Ana Robar

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The Amazing Race - The Other Fantôme Blanc
02:01 — Teams are sidetracked by another white-clad performer while looking for the Fantôme Blanc.
The Amazing Race - Andrew Takes the Long Way
01:51 — Andrew goes through dense brush and thorns to find his brother waiting at the landing zone.
The Amazing Race - Brendon & Rachel in Hiroshima
01:48 — The PhD student and event hostess share their feelings after visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.
The Amazing Race - Meet Ty and Aja
02:10 — Meet Ty and Aja, contestants on The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race 14 - Phil Rides Across America - Day 07
02:52 — Day 07: Kanab, UT – Page, AZ – 74 miles
The Amazing Race 16 - The Secret to Their Success
01:35 — Ending the day in second place, dating couple Carol and Brandy explain why they're doing so well
The Amazing Race 18 - The Cowboy Way
01:07 — Jet & Cord know that being mentally strong and prepared is important to stay in the race.
The Amazing Race - History Repeating Itself
00:25 — After eight legs, the Paolo men still haven't learned their lesson. Always listen to mom.
The Amazing Race 13 - Sitting On Top Down Under
03:42 — Separated couple Ken and Tina talk to Phil and his dad about football, New Zealand and their success so far in the race.
The Amazing Race 15 - Brothers and Friends
02:11 — Sam and Dan had their share of fights, but they'll always be best of friends and cherish the time that they spend together running the race
The Amazing Race 13 - What Ty Wants
02:01 — Hoping to catch up with teams in the airport, Ty still has something to prove and is more determined than ever
The Amazing Race 14 - Meet Mike and Mel
01:49 — Meet Mike and Mel, contestants on The Amazing Race 14
The Amazing Race 14 - Elimination Station: Episode 6
06:24 — This week's eliminated team checks into Elimination Station!
The Amazing Race 13 - A Rivalry Brews
02:42 — The sports bra incident was only the beginning as Christy and Starr square off at the airport
The Amazing Race 13 - Brooke and Marisa Know What They Like
01:14 — The southern belles already have a team they've taken a shine to, and another one not so much
The Amazing Race - Ernie and Cindy Ready for Taipei
01:08 — The engaged couple explain why they are excited to see Taipei.
Tattoo Maintenance
01:35 — As everyone knows, it's not over when you leave the tattoo shop. For Don, it's all about preventing an infection.
Happy to be in Portugal
04:58 — Julia & Marianna arrive in Portugal and catch the others up on the latest news, gossip and adventures from the Race. Ari is annoyed as Pat & Kate domi (more…)
The Amazing Race - Bratty Behavior
00:52 — The Weavers have a good laugh about their confrontation with the Linz siblings in the parking lot.
The Amazing Race 15 - Meghan's Motivation
02:46 — On the mat, Meghan and Cheyne chat with Phil about the driving force behind her strength and determination
The Amazing Race - Hanging On By a Thread
01:35 — After a punishing day, Bopper & Mark are still in the Race and plan on sticking around longer.
The Amazing Race 14 - Tammy's Frustration
01:13 — Even before their trek up a mountain, a prescient Tammy discusses her brother's problem with taking criticism
The Amazing Race 14 - Florida Girls At Heart
00:46 — With a blizzard visible in the window behind them, Jaime and Cara hope they are heading to warmer climates soon
The Amazing Race 13 - Pole Position
00:58 — Mother and son Toni and Dallas talk about the importance of a good taxi driver.
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