Week 2: Cardinals vs. Giants Game Highlights
18:16 — Check out the game highlights as the Arizona Cardinals take on the New York Giants in Week 2 of NFL action.
First Look
01:32 — Gordon Ramsay talks about the contestants, punishments, and rewards of season 16.
Hell's Kitchen: 17 Chefs Compete Trailer
01:35 — Chef Gordon Ramsay puts both teams to the test when they are challenged to produce more shrimp dumplings than their opposing team in just 20 minutes. (more…)
Hell's Kitchen: 14 Chefs Compete Trailer
02:30 — After the red team gains a member from the blue team, Chef Ramsay introduces the contestants to a celebratory challenge as he tasks them to work in pa (more…)
Hell's Kitchen: 10 Chefs Compete Trailer
00:48 — Ramsay challenges the contestants to a team competition.
Hell's Kitchen: 8 Chefs Compete Trailer
01:07 — This week, Chef Ramsay wastes no time, quickly throwing the remaining chefs into a challenge that will be a test of teamwork, creativity and communica (more…)
Hell's Kitchen: 3 Chefs Compete Trailer
00:47 — Only three chefs remain, after Chef Ramsay unexpectedly eliminated two.
Hell's Kitchen: Walking The Plank Trailer
00:52 — After a shocking elimination, both teams must regroup and chart a new course.
Hell's Kitchen: Dancing With The Chefs Trailer
01:03 — After the shocking change that was implemented by Chef Ramsay, the chefs must work together and come out strong.
Hell's Kitchen: Let The Catfights Begin Trailer
00:57 — The remaining contestants use cookbooks from Gordon's HELL'S KITCHEN library to spell out the ingredients they want to use for their next challenge.
Hell's Kitchen: When The Wall Comes Tumbling Down Trailer
00:38 — The contestants prepare their signature dishes and then compete in the first team challenge.
Hell's Kitchen: Surf Riding & Turf Fighting Trailer
01:14 — Chef Ramsay introduces the contestants to the latest challenge - a Surf & Turf protein relay.
Hell's Kitchen: The Yolks On Them Trailer
00:57 — The teams are challenged to cook eight Ostrich dishes using the most popular Ostrich meats in forty minutes, and then compete during dinner service.
Hell's Kitchen: Dancing In The Grotto Trailer
01:08 — Following the recent eliminations, the teams must balance out, and a member of one will move to the other.
Hell's Kitchen: Spoon Fed Trailer
01:09 — The remaining contestants prepare for their next challenge - a blind taste test during which each team must determine the taste of pureed baby foods.
And The Winner Is... from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:48 — Gordon Ramsay has Ryan and Heather approach their respective doors.
Susan Feniger Judges Round 3 from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:58 — Susan Feniger, chef/co-owner of Border Grill, judges Heather and Ryan's dishes.
The Dining Room Opens For Its Final Dinner Service from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:58 — C.J. Wilson, Andrea Roth and Danny Trejo dine at Hell's Kitchen for its final dinner service.
Heather And Ryan Embark On Their Final Challenge from "Leaving It All On The Line"
00:55 — Heather and Ryan have one hour to create four dishes.
00:50 — Gordon Ramsay talks about bringing Las Vegas to HELL'S KITCHEN.
Heidi Runs The Pass from "Tequila Shots?"
00:36 — Heidi spots an issue with the risotto.
Gordon Ramsay Introduces A Unique Challenge from "Tequila Shots?"
00:43 — Heidi is worried about screwing up in front of the chefs because they are the harshest critics.
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