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Twisted Sisters: Heroes' Ali Larter Teases a Big Battle

Ali Larter, Heroes

It ain't easy being the scariest gal on TV. When Ali Larter has a day off from NBC's Heroes (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), in which she plays dual personalities Niki and Jessica, she isn't kicking back. She's studying martial arts and taking striptease classes. Larter needs to master the "Kill Bill" stuff now that Jessica is an assassin for the shadowy Vegas mob boss Linderman. And the stripping? That's for a secret Heroes twist to be revealed later this season. "The blessing and curse of being on Heroes is that you never know what they'll throw at you," says Larter, 31. "You have to be ready. Luckily for me I'm a kick-ass kinda gal. I'm also a bit schizophrenic — I need to change and reinvent myself a lot." She came to the right show. When Heroes debuted last fall, we were first introduced to Niki, read more

Adrian Pasdar: Heroes' "Flying Man" Swoops by TV Guide

Adrian Pasdar, Heroes

You'd think a rock star was in the building the way the crowd poured into the TV Guide conference room when Heroes star Adrian Pasdar came by for a visit last Thursday. After pressing some flesh and autographing many TV Guide covers, Pasdar sat down with to tease what's ahead for Nathan and that blonde beauty who's gunning for him. Do you know who we'll be taping over? [I play a tape of a female saying, "This is what I can tell you about her: In all of us there is an angel and a devil, and you get two-in-one with her."]Adrian Pasdar: That's Ali [Larter], the Jersey girl.... How's that for kismet? So last we tuned in, Jessica had just gotten her assignment to snuff Nathan. Why do I have the feeling that when the moment of truth comes, those two will end up having torrid sex instead?Pasdar: Well, we do end up in bed... but not like you think. I can't tell you any more than that, but read more

On Heroes, it just seems that ...

Question: On Heroes, it just seems that Niki has a beyond-extreme case of split personality disorder. How is what she has considered a power?
Answer: Have you seen this babe in action when she's possessed by Jessica? She's a freaking Amazon with super strength. When the show comes back a week from tonight, one of the more amusing moments comes when you see how all the cops keeping Niki/Jessica in custody cringe in fear, anticipating her next violent outburst. This isn't a happy power, but it is a power ... read more

Adrian Pasdar, Heroes: Will Nathan Kill to Keep His Secret?

Adrian Pasdar, Heroes

Here comes the bride. This week on NBC's fantastically popular Heroes (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), viewers will finally meet the thus-far (and conspicuously) MIA wife of Adrian Pasdar's political contender, Nathan Petrelli. (Just Shoot Me's Rena Sofer fills the bill as Heidi, the Mrs.) Might the arrival of his better half shed new light on Nathan's secret "ability," to fly? Or might her presence instead only introduce new questions? Surveying the marrieds' obviously fractured relationship, Pasdar tells, "It was predicated on what I think is a common understanding of what it would take to be a politician's wife, and all the things that go along with that. And love, of course, factored in, heavily — in the beginning." (Suddenly, Nathan's read more

Insider Buzz on Fall's New Shows

Onetime West Winger Matthew Perry stars on Aaron Sorkin's Strip.

Television's new fall lineups won't be unveiled until May, but Hollywood is already making predictions about which pilots will become full-fledged shows. Here are some projects that are generating heat. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip NBC has penciled in this drama from West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin about the backstage doings of a famous sketch-comedy show à la Saturday Night Live. Sorkin's mighty pen, and a cast that read more


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hostel's Jay Hernandez has joined the ABC ensemble soap Six Degrees (the pilot of which is being directed by film vet Tim Blake Nelson); Final Destination hottie Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere have been cast on NBC's Heroes; and onetime big-screen Superman contender Matt Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green and Aaron Stanford have scored the leads in ABC's Traveler. read more

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