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"My Identity Crisis"

Well like a baseball or beisbol team sometimes a great series needs a rebuilding season My Identity Crisis still wasnt up to the heights of most previous years of Scrubs but it was the funniest episode of the season so far and it will doWe begin with a dream sequence Carla Judy Reyes is making out with her husband Turk Donald Faison in a hospital bed at Sacred Heart Turk pulls out a restraint and binds her wrist to the bedframe but the prospect of kinky fun is dampened by the sudden appearance of JD Zach Braff and then Elliot Sarah Chalke who are there to murder Carla allowing Turk and JD to pal around endlessly and Elliot to steal and raise Carlas daughter Izzi What turns out to be the most disturbing aspect of the nightmare for Carla however when she awakens is that its the first dream she remembers having in English rather than in Spanish Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley is informed by his partner Jordan Christa Miller too absent of late read more

"My Hard Labor"

Another pretty solid episode still not Scrubs at its comic best and still at least as much about the serious subtexts of the series as about the blackouts and fantasy sequencesKim Elizabeth Banks is about to give birth and JD Zach Braff is ready for everything except for openly admitting to Kim that he doesnt love her Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley looks for someone competent to give his infant daughter a shot unwilling to give it to her himself for fear that shell associate him with pain Carla Judy Reyes cant do itsince shes enraged at Turk Donald Faison for his stubborn insistence on playing a console video game to its conclusion or at least for his obliviousness to her need as great as his to be something other than a parent sometimes and to a much lesser extent to his obliviousness to her ability to play the game better than either her husband or the Janitor Neil Flynn Even Kelso Ken Jenkins proves his worth as a parent while drun read more

Casting About: Scrubs Revives "Dead" Cast Member

Judy Reyes and Aloma Wright in Scrubs courtesy NBC

Keeping a promise he made to Aloma Wright, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence tells Variety that though he killed off Nurse Roberts this past season, her portrayer will still have a job for Season 7. Wright will play Laverne's twin sister, Shirley (ha!), a single, alcoholic woman who shuns religion. Says the actress, "I'm glad to know [Lawrence] is a man of his word.".... Brit beauty Jaime Murray (Hustle) is joining Showtime's Dexter in the role of Lila, a "wild, unconventional and daring" artist and former addict who befriends our sick little antihero. read more

Why did Scrubs kill off ...

Judy Reyes and Aloma Wright, Scrubs

Question: Why did Scrubs kill off Laverne? One of the things that I've always loved about Scrubs is that the show tackles serious issues, even though it's technically in the comedy genre. Still, did Laverne really need to die in order for a story line like this to be carried out? Did Aloma Wright really want to leave Scrubs? Do you think that Bill Lawrence and Co. are getting a little desperate for story lines, or do you feel that this plot adds to the show at all? I'm just having trouble making sense of it all. Answer: Isn't "having trouble making sense of it all" the point? Scrubs decided to tackle death head-on by having it happen to one of their own, a choice given even more emotional oomph by having the victim be a beloved character who was something of a moral compass at Sacred Heart, whose faith guided her belief that everything happens for a reason, even something as random as a death like this. I was reminded of Mrs. Landingham's sudden, shocking death on The West Wing. And ... read more

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