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The British Are Funnin'!

England was funny. I like the U.K.'s dry, sarcastic wit. Now some people... well, let's be honest, all people wonder about Buddy and how he made the night round. Well, people, there are some things you don't see, and you didn't see Buddy come in and hand us his comedy manifesto. If you have a manifesto, I'm with you. Never piss off a psycho with a manifesto, that's my motto. Besides, he called ANT "Francis," which gave me and Kathleen something to laugh about the rest of the tour. Matt was probably my U.K. favorite; the little guy is funny.Minneapolis was the hardest city to pick from. All the comics were great. Well, maybe not all of them, but there were more great ones than we could advance. Next year I hope some of them have the money to fly to Australia, where the pickings are slim. I loved the way Doug Benson came back and parodied a high-energy Doug Benson. That kind of thing is a true comic move. Which brings up another topic: experienced comics. Many people are blogging, e-m... read more

The Panned Down Under

So now you've seen L.A. It's the first city we held auditions in and I think Kathleen, ANT and I were just figuring it out as we went. It was fun as we got the hang of it. Oh yeah, this is a blog, I'm supposed to give inside stuff.Iva La'Shawn was the first to fool us. She was funny during the day, then went totally blue that night. Sean Rouse was so dark and funny we had him doing jokes for us that we knew would never make TV. Dan, the guy with the rock and the stick... I thought he was bad until I saw some of the others. If I had known how weird some of those people were, I would have given him a second chance. I think we had some L.A. homeless people who saw a line and just figured there was food at the end of it.On to Australia, the land of not funny. Well, that's not true: Fiona is hilarious, Gina was funny and I loved the guy who drew the inside-out cat. There were more train wrecks down there than you can imagine. I'll tell you the best things about Australian comics: I got t... read more

Let's Clear Up Some "Angry Rumors"

Well, we are in it now. New York, Montreal and San Antonio are done. I think the most controversial pick had to be Mel Silverback, half man/half gorilla. Some loved him, some hated him and everyone remembered him. Besides being funny, I picked him for the commitment to something that ridiculous. I loved him. We had some great and obviously some not-so-great [wannabe] performers. I only enjoy the not-so-great ones when they are truly a train wreck, and believe me we had plenty of those. The scary thing is that the guy who asked us to throw tomatoes at him wasn’t nearly the worst comic we saw in New York. One guy told us if we didn’t like him, we could leave. So we did. We walked out and he kept on talking. He may still be there telling bad jokes for all I know.People ask how we pick. Well, there are certain things we like. Funny helps, that’s big. Originality of topic or original take on a topic. We also look for acts that can sustain. There are some people who only ha... read more

Welcome to Season 5!

So here we go, the first episode of a new season of NBC's Last Comic Standing [Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, starting June 13] is coming up. It's kind of fitting that the first episode will be set in New York, the land where dreams are made and broken.I guess I'd better reintroduce myself. I'm Alonzo Bodden, Season 2 runner-up, Season 3 winner and Season 5 talent scout.I've done it all on Last Comic Standing, except host. I wanted to host but they hired Bill Bellamy. After watching Bill, I see I have a lot to learn about hosting. He's great. He's bringing a whole new energy to the show, and he looks good in a suit.The other talent scouts are ANT and Kathleen Madigan. Kathleen is hilarious and she really knows comedy. When we did Seasons 2 and 3, she wasn't featured enough, the reason being that it wouldn't challenge her. We all knew how funny she is, but now you guys get to see it. I love Kathleen and all her voices, characters and whatever else goes on inside that little red head of hers.... read more

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