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Poll: Did Ali Lohan Get Plastic Surgery?

Ali Lohan

Let the rumor mill begin...

Lindsay Lohan's little sister, Ali, 17, hit the streets of Beverly Hills on Thursday — at least we think it's her.

She looks, well, very different from the girl who starred alongside mom, Dina, in E!'s Living Lohan.

Her modeling agency is shooting down reports that she got any plastic surgery done. "I can confirm that... read more

Lindsay Lohan Dropping Last Name

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may soon join the ranks of Madonna and Prince. (No, not musically.) According to one report, her mom says the 24-year-old actress has decided to nix her last name.

"Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by... read more

Michael Lohan Prompts Sheriff's Department Visit to Lindsay’s Apartment to Check on Ali

Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan

A call from Lindsay Lohan's estranged father, Michael Lohan, prompted Los Angeles County authorities to visit her apartment Thursday to check on the welfare of her younger sister, Ali Lohan.

The father called the West Hollywood sheriff's station about 11:30 a.m., saying he was concerned about his... read more

Michael Lohan Says He and Gosselin-Linked Fiancee "Practice At Least Four Times a Night" for Baby

Michael Lohan and Kate Major

Michael Lohan is not only engaged, but says he and fiancée Kate Major "practice at least four times a night" for a baby.

"Kate wants a baby. Since I'm getting no younger, we ...
read more

Ali Lohan Hurt by Anderson Cooper Rip, Dad Says

Ali Lohan by Jeffrey Ufberg/

Ali Lohan was "very hurt" by CNN newsman Anderson Cooper calling her a 14-year-old who "looks to be about 60" and suggesting she wants to be "a striptease person," father Michael Lohan told"I don't know what it's about. I don't know how he can sit in a position like he is, judging someone else," Michael Lohan said Thursday. "I'm surprised that he lowered himself to pick on a child and act like a child himself."She took it very personally," he added. "She's a 14-year-old kid ... And to top it off she's at home in bed with strep throat."Cooper told Kelly Ripa on Regis and Kelly Tuesday morning that because Lindsay Lohan never appears with mom Dina and sister Ali on the show, the audience is "stuck with these horrific people.""There's this perfectly nice, allegedly a 14-year-old girl, looks to be about 60," Cooper said, drawing a mix of laughter and groans from the audience. "No, I say that with concern and love," he added. "And she allegedly wants to be a singer and or ac... read more

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