Alison Brie



  • Top Chef "I love competition shows where people have to actually demonstrate a skill they are great at, as opposed to shows where people just do silly things to win prizes, or reality shows about people not really doing anything. I also love good food. "
  • 30 Rock "It just never fails to crack me up! Sometimes I rewind it and watch parts of it again because they are so packed with jokes and I don't want to miss any of it. "
  • Bored to Death "Such an adorable and talented cast! And the story lines are very charming. That's the thing about this show; it charms the pants off me! And though all the men on it are very talented, I am constantly impressed by Ted Danson. "
  • The Walking Dead "With the exception of X-Files and Twilight Zone, I don't think I've seen another TV show that really had the ability to scare me. And unlike those two shows, The Walking Dead can really make you jump. I love zombies, and I love AMC."
  • Glory Daze "Definitely one of my favorite new shows. The story lines are clever and they're so good at capturing the '80s without overdoing it. Episodes feel like their own mini-'80s movies. It's just a really fun show to watch. "

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