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The Amazing Race - Bring The Fun, Baby! (Sneak Peek )
00:42 — Racers face a third U-turn for the first time in the show’s history, and teams try to power through an exhausting, late night detour on their way to a (more…)
The Amazing Race - The Amazing Race Season 28 Livestream Kick Off
16:57 — See how Season 28 of The Amazing Race kicked off when the 11 new teams of socially savvy racers took off on their first leg from Mexico City. Don't fo (more…)
The Amazing Race - Bring The Fun, Baby! (Preview)
00:20 — Contestants visit the most amazing wedding on The Amazing Race on Friday at 8/7c! Only CBS
The Amazing Race - Gimmie A Break!
04:32 — Tanner & Josh have endless difficulties between the U-Turn and the Pit Stop.
The Amazing Race - A Dead Stop
02:19 — Tanner waits for Josh to complete the Roadblock for their Speed Bump.
The Amazing Race - Don't Cut Your Hand Off
01:14 — The first teams arrive at the Detour.
The Amazing Race - Hoodwinked
04:09 — Justin & Diana discuss how Chris “lied” about the cheerleaders using the U-Turn, and give their impressions of India.
The Amazing Race - A Wide Open U-Turn
02:01 — Teams lay laundry out to dry on the beach.
The Amazing Race - Number 6
01:37 — The Green Team wins their 6th leg.
The Amazing Race - Washed-Up Chippendales
03:21 — Teams goof around in the Krakow airport, and gossip about Chris’s annoying persistence when talking to other teams.
The Amazing Race - Couldn't Get It Done
02:38 — Tanner & Josh are eliminated from the Race.
The Amazing Race - Laundry Day
01:54 — Teams wash a pile of laundry at the Road Block.
The Amazing Race - Still Stuck With the Green Team
00:56 — The Reporters use the U-Turn to secure their spot in the Race.
The Amazing Race - Second Again
02:18 — Kelsey & Joey discuss U-Turning, how Justin & Diana always manage to get ahead, and when the Race visited the Taj Mahal in Season One.
The Amazing Race - No Idea What a Mann Is
01:54 — Tanner & Josh finish the speed Bump in last place.
The Amazing Race - Phil's Fun Facts: India
01:11 — Watch Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, share facts and behind-the-scenes tidbits about India, the location where Episode 9 of The Amazing Race (more…)
The Amazing Race - Race to the U-Turn
01:31 — Teams attempt to beat the Green Team to the U-Turn.
The Amazing Race - Simple Logic
05:41 — Chris tries to convince Tiffany & Krista of the merits of U-Turning Tanner & Josh - something the girls have no intention of doing.
The Amazing Race - Dream Come True
03:10 — Justin & Diana celebrate their sixth win, and discuss wanting to help less-fortunate people around the world.
The Amazing Race - A Little Culture Shock
03:07 — The Grean Team tries to find out if they were U-turned in a previous leg.
The Amazing Race - Anybody’s Beatable
01:27 — Denise & James Earl are confident about their chances in the Race.
The Amazing Race - A Good Choice
03:33 — Kelsey & Joey discuss U-Turning Tanner & Josh, and talk about how India has been their first real culture shock of the Race.
The Amazing Race - Cheering For Green
02:29 — Team Alabama gets lost on the way to the Pit Stop.
The Amazing Race - Doesn't Surprise Us
02:34 — Josh & Tanner consider the U-Turn against them a smart play, and know they’ll talk about the Race for the rest of their lives.
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