Prime Suspect
A media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs' barber to question his son's involvement and ask for Gibbs' help in ruling out his (more…)
CSI: Miami - Episode Preview: 'Meltdown'
01:23 — A seemingly perfect jewelry heist ends in murder and when crime scene evidence is stolen from the lab, Delko returns to find the culprit, on CSI: MIAM (more…)
#MILCH: Questioning Technique
00:20 — Lucifer’s mom is questioning more than she should during her time here on earth.
Lucifer Isn't Happy About His Mom's New Hobbies from "Trip to Stabby Town"
00:42 — Lucifer's mom finds interest in the law.
Linda Asks Lucifer About Hitler from "Trip to Stabby Town"
01:10 — Linda asks questions about hell.
Sneak Peek: "Trip to Stabby Town" from "Trip to Stabby Town"
00:20 — Rachael Harris shares a quick look at the upcoming episode of LUCIFER.
Azrael's Blade Goes Missing from "Trip to Stabby Town"
00:55 — Lucifer brings Amenadiel and Maze to Uriel's dug up grave.
Csi: Crime Scene Investigation: The Twin Paradox Trailer
00:49 — Frustration mounts for the CSI team as another victim surfaces who is linked to the Gig Harbor Killer.
Stalker: Phobia Trailer
00:28 — A stalker preys on victims' phobias. Meanwhile, Beth's friend begins seeing someone who has ties to Beth.
The Odd Couple: The Wedding Deception Trailer
00:58 — Oscar and Felix have different agendas when they attend the wedding of an old college friend, but both hope it's a night to remember as Oscar tries to (more…)
Trailer B
02:10 — Pistachio Disguisey (Dana Carvey) is a member of a family with supernatural skills of disguise. His dad (James Brolin) is kidnapped by Devlin Bowman ( (more…)
Trailer A
02:22 — In a place of mystery, in a world of magic...practice and patience are part of The Master of Disguise.