Allison Dunbar

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Hoyle at Work
00:47 — Hoyle shows Honey how he solves crime.
Mariachi Proposal
01:15 — Hoyle pleads for Honey's hand in marriage.
Great Bendians
01:26 — Hoyle stands up for the community with an impassioned speech…even if it means bending over.
01:37 — Honey shows Hoyle history's first pole dance.
The Dream
00:42 — Hoyle contemplates the meaning of his dream with Shank.
01:16 — Margaret and Betty speak their mind about Republicans.
The Note
01:26 — Hoyle decipers a ransom note.
Knife Fight
01:30 — A fight erupts between Honey and Bell as they battle for Hoyle’s affection.
Hold Your Peace
01:21 — Hoyle asks the congregation if there is any reason why Eli and Pearl should not be wed.
Back to Nicodemus
01:00 — Margaret and Betty welcome Hoyle and company back to Nicodemus.
00:38 — Hoyle tells Honey just how much he loves her.
01:20 — Sheriff Hoyle explains religion to Eli and Pearl.
01:03 — Honey describes a unique relative.
Dog Has Heartwarming Reunion with Owner After Being Found Under a Car Shaking
01:44 — When concerned dog-lover and actress Allison Dunbar saw a pup in distress, she knew just who to call. When Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organizatio (more…)
Improv Master Class
01:16 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower teach students at Second City the art of improvising in front of the camera. TV-14, D,L
Mixology 3: A Splitting Headache
02:43 — Hoyle and Livinia pour some "Splitting Headaches." TV-MA
Mixology 8: Whiskey Cobbler
02:46 — Hoyle and Livinia close shop with a "Whiskey Cobbler."
Mixology 4: Sleeper
03:37 — Hoyle and Livinia shake up a "Sleeper." TV-MA.
Improv Master Class: Grieving Brothers
01:14 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower work with students on a scene from Episode 104, "Expert Witness." TV-14,L,V
Mixology 5: Black Stripe
02:38 — Hoyle and Livinia concoct a "Black Stripe." TV-MA
Improv Master Class: No More Alcohol
01:18 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower work with students on a scene from Episode 105, "Temperance." TV-14 L
Mixology 2: Gin & Pine
02:02 — Hoyle and Livinia whip up a "Gin & Pine."
Mixology 7: Badminton
03:25 — Hoyle and Livinia stir a "Badminton."
Mixology 1: Whiskey Skin
01:28 — Hoyle and Livinia demonstrate how to make a "Whiskey Skin."
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