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Inside Sons & Daughters' "Goodbye" Party

Tonight's episodes of Sons & Daughters [starting at 9 pm/ET on ABC] will tease, titillate, and traumatize you. First up is "House Party," written by Jordana Arkin and directed by Bob Berlinger. Prepare yourself for some outrageous behavior when Don and Sharon (Alison Quinn) decide to get away from it all by spicing up their love life at a motel. When the cat's away the mice will play, and Jeff takes full advantage of the missing-parent situation to throw himself a little house party that turns big in a hurry. Christine Lakin is back as Sydney, Jeff's attractive yoga-loving girlfriend. Concerned, Carrie (Eden Sher, who gets her braces off this summer) calls her Uncle Cameron (Fred Gossread more

Sons & Daughters: Trauma and Surprises

Well, this blog has taken my celebrity to new heights. I simply didn't anticipate the extraordinary interest millions of readers would take in the random thoughts of me, a modest journeyman-actor-turned-huge-ABC-television-star. It hasn't given me a big head or made me treat people any differently than I did before. Just ask my assistants, Felicia and Maggie, my personal shopper Yvette, or Charles, the English butler who helps me put on my trousers one leg at a time in the morning — I really haven't changed at all. I still try to lead a selfless and simple life. I even hired a Tibetan to read quotes from the Dalai Lama aloud to me as I'm choosing which Hugo Boss suit to wear that day. Me, a simple, hardworking fellow from beautiful Montesano, Washington. Me, who leads a spiritual life and thinks only of his fellow man, even when I'm sailing in the Bahamas, playing blackjack for a thousand dollars a hand in Las Vegas, or waking up with Eva Longoria. read more

Sons Daughters It was another...

Sons & DaughtersIt was another double-shot Tuesday night for Cameron and his crazy family. The first episode reminded me never to borrow money from my siblings. On one hand, when it comes to family, there's no financial interest to pay. But it's the "emotional interest" that kills you. Borrowing $1,500 from Sharon meant Cameron had to sit through Don's pathetic play and work concessions during intermission. If you've never witnessed a painful performance by a friend (let alone a brother-in-law), trust me, you'd rather be in debt up to your eyeballs. Sharon (played by Alison Quinn), by the way, is seriously stealing this show. Not only is she the most hilarious deadpan character ever, I looked up her biread more


PRETTY - Season 2 - Ep 4

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2009 The Brian McKnight Show: Episode Episode, Guest
2006 Sons & Daughters TV Show Series, Actor - Sharon Fenton
2006 The Martha Stewart Show: Episode
Season 1, Episode 114
Episode, Guest
1999 Neon Rider: Men of Principle Episode, Actor - Tannis
1990 Glory Days: Trigg's Mistaken Identity Crisis
Season 1, Episode 4
Episode, Actor - Kathy

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Sons & Daughters: Money and Ambition

Tonight's episodes of Sons & Daughters (beginning at 9 pm/ET on ABC) are titled "Family Finance" and "Karaoke." What is it about money that brings out the worst in human behavior? My good friend William Shakespeare used to always tell me, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be." Of course, later, when he came crawling to me straight from the pub for a loan, I would throw that quote right back in his face using a phony-sounding British accent. He could write a heck of a play, but he was terrible with money. Anyway, I digress. The first episode, "Family Finance," is one of my favorites. It was written by one of our shining stars in the writers' room, Justin Adler, and directed by David Steinber read more

Sons & Daughters Blog: What's Fappenin'?

I play Don Fenton on ABC's new comedy Sons & Daughters [premiering Tuesday, March 7, at 9 pm/ET]. Hopefully this blog will be even more exciting, dynamic and handsome than Don Fenton is, if that's possible. Frankly, I've never heard of a blog being described as "handsome," but that's all changed now: We've entered a new era of blogging. This handsome and charismatic blog might just change the way you look at yourselves, and at television. If I can make a difference in one person's life... just one person's... well, it won't be enough. Now, about Sons and Daughters. The central figure of the show is Cameron Walker, played by Fred Goss. I play his brother-in-law. Fred is also one of the ex read more

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