Amber Tamblyn

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Amber Rose Tamblyn
  • Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Poet
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Fri May 25 10:00am
Two and a Half MenThis Unblessed Biscuit(Season 11, Episode 3) PAR

Berta injures her back at work, and Alan and Walden wonder if it's time for her to retire.

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Fri May 25 10:36am
Two and a Half MenClank, Clank, Drunken Skank(Season 11, Episode 4) PAR

Walden parties with Jenny and her friends; Alan and Lyndsey's affair is jeopardized.

I’ll Watch411 Watching
Fri May 25 11:12am
Two and a Half MenAlan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003(Season 11, Episode 5) PAR

Alan befriends Lyndsey's boyfriend to see what he has that Alan doesn't; Walden helps Jenny pursue her acting career.

I’ll Watch380 Watching
Fri May 25 11:48am
Two and a Half MenJustice in Star-Spangled Hot Pants(Season 11, Episode 6) PAR

Walden invites Lynda Carter for dinner when Alan reveals his longtime crush on the "Wonder Woman" star.

I’ll Watch359 Watching
Fri May 25 12:24pm
Two and a Half MenSome Kind of Lesbian Zombie(Season 11, Episode 7) PAR

Lyndsey's jealous rage spoils Alan's evening when he and Walden have dates with two beautiful women.

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Fri May 25 4:00pm
Two and a Half MenDead from the Waist Down(Season 8, Episode 11) IFC

Alan gets creative with a gift for Lyndsey when he's ashamed that he can't afford an expensive present.

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Fri May 25 4:30pm
Two and a Half MenChocolate Diddlers or My Puppy's Dead(Season 8, Episode 12) IFC

Charlie and Courtney split up, and a depressed Charlie seeks solace from his psychiatrist, Dr. Freeman.

I’ll Watch550 Watching
Fri May 25 5:00pm
Two and a Half MenSkunk, Dog, Crap and Ketchup(Season 8, Episode 13) IFC

Alan becomes paranoid when Charlie and Lyndsey start to become friends.

I’ll Watch737 Watching
Fri May 25 5:30pm
Two and a Half MenLookin' for Japanese Subs(Season 8, Episode 14) IFC

Charlie can't get over Rose being married, and he begins to stalk her; and Alan is worried when Jake and Eldridge make videos of each other performing dangerous stunts.

I’ll Watch768 Watching
Fri May 25 6:00pm
Two and a Half MenThree Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak(Season 8, Episode 15) IFC

Charlie and Rose's affair continues while Alan's chiropractic business turns shady.

I’ll Watch929 Watching
Fri May 25 6:30pm
Two and a Half MenThat Darn Priest(Season 8, Episode 16) IFC

Alan learns Rose's secret when he meets her "husband," and Rose uncovers Alan's Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile, Charlie scrambles to find time to be alone with Rose.

I’ll Watch1961 Watching
Fri May 25 7:00pm
Two and a Half MenNice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt(Season 9, Episode 1) IFC

In Part 1 of a two-part ninth-season opener, Ashton Kutcher joins the cast as brokenhearted billionaire Walden Schmidt.

I’ll Watch8694 Watching
Fri May 25 7:30pm
Two and a Half MenPeople Who Love Peepholes(Season 9, Episode 2) IFC

In the conclusion of a two-part ninth-season opener, Judy Greer joins the cast as Bridget, Walden's ex-wife.

I’ll Watch2213 Watching
Fri May 25 8:00pm
Two and a Half MenBig Girls Don't Throw Food(Season 9, Episode 3) IFC

Alan gives dating advice to Walden as he prepares to go out with Bridget; and Jake decides to drop out of school because that's what Walden did.

I’ll Watch2864 Watching
Fri May 25 8:30pm
Two and a Half MenNine Magic Fingers(Season 9, Episode 4) IFC

Walden looks for Mrs. Right, and Alan wants Lyndsey back in his life.

I’ll Watch976 Watching
Fri May 25 9:00pm
Two and a Half MenGiant Cat Holding Churro(Season 9, Episode 5) IFC

Alan has trouble accepting Lyndsey's seedy movie past, and Walden tries to cheer him up by throwing a party.

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Fri May 25 9:30pm
Two and a Half MenThe Squat and the Hover(Season 9, Episode 6) IFC

Walden receives divorce papers, but then he meets a woman who looks just like Bridget.

I’ll Watch735 Watching
Fri May 25 10:00pm
Two and a Half MenThose Fancy Japanese Toilets(Season 9, Episode 7) IFC

Jake develops a crush on his Japanese tutor, and his tutor has a crush on Walden. Meanwhile, Alan is fascinated by Charlie's journal, which Charlie left to him.

I’ll Watch748 Watching
Fri May 25 10:30pm
Two and a Half MenThanks for the Intercourse(Season 9, Episode 8) IFC

Walden redecorates, and the change unsettles Alan as it prompts him to think of losing Charlie.

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Sat May 26 1:00am
Two and a Half MenMadame and Her Special Friend(Season 3, Episode 9) NIK

Cloris Leachman plays Charlie's wealthy neighbor who wants Alan to be her boy toy. Meanwhile, Jake wants to send money to a televangelist. Kim: April Bowlby. Hector: Phil Abrams. Jake: Angus T. Jones.

I’ll Watch213 Watching
Sat May 26 1:35am
Two and a Half MenSomething Salty and Twisted(Season 3, Episode 10) NIK

Charlie helps Alan with his unhealthy need to always to gain approval from women. Charlie: Charlie Sheen. Alan: Jon Cryer.

I’ll Watch191 Watching
Sun May 27 1:00am
Two and a Half MenThat Special Tug(Season 3, Episode 12) NIK

Charlie goes to a psychiatrist (Jane Lynch) to try and learn how to deal with Alan's emotional problems. Terry: Andrea Bendewald. Beth: Valerie Azlynn.

I’ll Watch165 Watching
Sun May 27 1:35am
Two and a Half MenHumiliation Is a Visual Medium(Season 3, Episode 13) NIK

Charley uncharacteristically finds himself in a relationship that isn't based on sex.

I’ll Watch148 Watching
Mon May 28 1:00am
Two and a Half MenThe Unfortunate Little Schnauzer(Season 3, Episode 17) NIK

Charlie is tricked by his mom and Alan into attending a jingle writers awards dinner, a prize he's never won, where he has to endure comments from a pompous multiple winner (Jon Lovitz). Gordon: J.D. Walsh.

I’ll Watch145 Watching
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  • Birth Name: Amber Rose Tamblyn
  • Birth Place: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Profession: Actor, Poet

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