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Trump Steamrolls Ahead in New Iowa Poll
11:15 — There’s big news out of Iowa. A new poll found Donald Trump is trouncing the competition there. Moments ago, Trump responded to that poll and on what (more…)
The Political View With Amy Holmes and Robert Zimmerman
05:02 — Kevin McCarthy Benghazi gaffe and Hillary interview with Lena Dunham.
Hillary Does Email Damage Control
06:58 — Hillary Clinton is responding to questions about her personal email server as pressure mounts for more answer. Rev. Sharpton talks to Amy Holmes, Erin (more…)
What Is Donald Trump’s Position On Immigration Reform?
10:53 — President of Voto Latino Maria Teresa Kumar, political analyst Amy Holmes, and NBC’s Kasie Hunt join Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss the big s (more…)
The Revvies: Blockbuster Award
09:14 — The Blockbuster Award -- given to the person with the most political impact in 2015, has to of course go to Donald Trump. But which version of Trump w (more…)
Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ and More in Sunday TODAY’s Roundtable
08:03 — TODAY’s Willie Geist is joined by New York Magazine writer Rembert Browne, political analyst Amy Holmes, and MSNBC reporter Jacob Soboroff to talk abo (more…)
What Can We Learn from Tragedies Like Orlando?
10:00 — PBS’ Alison Stewart, The New York Times’ Anand Giridharadas, and political analyst Amy Holmes join Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss the biggest (more…)
What Do Leaked DNC Emails Mean for Clinton, Trump?
11:32 — The New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas, political analyst Amy Holmes, and NBC’s Hallie Jackson join Willie Geist on Sunday TODAY to discuss t (more…)
Rep. Jason Chaffetz to Run for House Speaker
06:22 — NBC News has confirmed that Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz will challenge Rep. Kevin McCarthy for the House Speaker position. MSNBC contributor Victo (more…)
Protests Disrupt NH Democratic Convention
05:52 — Audiences chanted for more debates at the New Hampshire Democratic Convention Saturday. Buzzfeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro, The Blaze's Amy Holmes and M (more…)
Was It a Good or Bad Day for Hillary Clinton?
10:24 — Hillary Clinton is ahead of Bernie Sanders in the latest polls, but one area she seems to be struggling is Benghazi. Ryan Grim, Shira Center, Brian Da (more…)
Trump’s ‘Softer’ Tone at Detroit Church
07:25 — Amy Holmes, the Bernard Center’s Michelle Bernard, and the Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift, join MSNBC’s Richard Lui to discuss Donald Trump’s false state (more…)
Trump's Controversial Purple Heart Comment
04:53 — John Feehery, Republican strategist, and Amy Holmes, Conservative political analyst, discuss Donald Trump's latest comments about receiving a Purple H (more…)
Will Voters Dump Trump After Latest Controversies?
04:57 — Republican Donald Trump attempted to ease GOP party tensions by endorsing Republican senators on Friday night. Political Analyst for “Rasmussen Report (more…)
Trump Turns Down Debate With Sanders
07:44 — Chris Hayes, Josh Barro, Amy Holmes, The Nation’s Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Five Thirty Eight’s Harry Enten discuss Republican presidential candidate (more…)
Clinton Ad Hits Trump’s ‘Brexit’ Response
06:14 — The Clinton campaign released a new ad responding to Donald Trump’s initial reaction to the “Brexit” vote. Amy Holmes, Scott Bland, and Senior Fellow (more…)
Republican Candidates Battle Over Security at Debate
Amy Holmes, anchor at € The Blaze, € and Ron Reagan, radio host and MSNBC political analyst, join Thomas Roberts to discuss the focus on n (more…)
Stage Is Set for Next Week's GOP Debate
Who made the lineup for the September 16 CNN GOP debate? Amy Holmes offers some insight.
Best Presidential Late Night Appearances
From slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon to painting portraits for Leno, Amy Holmes takes a look at the history on presidential appearances on lat (more…)
The World's Weirdest Homes
Living in an airplane might seem wild. What about in a house that's upside down? Amy Holmes brings you the weirdest houses on 'The Hotlist.'
Pets Who Inherited Millions
These are some lucky dogs - they are now worth millions of dollars. Amy Holmes explains how on 'The HotList.'
Battle looms over Cuba in Washington
03:39 — Amy Holmes and Maria Cardona debate the political implications of President Obama's new Cuba stance.
White House press angry over access
12:00 — Amy Holmes, Christina Bellatoni & Peter Hamby on the White House photographers who want more access to President Obama.
MSNBC in hot water over anchor remarks
07:17 — Amy Holmes and Erik Wemple join Deggans to discuss Martin Bashir's suggestion to Sarah Palin and the resulting turmoil.
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