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Boston Rob and Amber Are Expecting Fourth Child

Rob Mariano, Amber Mariano

Survivor couple Rob and Amber Mariano are expecting their fourth child.

"My wife Amber is so hot, I can't keep my hands off her... Here is to 2014!!! #4," Mariano tweeted along with a sonogram.

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Boston Rob and Amber Mariano Welcome Baby No. 3

Rob and Amber Mariano

Survivor couple Boston Rob and Amber Mariano welcomed their third daughter, Isabetta Rose, earlier this month, People reports.

She was born on May 5 in Pensacola, Fla., weighing in at... read more

Who Won Survivor: Redemption Island?

Survivor: Redemption Island

SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Survivor: Redemption Island.

After 39 days, 11 duels, two returning cast mates and the introduction of Redemption Island, the latest season of Survivor came down to the final eight castaways for Sunday's two-hour season finale.

In the season's final duel, Andrea Boehlke outlasted... read more

Rob vs. Russell: Which Survivor Vet Will Become King of Redemption Island?


For two of Survivor's most infamous contestants, there's much more at stake this season than hidden immunity idols and the $1 million prize. In addition to allowing players a chance to return to the game after elimination via the new Redemption Island, Survivor: Redemption Island welcomes back two of the show's biggest villains. After first going head-to-head last year on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, "Boston" Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz will duke it out once again, this time surrounded by 16 newbies. So who will come out on top?  We compare stats to see what they need to do to outwit, outplay and outlast... read more

TV Guide Presents Its Reality TV Awards!

Here, once again, is Romber, of Amazing Race: All Stars.

Who's the first date from hell? Who's utterly desperate? Who is this year's comeback kid? And who have we seen just a bit (OK, way) too much of? TV Guide calls 'em like we see 'em in our wacky Reality TV Awards. Did your favorites make the cut? Roughest RidersThe men of American Chopper (Thursdays at 7 pm/ET, TLC) Mikey, Paul Senior and Junior build custom bikes — choppers — for stars, movies, Web sites and basically anyone who'll pay. Sometimes they're cool. Sometimes they're not (we still don't get Junior's green dream Web bike). But it's fun watching them fight their way through the process. Fiercest BacheloretteTiffany Pollard of read more

Why does everyone seem to ...

Question: Why does everyone seem to hate Rob and Amber so much? I really like them. I think they are very much in love, as opposed to Adam and Candice, for example. He always treated her with the utmost respect and courtesy throughout Survivor and The Amazing Race. And both of them are close to their families — they love and respect their parents and siblings. You don't see nearly enough of that nowadays. I think that the reason most people dislike them is Rob's voice, which sometimes even grates on me. I enjoyed watching them on Survivor and Race and on their wedding special. The thoughtfulness of their gifts to each other was a delight to see. Yes, I realize they had almost unlimited funds to acquire those gifts, but they both went to so much trouble to get just the perfect tokens of their love. I know he was a little arrogant, but that seems to be part of playing the Survivor and Race games. So what is wrong with them? Answer: In a word: overexposure. Words cannot adequately convey ... read more

Rob and Amber's Agony of Defeat

Love 'em or hate 'em, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich were definitely the most talked-about team on the seventh season of The Amazing Race. The ex-Survivors dominated the race from the very first leg, regularly finishing in the Top Three and winning scads of prizes. But their scheming ultimately didn't get them to the finish line in first place — they wound up placing second to Joyce and Uchenna Agu. Here, the now-married couple discuss their controversial approach to the race and tease their TV future. Coming to the finish line, how far behind Uchenna and Joyce were you?Rob Mariano:We were about 30 minutes behind them, but we pretty much knew it was over when we got to the cigar shop. We were disappointed that they held that plane from Puerto Rico to Miami to let Uchenna and Joyce on. If they hadn't, we would have had the race in the bag. We were pulli read more

Who Will Win The Amazing Race?

The Amazing Race's seventh season has loyal aficionados scratching our heads. The early favorites to win — brothers Brian and Greg and boyfriends Lynn and Alex — all bit the dust. This month the final four battle it out to see who'll take home the $1 million prize by landing first on host Phil Keoghan's finish mat. Which Racers will end up with the bucks and the bragging rights? weighs the percentages of the dynamic duos most likely to succeed (and fail). Meredith and GretchenVital stats: The underdog married couple has run at the back of the pack for the entire season. At ages 69 and 66, respectively, however, these retirees are the oldest pair ever to make it this far into game. And they haven't had a cakewalk of it. In South Africa, Gretchen suffered a head trauma, causing them to arrive last at the pit stop — where Phil confiscated all read more

Why This Amazing Racer Hates Rob

If nothing else, Susan and Patrick Vaughn made history for being the first mother-son team to run The Amazing Race (Tuesdays, 9pm/ET on CBS). After a strong start, the twosome had trouble keeping up with the rest of the pack, and a defective boat finally sunk their chances this week. Here, the Philiminated mom and her openly gay son tell about their often-contentious relationship — and Patrick reveals how he really feels about "media whores" Rob and Amber. So Patrick, you were down in the dumps in your last episode. Having watched it, do you regret being so defeatist?Patrick Vaughn: I definitely shouldn't have expressed it so much, but we were so far behind. It seemed like every little comment I made was aired. Maybe I did talk about it a lot. [Laughs] It was that whole boat thing — that did it for us. When our read more

Love Tips for Race's Rob and Amber

Part of the fun of watching The Amazing Race's bickering couples is trying to figure out why they're even together. Indeed, the race has run over many a relationship — as well as the warring team's chances of winning. How can lovebirds like Rob and Amber avoid the same romantic pitfalls? We asked a few Race alumni for their advice.Reichen and ChipThe finish line: These Season 4 winners broke up after the race; they're still friends. What went wrong: "We started to get frustrated with each other," Chip says. Reichen's response? "I wouldn't let Chip near a map after he got us lost getting to L.A.!" Their advice: "It's OK to let out a little tension and yell," Chip says, "but don't stay angry." Reichen warns: "If you're going to fight, don't do it in front of the other teams. It empowers them." Hayden and AaronThe finis read more

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