Andrea Anders



Joey and Better Off Ted's Andrea Anders Joins Modern Family

Andrea Anders

Joey and Better Off Ted alum Andrea Anders is moving into a cushy new gig on ... read more

Pilot Season: Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins Joins NBC's Kari Lizer Comedy

Josh Hopkins

Is Cougar Town's Grayson leaving Jules? Josh Hopkins has joined the cast of Lady Friends, Kari Lizer 's NBC pilot.

Pilot Season: Get the scoop!

In the comedy, two female friends, Nicole (Andrea Anders), who seemingly has the perfect life, and Jen, who can't seem to get it together, can't live without each other. Hopkins will play... read more

Pilot Season Exclusive: SNL's Rachel Dratch and Danny Comden Join NBC's Kari Lizer Comedy

Rachel Dratch, Danny Comden

Rachel Dratch is returning to NBC.

The Saturday Night Live alum, who has also occasionally appeared on 30 Rock, has joined the cast of the Kari Lizer project, now titled Lady Friends, has learned exclusively.

Pilot Season: Get the scoop!

In the comedy, two female friends — Nicole (Andrea Anders), who seemingly has the perfect life and, Jen, who can't seem to get it together — live two very different lives, but can't live without each other. Dratch will play... read more

Pilot Season: Justin Kirk to Star in Animal Kingdom, Ellen Barkin Joining Ryan Murphy Comedy

Justin Kirk

Justin Kirk will rule the Animal Kingdom for NBC.

Kirk, 42, will star in the single-camera comedy pilot as a veterinarian who loves animals but detests their owners. The show is executive-produced by Hangover Part II writer Scot Armstrong.

Showtime renews Weeds for Season 8

But what does this mean for Kirk's longtime role as Uncle Andy on Weeds? Kirk's commitment to Animal Kingdom is not expected to interfere with the Showtime comedy's upcoming eighth season, which may very well be its last, according to Deadline, who first reported the news. Kirk is currently in... read more

Mega Buzz: Kurt's New Directions Return, Grey's Calzona Drama & Blue Bloods' Abduction

Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Blue Bloods

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

So, will Kurt be back with New Directions on Glee any time soon? — Lizzie
: Sorry to break it to you, Lizzie, but Kurt will still be singing with the Warblers at least through Regionals. That means he won't be singing Glee's original song, the geek anthem "Loser Like Me," either. But don't worry, Kurt and the Warblers have their own underdog ode. Hint: It's by Pink!

I can't believe we won't get a new episode of Grey's Anatomy until March 24. Can you give us some scoop to tide us over? —Rachel
In the next new episode, Arizona is going to see a new side of Callie. "Callie has this obsession with baby showers, and she has this massive need for attention and girliness," Jessica Capshaw tells us. "Arizona keeps guessing wrong on what Callie would want and Mark keeps guessing correctly. Arizona just gets sick of it, so Callie gives... read more

Jorge Garcia Books TV Return

Jorge Garcia

Jorge Garcia is going back to the island ABC.

The Lost alum will guest-star on ...
read more

Andrea Anders Joins Matthew Perry in Mr. Sunshine

Andrea Anders

Better Off Ted star Andrea Anders will join Matthew Perry in the ABC comedy pilot Mr. Sunshine, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Allison Janney to star alongside Matthew Perry in Sunshine pilot

The single-camera series revolves around an aging stadium manager (Perry) who realizes after his 40th birthday that he can no longer skate by on his charming, non-committal ways. Anders will play ... read more

March 5, 2007: The End of a Semester

It's really a shame that this was the final episode of the season for The Class. I really think it has hit its stride now. It seems like the writers have finally found the pairings that work and have been able to mix a slight bit of drama into the comedy (and do it well). I've been consistently entertained throughout the last month or two. Personally, I'm disappointed it's going to leave the lineup. Some good laughs before the 24 bloodbath have been good for my Monday nights. We all talk a lot in this blog about the missing people from the show. Holly and Fern didn't show up again. Aaron finally came back, though that certainly could have been a hair double that Kyle was hugging at the end. The one person that never gets mentioned, however, is Penny! I completely forgot about Yonk's daughter. I probably said this the first time she showed up, too, but what did Yonk previously marry to produce that? I'm glad she's not full time as she's a one-joke, evil eating machine, but once every... read more

February 26, 2007: Feeling Sorry

I titled this week's blog "feeling sorry" because I kept feeling sorry for so many people in this episode. Of course, I kept laughing at all of their sorrow and pain as well. It was a good balance. I felt sorry for Duncan. He had to go out to lunch with Yonk and listen to him talk about keeping Nicole company while he's out, all while hiding the fact that Nicole's about to leave him. I actually might have felt sorry for him that he wouldn't get to see the Sixers game, either. (No wait, no one needs to see the Sixers right now.)I felt sorry for Nicole that Yonk got home early and ruined her plans to have things packed and ready to go. I felt sorry for Richie that he had to hold in the fact that Nicole was packing to leave Duncan. And I felt sorry that he got tossed on his head after riding the bull for .01 seconds. I felt sorry for Kyle that he never gets to see his boyfriend. And I felt really sorry for Kat that she gave her heart to Benjamin Chow and it turned out ugly. So that's a... read more

February 19, 2007: The L Word

Alright, alright. I hear you loud and clear. You're saying, "Dave, you better not say this episode sucks, too, because then I'll know you're nuts." Well, you are right about that. I'd be crazy not to like this. It was sweet. It was funny. It was unrequited love finally coming together. What's not to like about that? Now, from what I understand, this was the episode everyone saw via the table read. I never watched that for some reason. I really have no idea why, either. You all recommended I view it, but I never got around to it. I'm very curious to see your opinion of this episode if you did take the time to watch the run-through. I thought it was very funny and, most importantly, it's finally out: Duncan and Nicole love each other! I'll admit it, sometimes I can be a heartless idiot. I like to find humor in all situations and, really, other people's problems can be very funny. But I felt really sorry for Nicole. Whether she married Yonk simply for his money is irrelevant. She deser... read more

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