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General Hospital's Michael Reveals He Was Raped

Chad Duell

Viewers have suspected it for months, now General Hospital is finally coming clean. On the January 31 episode of the ABC soap, high school senior Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) will confess to a secret that's been haunting him since he was imprisoned last spring — he was brutally raped by a fellow inmate. ... read more

December 19, 2006: Farewell Free Agent

For those who haven't heard: TBS has ordered nine additional episodes of My Boys slated to premiere in Summer 2007! Even though we can never be too sure about the strength of new shows, I knew this one would make it (or maybe I just prayed it would). I know we have a while to wait until our beloved group returns with more hilarious small talk, but spread the word. Spread the word.Now onto tonight's episodes...I know it was probably just the close-up of the camera in that magical TV kind of way, but Kenny's thumb was ginormous!It's decathlon night, folks, and PJ was in this sexy top that she thinks is "broken," giving the worst excuse in the most unconvincing voice to Hank so she could participate in the annual tradition. Good try. I was laughing at Stephanie's advice: "If you start getting all honest with the man, he's going to stop trusting you." Take it from the dating guru — tell the "good" lies, like faking an orgasm. I have to agree with Hank on the whole life-changing thi... read more

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