Alyson Michalka



  • Arrested Development "I'm just getting into it. I'm way, way behind, but I've started watching Arrested Development. I find it to be really quirky and different and cool. That's a new one that I'm getting into. It's been canceled, but I really like that show and that sense of comedy. That offbeat humor. I probably enjoy comedies more than I do dramas. "
  • The Office "I think The Office is brilliant. I love both versions actually. A lot of people have their opinions: British or American. The British version is obviously the original, so it started the brilliance, but I think that Steve Carell just carries [the American version] so well. "
  • Extras "I think that Ricky Gervais is an absolute genius and it's such a weird show. "
  • Dexter "I love Dexter. I think I just love that show because it's so clever. I think it's the most well-written show on TV. "
  • Chelsea Lately "I love Chelsea Handler. That's the only late-night show that I love. I think she's just so funny and ballsy. "

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