biden Hits Trump in Ireland Speech
00:35 — Vice President Joe Biden hits Donald Trump in his most recent speech in Dublin, Ireland.
Obama Names Stonewall a Natl. Monument
00:48 — President Obama is designating Stonewall Inn as a new National Monument. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.
Clinton Press Secy. On Brexit, Sanders and Economy
09:50 — Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton, Brian Fallon, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to share how Hillary Clinton is reacting to Brexit and how this will af (more…)
EU Amb. to US On Brexit After Effects
03:31 — European Union Ambassador to the U.S., David O’Sullivan, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to react to the Brexit vote and explains what now happens next.
What’s at Stake for the UK?
05:06 — Former British Ambassador to the U.S., Sir Peter Westmacott, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to explain what is at stake for the UK’s Brexit vote happenin (more…)
Rep. Becerra: ‘We’re Not Going to Break On This Issue’
02:29 — Rep. Xaviar Becerra, D-Calif., comments on the SCOTUS ruling on immigration reform and the House Democrats sit-in.
Carson: Let’s Put 2nd Amendment On the Table
04:56 — Former Republicans Presidential candidate and Donald Trump supporter, Dr. Ben Carson, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to comment on the House Democrats’ s (more…)
Mitchell On the Division in Washington, DC
03:14 — NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams discuss the state of Washington, D.C. and the politics further dividing the Republicans and Democrats.
Immigration Advocate Reacts to SCOTUS Ruling
02:50 — The President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza, Janet Murguia, joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell to respond to the SCOTUS ruling blocking Presiden (more…)
Former Trump Advisor: I’m Behind Trump 100%
04:00 — Former Trump campaign advisor, Michael Caputo joins NBC’s Andrea Mitchell for his first television interview since resigning from the Trump campaign.
Rep. Becerra: Trump Resorts to Playground Tactics
07:22 — Hillary Clinton supporter, Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif., reacts to Donald Trump’s recent speech targeting Hillary Clinton. He also comments on how Cl (more…)
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