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Private Practice's Chris Lowell Discusses Aftermath of Explosion

Chris Lowell, Private Pratice

Thursday night's Private Practice blew the roof off. The two-hour episode claimed the life of Dell's new wife, Heather, in a meth-induced explosion, sending him into a rage. caught up with Chris Lowell to get the scoop on what happens now that Dell's a single father and if his character will ever be able to trust anyone again...

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Private Practice Is Bloody Brilliant

Private Practice

Private Practice returns to ABC (Oct. 1, 10/9c) with a bloody good premiere. Yes, it's good. And yes, it's very bloody.

When we last saw Violet (Amy Brenneman), she was being chopped up by her psycho patient, who wanted to steal her baby. The beginning of the premiere kicks off seconds later and — spoiler alert — Violet lives.

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How does the attack affect the members of the Oceanside Wellness Center, which was also left in pieces? Paul Adelstein reveals the aftermath of that fateful night and also talks about the baby daddy, new relationships and another possible Grey's Anatomy crossover. Cooper has always been there for Violet, but will she let him be so close after what happens in the season premiere?
Paul Adelstein: She certainly has some emotional and psychological obstacles to get over before she can let anybody in... read more

Today's Top Tweets: Baby Fever Strikes Grey's Again, An Abdul Update and More

Ellen Pompeo, Paula Abdul

We're kicking off a new regular feature on, bringing you the best, funniest and most comment-worthy tweets from entertainment insiders.

We'll bring you the latest insights on your favorite shows, updates on the stars you love, and the occasional random thought — whatever people are tweeting about. We're also looking for your suggestions, so send in any submissions for the best tweets by 4/3c each day to @tvguide with the hash tag #tvgtoptweets.

Let's take a look at who tops our list today...

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Amy Brenneman: Private Practice Season Finale Is Like a "Quentin Tarantino Movie"

Amy Brenneman

All is not entirely well with the Oceanside Wellness gang as ABC's Private Practice serves up its second season finale this Thursday at 10 pm/ET. As Addison fights her feelings for married dad-to-be Noah and one of their own "betrays" the practice, pregnant Violet is thrust to a genuinely shocking set of circumstances. Amy Brenneman spoke with about where her complicated shrink has been and where she is about to go. First off, congratulations on the Season 3 pick-up. Were you concerned at all?
Amy Brenneman: Uh, no. No. Not really. It would have been odd if we didn't [get picked up]. How do you think Violet has changed since Season 1? Was there anything you had hoped for or asked for?
Brenneman: In Season 1 we met Violet at a pretty heightened point in her life, and I always thought she's not go to stay in this place of feel jilted and hysterical. I told [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes], "Listen, I will do whatever you want ... read more

Private Practice Scoop: Violet's Past Is Revealed

Amy Brenneman by Justin Stephens/ABC

Private Practice actors are already promising steamy scenes and drama galore in Season 2, but for some characters, more than just skin will be revealed. As romantic and professional complications unfold, Dr. Violet Turner, for one, will be moving on from heartbreak just as new details about her back story come to light.Violet's biggest challenge in Season 2 will be dipping her toes into the dating scene while negotiating her personal history. "She's just beginning to get out there and date, and she has a little sexual damage in her past," Amy Brenneman told about her alter-ego, during a celebration for the show's Season 1 DVD release. "It's this little back story that I got. For all the jokes about hopping in and out of bed, she's got some real stuff. Which I love, because I think that's realistic. It's not easy all the time."But don't expect Violet's budding love life to happen from get-go: The start of the new season will see her smarting from the loss of Cooper Freedm... read more

Amy Brenneman: Hiatus Will Make Practice Perfect

Amy Brenneman by Gregg DeGuire/

While the rest of the world swooned over Hollywood's finest on TV, five women attending the Dove Oscars Viewing party on Sunday could barely contain their excitement over meeting Private Practice's Amy Brenneman. "She is amazing," gushed Celeste Wouden, winner of the Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body Wash Ad Contest, after being interviewed by Brenneman about her victory. Brenneman, who hosted the competition that inspired women to define everyday luxury, is now preparing her return to work. Although there won't be more episodes airing this spring, she thinks giving the writers a little more time is a good thing. "I see so clearly in doing a show with an ensemble that the more time you have to really create the arcs the better; so the longer they have, the more airtight the scripts will be. You're working on the fly because that's just the nature of the beast. I miss my friends but I'm happy that the writers have time to figure out what the next plan is."And everyone in the Brenneman hous... read more

Amy Brenneman on Baring It All

Amy Brenneman, Private Practice

Amy Brenneman is a mother of two who thinks her body isn't picture perfect but still finds the courage to bare it all in front of millions of viewers. That's why Dove has chosen her as a spokeswoman, following Sara Ramirez, who represented the company after dancing in her underwear on Grey's Anatomy. TV Guide was on-set as Brenneman kicked off the Dove ad contest that asks real women to showcase their talent. She spoke about beauty, body image and why the cast of Private Practice will never have viewing parties. TV Guide: So how did you get involved with Dove's ad campaign?Amy Brenneman: I'd had different things come my way and nothing had appealed to me. I take representing a company or a product seriously and I was aware of this campaign; I'd seen these beautiful, realistic-looking women, and I remember thinking, "Wow! You just don't see that." So I knew that this campaign was re read more

"In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride"

If there's one thing I can say about this show, it's that they get some fantastic guest stars. Christopher from Gilmore Girls and, my personal fave, Darlene Connor. With a gun. In the convenience store.But I'll get to that. My first priority is to cover the sex that went on and the sex that didn't. Cooper and Violet — did anyone think that was really going to happen? I'll be honest and say I thought it was going to be Violet who chickened out, but I like how it worked out. I thought Cooper was going to confess his love for her right there in his Skivvies! The dynamic between these two is more intriguing to me than Pete and Addison. There is a lot going on there and I hope it continues to unfold in these awkward ways.Pete and Addison — I was glad that didn't happen. It was way too soon for them to take it to that level. Early in the show, I wondered where their relationship would go if they did the deed at this point. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew it didn't make me h... read more

I'm not even a Grey's Anatomy ...

Question: I'm not even a Grey's Anatomy watcher, but it was the star power that drew me to the backdoor pilot of Private Practice. I am very disappointed in the recasting of Merrin Dungey, who I thought was just fine when she played Naomi. Audra McDonald does take things too far. As for Amy Brenneman and Paul Adelstein, they are brilliant. I too remember his creepiness on Prison Break, especially his torturing Sarah Wayne Callies last year. His hidden depth in Practice is really great. I enjoy seeing how his love for kids and his work opens him up, and he and Amy have a better shot than Tim Daly and Kate Walsh at the "untouched chemistry" card. I've found myself in situations similar to what his character is struggling with, and it's written perfectly. The nervousness, the desire to not ruin the friendship and the feelings of inadequacy with someone who's having trouble letting go of an ex. It's good stuff, and if they kicked up Violet's interest in Cooper and then hit pause, it would ... read more

"In Which Addison Finds a Showerhead"

News flash: Women in Connecticut don't pleasure themselves! OK, maybe just Addison. But since she's just a character on a television show, I guess I should take back the above generalization.How funny was Violet's William Jefferson Clinton fantasy? Of all people! It just goes to show you, all women have something or someone that gets their motor going. I'm a Milo Ventimiglia kind of gal myself and his Heroes superpowers definitely add a fun element to my daydreams. Who is your fantasy man? Post below and share with us all! It was kind of nice that Addison and Pete were open about their mutual attraction to one another and we almost saw a kiss. Addison was good — for now — and walked out with a nice mental image to take home to her showerhead: cowboy/gladiator Tim Daly. I liked that thought! We even got to see a glimpse when he socked the runner's coach in the face! Well deserved. Now I was not blessed with a remarkable physical talent like running or walking briskly but I ... read more

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