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Dog Has Heartwarming Reunion with Owner After Being Found Under a Car Shaking
01:44 — When concerned dog-lover and actress Allison Dunbar saw a pup in distress, she knew just who to call. When Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organizatio (more…)
Hoyle's First Wife
01:46 — Hoyle tells the gang about his first love.
College Roommates
01:02 — Hoyle's college roommate regales a crowd with embarrassing stories from their past.
Sheriff Death Pool
00:53 — Hoyle learns about the town's ongoing wager on how many days will pass before he gets killed-in-action.
Marriage Counseling
01:08 — Hoyle warns Eli about rushing into long-term relationships. TV-14
Fully Deputized
00:25 — Hoyle offers Vernon the undertaker a temporary promotion. TV-14
Undertaker vs. "Medical Examiner"
00:31 — Hoyle introduces Vernon Shank to the art of autopsy.
01:29 — Honey opens an apothecary when alcohol is banned in Great Bend. TV-14
I Love Nicodemus
01:12 — Hoyle marvels at the social innovations of Nicodemus, the first all-black town in the Great Plains. TV-14, D
Worst Alibi Ever
00:55 — Hoyle and Eli deliver big news to a suspect who's been wandering in the woods for a decade. TV-14,D
Harvard Gun Club
02:04 — Sheriff Hoyle surprises Eli with the sharpshooter skills he acquired during his time at Harvard.
The Stakeout
01:55 — Hoyle and Eli catch an unexpected guest arriving in Honey's bedroom. TV-14, D, S
Good Cop, Bad Cop
00:51 — Hoyle and Eli argue over who gets to play the "bad cop." TV-14
Support Group
01:05 — Hoyle convenes a Whiskey Support Group for people having trouble with the new ban on alcohol. TV-14, D
The Deserter
00:48 — Honey's former fiancĂ© challenges Hoyle to a duel. TV-14
Trojan Horses
01:29 — Posing as Honey's exotic new girls, Hoyle and his gang cross-dress in an attempt to infiltrate Cole Younger's lair. TV-14, D
Last Wish
01:34 — Hoyle makes a deal with Honey should he survive his first week of sheriff.
In Focus
00:24 — Hoyle introduces the art of photography to a crime scene. TV-14, V
A Noble Profession
00:53 — Hoyle tries to convince Pearl to look for another job. TV-14, D
Starting a Posse
02:10 — Hoyle's attempt to assemble a posse gets sidetracked.
Improv Master Class
01:16 — Co-creators John Lehr and Nancy Hower teach students at Second City the art of improvising in front of the camera. TV-14, D,L
Hoyle at Work
00:47 — Hoyle shows Honey how he solves crime.
Mariachi Proposal
01:15 — Hoyle pleads for Honey's hand in marriage.
Mixology 3: A Splitting Headache
02:43 — Hoyle and Livinia pour some "Splitting Headaches." TV-MA
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