Amy Sherman-Palladino

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  • Birth Place: Van Nuys, California, United States
  • Profession: Screenwriter, Producer, Director
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Mon Sep 25 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsIntroducing Lorelai Planetarium(Season 7, Episode 8) FREFM

Lorelai and Chris arrange a dinner so they can tell their big news to Rory, who puts on a happy face for her dad but tells her mom she's angry. Elsewhere, Logan surprises Rory with a visit and an announcement that he's relocating to New York to start an In (more…)

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Tue Sep 26 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsKnit, People, Knit!(Season 7, Episode 9) FREFM

Stars Hollow prepares for a knitathon and Lorelai, who's participating, worries that the townsfolk aren't ready to accept her and Christopher as a couple; Anna stuns Luke when she tells him that she and April are moving to New Mexico; Rory and her friends (more…)

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Wed Sep 27 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsMerry Fisticuffs(Season 7, Episode 10) FREFM

Lorelai dreads each day that she meets with her mom and a prominent party planner in anticipation of the upcoming wedding party. Meanwhile, Lorelai and Christopher can't seem to agree on plans for their future, and she usually gets her way; Logan is in tow (more…)

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Thu Sep 28 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsSanta's Secret Stuff(Season 7, Episode 11) FREFM

Since a Christmas celebration was postponed while Rory was in London, the festivities begin when she crosses the pond, marking the first time Rory, Lorelai and Christopher celebrate as a family; Luke asks Lorelai to write a letter of recommendation on his (more…)

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Fri Sep 29 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsTo Whom It May Concern(Season 7, Episode 12) FREFM

Rory returns to Yale after winter break and leaves Lucy a note apologizing for her deception, while Paris ambushes Rory with her master plan of things they need to accomplish in their last semester. Meanwhile, Luke and Anna appear before a judge in the cus (more…)

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Sat Sep 30 6:36am
RoseanneA Bitter Pill to Swallow(Season 4, Episode 1) TVLAND

Roseanne finds it easy to pamper Crystal's baby but more difficult to accept Becky's plans to start taking the Pill. Mark: Glenn Quinn. Crystal: Natalie West. Darlene: Sara Gilbert. Becky: Lecy Goranson. Dan: John Goodman.

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Mon Oct 2 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsI'd Rather Be in Philadelphia(Season 7, Episode 13) FREFM

While Lorelai, Rory and Emily wait at the hospital for news of Richard's condition, Logan borrows a helicopter so that he can be there with Rory, and Luke arrives to help out and ends up running errands for Emily. Meanwhile, Lorelai cannot reach Christophe (more…)

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Tue Oct 3 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsFarewell, My Pet(Season 7, Episode 14) FREFM

While Richard recuperates from surgery, a new professor (Cameron Bender) takes his place and steals Rory's heart with his charming ways. Meanwhile, Lorelai finds ways to avoid facing her problems with Christopher, including planning a funeral for one of Mi (more…)

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Wed Oct 4 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsI'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar(Season 7, Episode 15) FREFM

Lorelai and Rory attend Friday-night dinner, where Lorelai is reluctant to tell her mom about her and Christopher's marital problems. But Emily has enough on her plate when the recuperating Richard complains about his dietary restrictions and Emily's stric (more…)

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Thu Oct 5 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsWill You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?(Season 7, Episode 16) FREFM

Rory is planning a baby shower for Lane but has to pass the job on to her mom after she gets an interview with the New York Times; Lorelai plays mediator between Lane and Mrs. Kim, who are fighting about how the twins should be raised; Logan tells Rory abo (more…)

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Fri Oct 6 11:00am
Gilmore GirlsGilmore Girls Only(Season 7, Episode 17) FREFM

After Rory has a fight with Logan, she decides to go to North Carolina with Lorelai for Mia's wedding, and Emily, who craves a break from needy Richard, decides to drive them so she can go to a nearby spa. Meanwhile, Zack and Lane, who's about to give birt (more…)

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  • Birth Place: Van Nuys, California, United States
  • Profession: Screenwriter, Producer, Director