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Nightcap - "Jimmy's a Bad Person!"
01:55 — Talent booker Staci (Ali Wentworth) tries to rally the troops for a great show but is interrupted by a delivery from the boss. From Nightcap S1E1, "Ba (more…)
Nightcap Extra - In the Makeup Chair With Olivia
00:53 — Nightcap's resident social-media expert (Ashley Park) visits Marcus for help with her new profile pic. ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s scripted comedy is a lau (more…)
Nightcap Extra - In the Makeup Chair With Randy
00:46 — Marcus (Karl Gregory) and Randy (Jacob Wallach) conspire to update the sound guy's look. ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s scripted comedy is a laugh-at-itself, (more…)
Which Nightcap Star Would Write a Tell-All Book?
00:37 — Cherie Corinne Rice, Jason Tottenham and other Nightcap stars reveal which of their castmates is most likely to throw the show under the bus for a pub (more…)
Tame Impala: Love/Paranoia
03:47 — Music guest Tame Impala performs "Love/Paranoia" for the Tonight Show audience.
Idris Elba Shows Off His "Quiet Storm" Radio DJ Voice
05:22 — Idris Elba talks to Jimmy about his former radio DJ ambitions, performs the line from his very first speaking role in an infomercial and dishes on wor (more…)
Picture This: LeBron James, Anthony Scaramucci
02:24 — Jimmy compares duplicate Instagram captions before revealing the very different images each account was captioning.
Ali Wentworth's Daughter Was Christened Like a True Greek
03:24 — Ali Wentworth chats about her and her family's horrifying experience watching her baby's Greek Orthodox christening traditions as a self-identifying W (more…)
Ali Wentworth Met Husband George Stephanopoulos On a Blind Date
04:32 — Ali Wentworth reveals how she hit it off with her husband George Stephanopoulos' after his ex-girlfriend set them up and how he almost blew it by bein (more…)
GOP Fanboy John Early Has Some Encouraging Words for Scaramucci
04:49 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Monday, July 31.
Google Translate Songs With Idris Elba
04:59 — Idris Elba and Jimmy take turns singing songs, like Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You," after running the lyrics through Google Translate.
Nightcap - The Last Morning Meeting?
02:04 — The Nightcap With Jimmy crew scrambles to find work as Staci (Ali Wentworth) tries to get what might be their last show off the ground. From Nightcap (more…)
Nightcap - Like Water for J.J. Abrams
00:58 — Staci (Ali Wentworth) tries to forge a professional relationship with Hollywood heavyweight J.J. Abrams during Nightcap S2E10, "The Show Might Go On, (more…)
What Are Nightcap Stars' Favorite Dr. Oz Tips?
00:58 — Lauren Blumenfeld, Don Fanelli, Jeff Hiller and other Nightcap cast members share the best advice they've ever gotten from frequent guest star Dr. Oz. (more…)
Nightcap Extra - In the Makeup Chair With Malik
00:54 — Nightcap With Jimmy publicist Malik (Cherie Corinne Rice) asks Marcus (Karl Gregory) for a celeb-inspired hair makeover. ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s script (more…)
Star Wars Rage On in the Nightcap Season Finale - Wednesday at 8/7c
00:20 — J.J. Abrams and Mark Hamill guest star on the season 2 finale of Nightcap, as Jimmy's girlfriend Christie Brinkley wreaks havoc on the show. Watch it (more…)
Nightcap - Bethenny Frankel's New Mouthpiece
01:08 — Nightcap with Jimmy guest Bethenny Frankel recruits Penny (Lauren Blumenfeld) to speak for her during Nightcap S2E9, "The Show Might Go On, Pt. 1." A (more…)
Nightcap - Diner Meeting
02:42 — Spy Big Brother veterans in the background as Staci (Ali Wentworth) pitches her novel to a publisher (Adam Grupper) more interested in her show-biz st (more…)
Nightcap - Family Time With The Hoff
01:11 — Nightcap With Jimmy guest David Hasselfhoff shares some dirt on the show's hair and makeup guru, his nephew Marcus (Karl Gregory). From Nightcap S2E9, (more…)
Which Nightcap Stars Have Taken Collecting Too Far?
00:46 — Ali Wentworth and her Nightcap castmates reveal the tchotchkes they've collected to excess over the years. ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s scripted comedy is a (more…)
The Hoff Hassles Marcus, Wednesday on Nightcap
00:20 — Bethenny Frankel makes Penny do her dirty work, and David Hasselfhoff makes life very uncomfortable for his nephew, Marcus (Karl Gregory). Watch it We (more…)
Nightcap Extra - In the Makeup Chair With Deb
00:56 — Nightcap With Jimmy director Deb (Judy Gold) discusses a big new hair look with Marcus (Karl Gregory). ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s scripted comedy is a lau (more…)
Nightcap Extra - In the Makeup Chair With Davis
01:14 — Nightcap With Jimmy talent booker Davis (Jason Tottenham) brings some guest complaints to beauty guru Marcus (Karl Gregory). ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s sc (more…)
Nightcap Extra - In the Makeup Chair With the Twins
00:51 — Grady (Brendan Clifford) and Brady (Jordan Clifford) visit Marcus (Karl Gregory) for a quick hair check. ABOUT NIGHTCAP: Pop’s scripted comedy is a l (more…)
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