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Nashville Music: "Put My Heart Down"
02:21 — Watch as Luke and country music superstar Sara Evans perform "Put My Heart Down" on Nashville Season 3, Episode 6: Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy (more…)
Juliette Announces Her Pregnancy
00:42 — "The father is Avery Barkley... and that's all I'm going to say."
Avery Forgives Juliette!
00:55 — "I forgive you... but I still don't trust you."
Good Morning America's Amy Robach Talks About New Book 'Better' On 'The View'
05:15 — Amy Robach talks about battling breast cancer and her new book Better.
Rayna + Luke = Ruke?
01:46 — The country music superstars discuss their new life.
Nashville Music: "Breathe in"
01:02 — Watch Deacon perform his new song for Pam.
Juliette vs. Avery
01:11 — Are they done with each other for good?
Who Is the Father of Juliette's Baby?
00:30 — uliette gets some surprising news during an appointment with her doctor. She's eight weeks along -- which means Jeff can’t be the father! What does th (more…)
Amy Robach Issues an Apology Following On-Air Racial Slur
01:04 — The 'GMA' host used the outdated term while discussing Zendaya's rumored role in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.'
Maddie Learns Deacon Proposed
01:06 — I asked your mother to marry me! She said no.
Rayna Gets a Surprise from Luke Bryan
01:31 — Country superstar Luke Bryan surprises Rayna during her Good Morning America interview. Watch this scene from Nashville Season 3, Episode 2: How Far D (more…)
Layla Blames Will for Everything
00:49 — Will tries to keep his wife from spiraling out of control.
Scarlett Questions Terry About His Past
01:10 — Terry (guest star Mykelti Williamson) has a surprising reaction.
Layla Owns Will
01:57 — You owe me... everything.
Juliette's Doctor Has Bad News
01:13 — Noah is by her side as Juliette learns she can't tour anymore.
The CMA Nominations
02:29 — It's a big day for Rayna and Luke!
Comedian Bone Hampton
02:50 — "Sherri's Comedy Club" features Bone Hampton.
Maddie Gets Busted
03:25 — Deacon, Rayna and Luke all rush home to help.
Lupita Nyong'o Discusses Fashion and Filmmaking On 'The View'
04:53 — Lupita Nyong'o stars in the play Eclipsed at the NY Public Theater.
David Muir On 'The View': Gives a Live Update from Paris On Manhunt for Terrorists
03:01 — David Muir gives a live update from Paris on the manhunt for terrorists.
“GMA” Feud Not Real?
01:24 — Sources from the set of "Good Morning America” say that hosts Lara Spencer and Amy Robach HATE each other. So imagine our surprise when we spot them t (more…)
Amy Robach Issues an Apology Following On-Air Racial Slur
01:05 — The 'GMA' host used the outdated term while discussing Zendaya's rumored role in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming.'
Amy Robach Says Breast Cancer Diagnosis Was 'The Most Scared' She's Ever Been
01:10 — After a double mastectomy, Amy Robach is now in good health and chronicling her cancer fight in her book, Better.
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