Sun Sep 6 11:00am
Dive Olly Dive!Beth's Nature; Navigation Consternation ION

Beth battles nature when it keeps changing her favorite part of the ocean; Olly resists learning how to use an old-fashioned compass and relies on his modern GPS.

Sun Sep 6 11:30am
Dive Olly Dive!Minky the Turtle; Camouflage King ION

A baby turtle is found by Olly and Beth, who hope to keep it for themselves; Olly and Beth anxiously await the arrival of Sub D, who's coming to help repopulate an area of Dark Bay with native flora and fauna.

Sun Sep 13 11:00am
Dive Olly Dive!Follow That Lobster; Win the Golden Fin ION

Olly and Beth get lost while following a mysterious lobster line; an international subs-in-training race is held at SURF, and Olly's sure he'll win.

Sun Sep 13 11:30am
Dive Olly Dive!Don't Tell Beth; Space Monkey From Mars ION

Olly gets stuck in a sandbar after Beth warns him not to play there; Beth and Olly believe aliens have invaded when they hear strange noises.