Ana Robar Celebrity Watchlist

The Amazing Race 15 - Garrett and Jessica's Last Chat
01:28 — The on and off dating couple vent their frustration to Phil at leaving the race so soon.
Season 25: Meet the Teams
04:00 — Meet the teams competing to win the $1 Million Dollar prize in the milestone 25th installment of The Amazing Race.
The Amazing Race 17 - Jill and Thomas
03:09 — Jill and Thomas join 10 other teams competing on the new season of The Amazing Race, premiering Sunday, Sept. 26th at 8:30/7:30c only on CBS!
The Amazing Race - Justin & Jennifer's Positive Outlook
02:21 — The siblings tell Phil how well they've been working together.
The Amazing Race - The Frustration of Following
01:12 — Meghan and Cheyne get some help finding the Dubai Autodrome, but Meghan worries it may not be the right information
The Amazing Race 18 - Who Needs the Express Pass?
01:01 — Father and daughter race their first leg without the security of an Express Pass and feel confident.
The Amazing Race 18 - Enjoying the Ride
01:05 — Cowboys Jet & Cord share a gondola car with father and daughter Gary & Mallory.
The Amazing Race - JJ and Brendon Bond
01:53 — Watching their partners struggle to sled down the hill, JJ and Brendon offer as much support as they can from the sidelines.
The Amazing Race - Difference of Opinion
01:07 — Rachel & Dave do not agree on the best way to use their Express Pass.
The Amazing Race 15 - A Happy Ending
03:13 — An exhausted Meghan is still emotional as she and Cheyne chat with Phil about their difficult day
The Amazing Race - Different Country, Different Drivers
01:05 — Engaged couple Ernie & Cindy compare the taxi drivers of Indonesia and Thailand.
The Amazing Race 15 - Elimination Station: Via Dubai
07:28 — This week's eliminated team checks into Elimination Station!
The Amazing Race - Taking One for the Team
00:32 — Sharon Godlewski explains how grueling the swim out to the buoy was for her
The Amazing Race - Teacher's Pet?
00:44 — Ray reveals why he doesn't always like the tone that Yolanda, a teacher, takes with him.
The Amazing Race - Lesson Learned
00:48 — Bill and Tammy Gaghan explain what they took away from the huge mistake they made at the reflecting pool in Washington, DC.
The Amazing Race 16 - Joe and Heidi's Undisclosed Location
01:35 — The married couple find a secret hideout just above the Santiago bus station
The Amazing Race 17 - Doctors Still Believe
02:19 — They had a tough day, but Nat and Kat insist to Phil they can win the race
The Amazing Race 17 - Nat Stays Safe
01:27 — Being a Type I diabetic, Nat keeps a careful eye on her insulin levels to remain healthy in the race
The Amazing Race - Ron & Bill Just Want to Dance
01:06 — The domestic partners discuss why they chose to dance rather than park motorbikes.
The Amazing Race 15 - Globetrotters Together Forever
02:08 — On the way to the Pit Stop, Flight Time and Big Easy hold their heads high in how they ran the race and treated each other
The Amazing Race 18 - Zev Stepping Up
01:07 — Kisha & Jen comment on the upcoming Roadblock situation for Zev & Justin.
The Amazing Race - Twins Regroup
00:53 — Liz & Marie discuss what they need to do better in the next leg of the race
The Amazing Race - Lowered Expectations
00:39 — Initially, Fran & Barry were gunning for the top. Now they're just trying to stay in the Race because they're having such a good time.
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