The Mentalist: The Silver Briefcase Trailer
01:23 — Jane crosses paths with a powerful military colonel and gets inspired to reopen a closed case involving the murder of the colonel's wife.
Gloria Wants to Catch the Suspect
01:18 — Gloria is determined to find the person that stole her display.
Mitchell Snoops On His Guests
02:05 — Mitchell lets his curiosity get the best of him.
Phil Gives Claire a Pep Talk
02:14 — Phil assures Claire that she can run Jay's closet business.
And the Pearl Necklace
When Max and Caroline met Martha Stewart at a gala event and gave her one of their cupcakes to taste, they were thrilled to get a positive response! N (more…)
Great Bendians
01:26 — Hoyle stands up for the community with an impassioned speech…even if it means bending over.
01:44 — Allison Dunbar (Honey) and crew walk us through the making of this memorable scene.
Mixology 8: Whiskey Cobbler
02:46 — Hoyle and Livinia close shop with a "Whiskey Cobbler."
History Test
02:37 — Co-creator and star John Lehr sits down with a historical expert to separate QUICK DRAW fact from fiction.
Improv Master Class: The Art of Improv
01:25 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower discuss the fun and spontaneity within the art of improv.
Whiskey Lovers Anonymous
01:46 — Outtakes from Episode 5, "Temperance." TV-14, D
Season 2 Teaser
00:08 — Sheriff Hoyle will return in 2014 for a second season of this improvised western comedy.
Zen and the Art
01:48 — Outtakes from Episode 8, "Railroad Spur"
Lean In
01:56 — Outtakes from Episode 7, "Honey's Beau" Part 1. TV-MA
Mixology 7: Badminton
03:25 — Hoyle and Livinia stir a "Badminton."
Improv Master Class: Long-lost Love
01:24 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower work with students on a scene from Episode 107, "Honey's Beau.
He Said, She Said
02:05 — Outtakes from Episode 7, "Honey's Beau" Part 2. TV-MA
01:39 — Outtakes from Episode 6, "Nicodemus". TV-14,D,S
Mixology 6: Santina's Pousse Cafe
02:35 — Hoyle and Livinia put together a "Santina's Pousse Cafe."
Improv Master Class: No More Alcohol
01:18 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower work with students on a scene from Episode 105, "Temperance." TV-14 L
Mixology 5: Black Stripe
02:38 — Hoyle and Livinia concoct a "Black Stripe." TV-MA
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