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  • Birth Place: Rochford, Essex, England
  • Date of Birth / Zodiac Sign: 08/28/1965, Virgo
  • Profession: Actor
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Sweeps Roundup: Nov. 12 – 18

These are the guest stars and events that the networks have planned for the third week of November sweeps:

Monday, Nov. 12

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
When Robin can't get herself to break up with Nick, Barney steps in to help her pull the trigger.
Bones (Fox)
inspired by basketball coach Phil Jackson, Brennan tasks her five best squinterns with analyzing remains that have never been identified. When the team uncovers a man who died in the 9/11 attacks, everyone becomes determined to find out whether he was a victim or more

A&E Axes Dog the Bounty Hunter, Syfy Cancels Sanctuary

A&E is putting down Dog the Bounty Hunter after eight seasons, TMZ reports.

The reality series got the axe after the cable network and the representatives for more

VIDEO: Unending

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Length: 06:21:47
Aired: 6/22/2007

Summoned by the Asgard SG-1, lead by General Landry (Beau Bridges) aboard the Odyssey, learn the Asgard have only a short time left to live. Their final attempt to solve their physiological degeneration resulted in each of them developing a rapidly progressing disease leaving them only weeks to live. Fearing their knowledge might fall into the wrong hands they plan to end their lives after handing over their entire knowledge base, technology and history to SG-1. But before all the final advancements can be installed on the Odyssey the Ori drop out of hyperspace and engage the ship. As the Odyssey retreats pursued by one of the Ori ships the Asgard destroy their planet taking the other two Ori ships with them. The Odyssey with shields nearly failing is forced to test their new Asgard weapons and is barely able to destroy the Ori ship in time. The Ori able to constantly track the Odyssey before it has time to repair damage send ship after ship trying to destroy it. The ability to track the Odyssey seems caused by the Asgard technology integrated into its core systems. The team is caught in a conundrum that the very tools that seemed to promise their victory over the Ori might actually spell their defeat. Beaming the rest of the crew to a safe planet, SG-1 tries to find a way disengage the Asgard technology but are drawn into a fire fight before they have the chance to finish. With shield failed and a final blast just off its hull Lt. Col. Carter (Amanda Tapping) is able to trap the ship inside a time dilation field, slowing the blast to appear it’s nearly frozen moving only inches a year. With a seemingly inexhaustible amount of time Carter sets at solving their dilemma or else the team will be forced to live out the rest of their days in the dilation field aboard the Odyssey. watch


SANCTUARY's Amanda Tapping goes green (screen).
More Violent
How Is This Possible?
Sanctuary Panel Highlight: Wreckless Driving

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Year Title Description
2012 Syfy 20th Anniversary Special TV Show Series, Remarks by
2008 Sanctuary TV Show Series, Actor - Dr. Helen Magnus
2008 Sanctuary TV Show Series, Executive Producer
2006 Stargate SG-1 TV Show Series, Host
2004 Stargate Atlantis TV Show Series, Actor - Col. Samantha Carter

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Syfy Sets Sanctuary Return, Eureka and Warehouse 13 Finales

Ghosts, Abnormals and even Tinker Bell will be populating Syfy this fall.

On Tuesday, the network announced the return dates for its shows Sanctuary, Scare Tactics and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, in addition to the season finales for Eureka, Alphas, Haven and Warehouse 13. The four-hour movie Neverland, starring Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinker Bell, will premiere on Sunday and Monday, Dec. 4 and 5 at 9/8c each night.

read more

Syfy Renews Sanctuary for Fourth Season

Sanctuary has been renewed for a fourth season, Syfy announced Tuesday.

Get the rest of today's news

Production on the ...
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Mega Buzz on House, SVU, Reaper, True Blood and More!

Every week, senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to

I have to wonder if the psych hospital in the House finale was also a hallucination.  It was pretty strange how the street and parking lots were empty.  And it looked like he was going to one of those hospitals from the 1940s. — RSmith
MATT: How Vanilla Sky! But nope, sources assure me that House's rehab stint is the real deal. And that hospital's more retro than you think. Greystone Park State Hospital (in Morristown, N.J.) made its debut in 1876 as the not-so-subtly named New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum. The hospital has tended to such patients as singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie, and until the Pentagon was built, it boasted the largest foundation (674,000 sq. feet) of any structure in the U.S. I'd try to book a Q&A with the building, but fear I'd be stonewalled. 

Now that Reiko Aylesworth has been dropped from ABC's The Forgotten, could SVU bring back her ADA character, Erica Alden, from Season 1? —Walt
MICKEY: It's an interesting idea, but a very well-informed source tells me that Aylesworth will ... read more

Sanctuary Gets Caught in the Bermuda Triangle

Sci Fi's newest hit, Sanctuary — which was just picked up for a second season — is headed to a dangerous place: The Bermuda Triangle. In an intense and dramatic episode that airs on Friday (10 pm/ET), Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and her colleague Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) get trapped in a submarine while investigating a deadly parasite attack on creatures living in the triangle. spoke with Tapping, who is also executive producer, about the genesis of the episode, what it was like to film with Dunne 24/7, and what's next for the Sanctuary crew this season.

See the full Q&A after the jump. read more

Exclusive: Sci Fi Seeks More Sanctuary

Fear not, all forms of creatures, the "Sanctuary for all" will remain open for another season. has learned exclusively that Sci Fi channel has greenlit production on a second season of Sanctuary, ordering 13 new hours of the series.

"Sci Fi will continue to trail blaze the television landscape by further exploring the many worlds of Sanctuary through its unique green screen environments," said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming at Sci Fi. "Technology and great storytelling makes Sanctuary a fantastic addition to Sci Fi's 2009 lineup."

Sanctuary was created by Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis scribe Damian Kindler and stars the first lady of sci fi, Amanda Tapping... read more

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