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  • Birth Name: Amanda L. Overmyer
  • Birth Place: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • Profession: Reality cast member; singer; nurse
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Video Q&A: Amanda Overmyer Happy to Be Out

Amanda Overmyer dropped by TV Guide shortly after her exit to sit down with our Idol blogger/enthusiast, Erin Fox. In the video below, Amanda reveals why she braved Idol, why she shied away from the ballads, why she's glad to be done and what she's planning next. Plus: Which Idol alum is on her iPod?read more

Amanda Not Rocked by Exit: "I Had a Different Agenda"

If you're looking for Amanda Overmyer to sing a sad song over her elimination from American Idol, get in line with the patient bunch waiting for the gal to serve up a power ballad. Speaking to reporters the day after her dismissal, Amanda acknowledged that Idol "benefits anybody with any kind of distinction because it gives us that platform to start from and get... the biggest exposure we could ever get." But when it comes to making a legit run for the crown, "You have to look at the demographics of the voters and the people watching American Idol versus the demographics of your particular genre. I know that I target an older audience and a different audience maybe than American Idol provides." Still, Amanda was thrilled to see the support she got from those who did stand by her. "With someone like me, who is completely different [and] cut out of a different mold from everyone else in the competition, I found that very warming," she said. So, why didn't the rocker nurse zig when more

The Top 10 Revealed!

Hey guys Erin Fox here again First off I still have no news about Nina and her baby which means shes dealing with some seriously long labor I thought for sure shed have him last night but alas Baby Boy Hammerling-Smith is a stubborn little guy Send lots of positive thoughts her way Secondly I know all about Chikezie-gate 2008 I swear he was not left out intentionally it was just computer error as in my computer kept crashing and I had to keep re-entering my recap it was not a fun time at my house late last night Poor Chikezie was temporarily dissed but I made sure to add him back as soon as I couldNow I have to admit something I hate the elimination shows I never watch them I just cant stand the cheesy group numbers and bad product placement videos But lets hope they prove me wrong and Im thoroughly entertained We start with Ryan making a pretty huge announcement The four mentors this year include Dolly Parton Andrew Lloyd Webber Neil Diamoread more

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Year Title Description
2008 The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet: 2008 March 25 Episode, Performer
2008 The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Episode Episode, Guest
2008 Regis and Kelly: 2008 March 24
Season 20, Episode 143
Episode, Guest
2008 Reality Remix: 2008 March 24 Episode, Remarks by
2002 American Idol TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member

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Jeers: Amanda Overmyer — Make It Stop!

Jeers to Amanda Overmyer for another overbearing performance on American Idol. The shouter with the two-tone hair steamrolled the Beatles' "Back in the USSR" (oh-so-cleverly changing the lyrics to "the Ukraine boys" and "Moscow guys"). What was Paula Abdul thinking — or drinking — when she called the painfully derivative Overmyer "quintessential and authentic"? Has she never heard Janis Joplin? I have, and I didn't like the original either. Simon Cowell's not known for understatement, but he was too kind (imagine that!) when he said Amanda's "actually in danger of becoming a bit boring." All I can say is: Don't wake me when it's Overmyer. read more

The Top 11 Perform

Big news everyone Nina is at the hospital this very moment giving birth to Baby Boy Hammerling-Smith It seems fitting that shed have her baby on an American Idol night Im Erin Fox and Ill be filling in for the fabulous Nina until she returns from maternity leave I know how much you all love her and Ill try my best to do her proud The night starts with Ryan asking the judges about what they expect this week from the contestants Paula actually has a cohesive opinion without stumbling or using colors to describe how she feels Way to go girl Shes very sparkly tonight too Then Ryan points out that a fan has a sign that says Simon Is Sexy Like he needs any more encouragement to be full of himselfRyan transitions into a taped piece that explains to America how important the Beatles are to our musical history I really hope this is supposed to be geared toward 8-year-olds because its almost insultingly simple Its the freakin Beatles Youd have to live under read more

Narrowing It Down to 11

No big surprises tonight in terms of the bottom three Syesha and David H both gave pretty lackluster performances and Kristy was downright awfulAt least the Horton Hears a Who promo to kick off the night was a lot cuter than the Jumper one last month and Jim Carrey was a much better sport about it all including making fun of the blatant cross-promotion than Hayden Christensen The other celebrity in the audience tonight was Sanjaya Malakar who was there with his sister though they never identified him and the camera only lingered on him for a moment Oh and Danny Noriega I suppose returning the favor of Ramieles song dedication to him last night was sitting with her family and wearing a T-shirt with her face on it Its all so teenage-BFFs isnt itThe medley of All My Loving I Feel Fine Cant Buy Me Love and Help had some tough spots Amanda for one continues to stick out like a sore thumb during the group songs Oh and her hair was especially odd t read more

The Top 12 Perform

That was quite a night of ups and downs including some pretty incredible performances and a few disasters not to mention some unintentional comic relief courtesy of the judges The two biggest stories of the night were the seeming self-destruction of hitherto nearly perfect David Archuleta more on that in a bit and the heightened crabbiness of Simon who made disparaging comments not only about the singers but about several of the songs themselves and these were Beatles songs I mean come on Simon had a couple of especially cringe-inducing moments including when he said Whats the Irish girls name and Paula and Randy replied quickly Carly Carly Like a guy in the audience behind Simon I put my head in my hands after that comment Ryan who was unless Im mistaken sporting a faux-hawk talked up the new set which was you know big and impressive but not really all that He also had a couple of choice moments with Simon like when he was whisperi read more

American Idol Power Rankings: The Top 12

Now it's getting a bit more interesting, and a lot more serious — American Idol's final 12. As the party got started Thursday night, began polling you on your current pick to win this whole enchilada. Here's how it netted out:40.4% David Archuleta13.0% Jason Castro11.2% David Cook 8.8% Michael Johns 8.5% Brooke White6.6% Carly Smithson3.3% David Hernandez 2.8% Kristy Lee Cook2.4% Ramiele Malubay1.7% Amanda Overmyer1.0% Syesha Mercado 0.2% ChikezieLook at Archie's lead. Is it really so unclose a race? I think that one has to ask: Has the boy wonder peaked too soon?Speaking of boy wonders, a girl doesn't show up in the rankings until the No. 5 slot. Is that speaking to male dominance or a weak Season 7 female field?Who's out next? This is Chikezie's second straight week of finishing dead last. Has time run out for the lad?What's your take on these latest results?Lots more Idol coverage:• Rosie Makes "Bold, Brave, Beautiful" Danny an Offer• Asia'h, Kady, Lu... read more

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