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Justified: 6 Things to Know About Season 5

Timothy Olyphant

Whether intentional or not, the first episode of Justified's fifth season feels truer than ever to the spirit of Elmore Leonard, the literary giant who died in August and whose short story "Fire in the Hole" inspired the FX drama.

"It's been sad," executive producer Graham Yost says of working on the show after Leonard's passing. "Our first response was sadness at the loss, immediately followed by gratitude that we got to know this guy and spend time with him. [He was] a writer who I long admired and read almost all his stuff. I got a chance to try to bring his world to life on TV, but better than that, just spend time with him on occasion. He was just a neat guy. There's the old song, 'Never Meet Your Heroes.' That doesn't apply in the case of Elmore."

 postmortem: Graham Yost answers our  burning questions

The premiere (Tuesday at 10/9c, FX) will feature a special 90-second tribute to the late author, but the show itself, full of Leonard's trademark crackling dialogue, will continue to honor him until it ends... read more

Tuesday Review: Intelligence, Killer Women, Justified and a Ton of New TV

Meghan Ory, Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger

He's a hunkier Chuck with the mad fighting skills, reckless bravado — and propensity toward angst — of Alias's Sydney Bristow. Meet TV's new Six Billion Dollar Man, Gabriel Vaughn, who you'll recognize as Sawyer from Lost. And Josh Holloway is very much the main reason to tune into CBS's Intelligence (Tuesday, 9/8c), a proficient if initially perfunctory action thriller that benefits immeasurably from its star's gruff, bluff machismo. Although a little less brooding (over a long-missing wife who might be a terrorist) would make Gabriel, and Intelligence, a lot more fun.

read more

Lost's Mark Pellegrino Lands Lead in Indie Film

Mark Pellegrino

Lost star Mark Pellegrino has nabbed the lead role in an independent film, according to Variety.

"The End" is near for Lost

Titled Joint Body, it revolves around ... read more

Tom Cavanagh Returns to TV

Tom Cavanagh

Tom Cavanagh will star in ABC's new pilot Edgar Floats, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Cavanagh (Ed, Eli Stone) will take on... read more

Jeers: Two and a Half-Witted

Charlie Sheen and Alicia Witt

Jeers to Two and a Half Men for saddling Alicia Witt with a truly ridiculous role.

Read, discuss and vote on this complete Jeer after the jump. read more

Mega Buzz on Lost, Law & Order: CI, Sex & More!

Harold Perrineau by Bob D'Amico/ABC, Chris Noth by Eric Ogden/USA Network Photo, Grant Show by Cliff Lipson/CBS

Was Lost hasty in giving Michael the hook? Which of the Law & Orders has bid adieu to some fans' favorite? Is ABC's Life on Mars already on a shaky mission? In this launch of Mega Buzz, a new weekly column, I'll field your questions about your favorite shows. If there is a topic you want to see covered or a question you'd like to ask, this e-mail is the place to do it.Since we're just starting out here, I'll have to settle for answering my own questions. Hope I'm not a smart-ass to myself.Question: What's your take on Harold Perrineau's Lost exit Q&A?Mitovich: It's an incendiary topic, but I hear where Perrineau is coming from, on Michael's too-short return. Sure, it (partially) explained what became of the Dawson men after their Season 2 sail-away. But to leave Walt fatherless — and in doing so rob the series of its second barely-used African American character (Mr. Eko, we barely knew ye) — was a questionable move. This country now has its first for-real African-... read more


Now, I was all prepared to write what a dull episode of CI this week – then the last ten minutes happened. Who would have thought Frasier’s Roz ( Peri Gilpin) was a killer? Great bonus this week, we had two enjoyable guest stars – more on that later, now to the case.A football team wins homecoming and celebrates by having a party that includes beer and two strippers. When the party gets sour, one of the girls, Carla cries rape and it is turned into a high profile case against three of the football players. We join the case after the key witness, the other dancer Traci, is found dead after being pushed down the stairs outside her apartment. Traci was going to testify on behave of Carla in the rape case against the football players.As the investigation by Falacci and Logan begins, it looks like Carla’s boyfriend was going to turn out to be the murderer – or at least that is what I thought. How ironic that Andrew McCarthy played Bronx A.D.A., Gene Hoyle who wa... read more

Law & Order: CI's Alicia Witt Says She May Return

Alicia Witt and Chris Noth, Law & Order: Criminal Intent

We're just starting to get used to Logan's new partner… and she's just about to go. After tonight's Law & Order: Criminal Intent (10 pm/ET, USA), only two more episodes are left (one on Dec. 13, the other slated for early 2008) for Alicia Witt's brassy Det. Nola Falacci — who has left her stamp on the Major Case Squad. We chatted with Witt about her time on CI and some other interests. TV Guide: What happens tonight? Alicia Witt: I have a feeling this is going to be my favorite, because Falacci really butts heads with [Capt.] Ross in a huge way. She doesn't like to be antagonistic for the hell of it — she's doing it because she's right. TV Guide: What is it you like about playing Falacci? Witt: I'm still discovering her. She's somebody I believe the audience will either read more


Better late than never, this recap will kick off the Law & Order: CI blog for the season. And what a good episode to start off with!So first off, what did we learn? One, earrings are the key, and two, do not try speed dating.The case started off with a tied-up blonde murderer with emerald earrings on that sent off warning signs, which then led to the arrest of writer (if he could be called that) Noah Brezner. Things were not looking good for Noah as nothing he said was being validated by Detectives Falacci and Logan. His wife did not know what was going on, his girlfriend on the side was lying against him, and Noah kept claiming he was being framed — which I believed.Turns out he was being blackmailed by his girlfriend, who was working for her lawyer/lover, who was the real con who blackmailed married men for money. It was an unhappy ending as Noah committed suicide in jail, not being able to stand the girlfriend's betrayal, while the lawyer and girlfriend headed off to jai... read more

Law & Order: CI's Eric Bogosian Talks TV

Eric Bogosian, Law & Order: CI

When Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns for its seventh season tonight at 10 pm/ET, don't look for it at its old home, NBC: The series has moved to USA, and its stars, including Eric Bogosian, Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe, couldn't be happier. "I feel like it saved the show," said D'Onofrio about the switch. We talked to actor/monologist/author/Manhattan fixture Bogosian, who plays Captain Danny Ross, about the move to USA, how he ended up as part of the Law & Order universe, and working with some pretty big personalities. This is your first time as part of a permanent TV cast. Why Criminal Intent?Eric Bogosian: I had been keeping an eye read more

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