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While the fall season hasn't ...

Question: While the fall season hasn't left me much to be excited about (with the notable exceptions of Friday Night Lights, Pushing Daisies and, yes, I'll admit it, Gossip Girl), after watching the Nov. 1 episode of Ugly Betty, I can't help feeling even more depressed about the current state of TV. Don't misunderstand — all last year, I was a huge Ugly Betty fan. I thought all the awards and accolades the show picked up were well deserved and I eagerly looked forward to this season. But with the exception of Ana Ortiz's wonderful performance as the grieving Hilda, the only thing that I can remember from the season premiere was the incessant and obnoxious Victoria's Secret product placements that permeated the episode. Pink VS shopping bags all over the office? Give me a break. But since no one (critics or fans) even mentioned this calamity, I assumed it was a one-off and let the whole thing slide… until another episode became another giant advertisement, this time for Wicked. What is ... read more

When Emmy Winners Attack!

OK, first off, how freakin’ hilarious was The Bachelor Monday night? Holy human desperation, I loved it! And Hillary from my hometown made the first cut. Represent, Philly ‘ho!Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk last week’s Emmys. Yes, the in-the-round stage was a hot circular mess and why so many statues went to TV-movies, I’ll never know. It’s not like any of the good Sci Fi Originals get nominated. Hello, Mansquito? So robbed. But Seacrest didn’t totally suck, the opening Family Guy number was inspired and some of the winners were deserving.So if you’re like me and think you suffered a stroke that made the word Gandolfini sound like “Spader,” or ya can’t get your head around anyone from Torque ever winning anything, you might want to grab the champs on DVD. Turns out that the slights are, in fact, slight.Ugly Betty — Much like Betty’s Guadalajara poncho, you could spot America Ferrera’s Outstandin... read more

Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz: Hilda Will Grieve Quickly!

Ana Ortiz by Karen Neal/ABC

Her sister may be Ugly, but Ana Ortiz was glowing last night while attending the Ugly Betty DVD launch party at the Skybar of the Los Angeles Mondrian with new husband, Noah Lebenzon. Ortiz, who plays Betty's newly engaged sister Hilda, was left devastated by her betrothed's passing in the season finale of the hit ABC series. "All that sort of huge emotion of me being married and that commitment and whole new chapter in my life — Hilda’s going through the same thing, only on the yang side of it," offered Ortiz, who said her character will work through her grief in accelerated "TV time" and will soon begin dating again. Since Hilda is also a single mother, Ortiz said she loves the practice she gets at parenting from the show. Does that mean kids are on the horizon for the actress? 'Most definitely," she says. "We both want to have kids. I don’t want to get pregnant this year. I want to be married for a year, so possibly next season I will." —Reporting by Bekah Wri... read more

Imagen That: Ugly Betty Cleans Up at Hispanic Award Show

America Ferrera in Ugly Betty by Dean Hendler/ABC

On Saturday, the Imagen Awards, which honors work by and about Hispanics, doffed its sombrero to Ugly Betty. The ABC hit went in with 11 nominations and won best prime-time TV show, best TV actress (for America Ferrera, who was also awarded the Imagen Foundation's Creative Achievement Award), and won the best-supporting-actress for Ana Ortiz's work as Hilda. On the feature side, Pan's Labyrinth came out on top, scoring the prize for best picture and best actress (Ivana Baquero). Dalia Hernandez and Gerardo Taracena (from Mel Gibson's Apocalypto) won best supporting actress and actor on the big screen.Monday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner. read more

Love Notes: Betty Star Does the Bride Thing

Ana Ortiz tied the knot with musician Noah Lebenzon on Saturday in Puerto Rico, with Ugly Betty cast mates America Ferrera, Ashley Jensen and Mark Indelicato in attendance.... Also per People, Desperate Housewives' Dougray Scott wed Claire Forlani on Friday in Italy.... Former New Kid Joey McIntyre and wife Barrett are expecting their first newborn in November. read more

Ugly Betty's Sis Foresees Tragedy for the Suarez Family

Ana Ortiz, Ugly Betty

In less capable hands, Ugly Betty's sister Hilda could have been a bad caricature: the pretty, talkative girl from Queens with too much makeup and a son conceived on her prom night. But thanks to the show's writers and actress Ana Ortiz, she's also a warmhearted woman the audience can root for as she tries to make something of her life. Ortiz's own life is changing pretty drastically this summer, too: She's marrying musician Noah Lebenzon in Puerto Rico on June 9. (See the TV Guide News Report for a related story.) In between wrapping the show and planning her big day, Ortiz dished to about Betty's dramatic season finale and what her first year as a Suarez has been like. Thanks for calling. I hear you're a little bit busy these days!An read more

Ugly Betty: Burning Questions Answered!

America Ferrera and Eric Mabius, Ugly Betty

Are Betty and Henry ever going to get together? Have faith! "It all comes to a head by the finale [May 17]," says Christopher Gorham, who plays Henry. "By the end, there will be some resolution between Henry and [girlfriend] Charlie and a new complication with the love triangle. Henry really steps up for Betty — and pays the price. The thing is," he adds, "Henry and Betty needed to break up. By taking herself out of the picture, Betty made him realize how great she is. They are going to move toward being together." Hope this isn't rude, but we really want to know: Is Betty still a virgin?"Uh… no," says the show's executive producer Silvio Horta. The only guy she's ever been with is Walter, a fact alluded to in the episode called "The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe." Are we ever going to find read more

Ana Ortiz Dishes on Her Wedding

Ana Ortiz by Steve Granitz/

Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz arrived at Escada's gala store opening in Beverly Hills last night, honoring the desiger by wearing a very low-cut, shimmering silver dress from the label. Flipping her extra-long ponytail, she spoke enthusiastically to TV Guide about her upcoming wedding. Ortiz, who plays Betty's sister Hilda on the ABC dramedy, tells TV Guide that plans for her June marriage to musician Noah Lebenzon are going extremely well. Since the lovebirds are tying the knot in Puerto Rico, the theme of the wedding is "tropical." Of the location, she said, "We're kicking off our life together in paradise." Ortiz added that "the vows are going to be traditional and I'm wearing a traditional dress." However, she didn't stick with every tradition: When Ortiz's father wanted to roast a pig in accordance with Puerto Rican custom, her mother screamed, "We are not doing that!" and the idea was promptly nixed. —Reporting by Paula Paige read more

Love Notes: Pam and Tommy Lee, Take 207?

Pamela Anderson and ex-husband Tommy Lee were spied this week sharing a steamy liplock, says Us.... Ugly Betty's big sis, Ana Ortiz, will marry musician Noah Lebenzon in June, in her native Puerto Rico.... Also per People, Mandy Moore and David Silver Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein have split after two months of dating, says People.... CSI franchise creator Anthony E. Zuiker and his wife Jennifer on Monday welcomed a baby boy named CSI: Noah. read more

Reviews and a Preview: Happy February!

Today is not only the start of February but of February sweeps. You know what that means: a repeat-free zone for at least the next four weeks. (Then comes Mar. 1, and you know what that means: Unless you're 24, Lost or Jericho, which will be all-new to the end of their respective seasons, it's a mixed bag of new and old episodes, plus the chaos of rejiggered schedules to make room for mid-season tryouts. But we'll cross that bridge later.)For now, before we start the sweeps march, I want to reflect on Wednesday's highlights. (I'll catch up with Bones later, with a preview of next week's episode next Wednesday. That's a promise to that show's loyal and vocal fan base.)Is there any show that lifts and breaks the heart more regularly and memorably than Friday Night Lights? The quiet poignancy of Tim Riggins reuniting with his estranged dad (Brett Cullen playing his second memorable Texan of the season, after his guest shot as a laid-back mogul wooing and loosening up Vanessa Williams o... read more

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