Ami Cusack



Survivor Schemer Ami Tells All

Ami Cusack is undeniably the love-to-hate contestant on Survivor: Vanuatu (Thursdays, 8 pm/ET on CBS). The 31-year-old coffee barista brewed up quite a witchy plot: Vote all men off the island and ride a lasting female alliance to the winner's circle. But last week, Ami's remaining tribe mates — including Chris, the last man standing — conspired to take down the physically powerful player before she achieved total domination. Here, Ami defends her wicked ways to TV Guide Online (natch!) and dishes her fantasy of drowning rival Twila. TV Guide Online: You seemed like the clear winner. What happened? Ami: I got a little too confident that it was going to be me and Leann in the final two for sure. TVGO: Before exiting, you said you'd like to hold Twila's head under water. Seriously? Ami: It was the heat of the moment — but I wouldn't have minded just holding it under for a minute. Not enough t read more

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