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Bill Breaks up the Deal
03:35 — Rival gangs negotiate for a briefcase that contains sex-enhancing turtle eggs, but they didn't count on Bill showing up to save the eggs.
Bill's Inner Monologue
02:06 — Bill's imagination runs wild when the guys tease him in the parking lot.
The Freak Pad
01:20 — The guys check out their weekend beach condo and discuss d**k scars.
Shrimp Smash
01:39 — While posing as restaurant workers, the guys invite three women to do molly with them, but a beach bro named Carson has other ideas.
Introducing the Smoke Cutter
02:05 — Alice welcomes Fireman Ted to introduce a unique new product to the TelAmeriCorp team.
Renegotiating the Price
02:07 — Ders tries to sexually dominate an uncooperative drug dealer on the golf course, but Alice's dad has a different approach.
Bill & Tez's Sexcellent Sexventure
06:37 — Bill becomes the "transportationer" during a business trip through Chinatown with Montez.
Shooting an Office Porno
03:14 — The guys anxiously get ready for some unexpected on-camera work.
Main Office Pranksters
01:07 — When it comes to f**king with co-workers, no one beats Adam, Blake and Ders.
01:22 — Three weeks after saving the lives of their parents, Scott, Stiles and Allison begin to suffer strange side effects from their ritual sacrifice. At th (more…)
The Meat Jerking Beef Boys
The guys' friendship is tested when Ders' dad comes to visit.
Pies and Tarts
01:23 — Almost half-way through the baking competition, the remaining bakers face pies and tarts. Custard tarts are their Signature challenge, followed by min (more…)
Model Kombat
Adam's desire to become a professional model puts the guys at a crossroads.
Ebenezer Sprague
01:23 — When Walnut Grove builds its very first bank, the cold and heartless Mr. Sprague settles in to run it. Charles tries to get on the man's good side rig (more…)
Here Comes the Neighborhood
02:19 — Token is being picked on for being the only rich kid in town. Feeling like an outcast, Token succeeds in attracting several other wealthy people to S (more…)
World's Dumbest Partiers 15
01:22 — Some like their parties elegant and sophisticated, but at truTV, we prefer them crazy and stupid.? In this edition of "World's Dumbest Partiers," we c (more…)
Honest Headlines
02:32 — James Corden presents actual news headlines and follows them up with what the article was really trying to say.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Perfect Tom Ford Impression
02:21 — When James asks Aaron Taylor-Johnson about his dark character in Nocturnal Animals, he learns Aaron does a spot-on impression of director Tom Ford.
Jim James: The World's Smiling Now
04:14 — Late Late Show music guest Jim James performs his song "The World's Smiling Now."
Toddlerography w/ Kate Hudson
03:00 — James and Kate Hudson push their dance ability and fitness to the limit in a class taught by toddlers, where students must mimic the instructors' move (more…)
Kate Hudson Got to Hang with Keith Richards
03:35 — James asks Kate Hudson about her memories of hanging out with The Rolling Stones in the studio when she was younger and learns she does a mean impress (more…)
Staying Fit w/ Anders Holm, Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Kate Hudson
04:21 — After Anders Holm explains his experience with a speed skating glute blaster, James asks Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Kate Hudson about their workout rout (more…)
One Circus Ends as Another Begins
04:42 — After lamenting stories about Blue Monday, James looks at the upcoming Donald Trump inauguration, which coincides with news that the Ringling Brothers (more…)
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