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Heroes' Ali Larter Battle with the Bulge

How in the world this blonde bombshell could possibly consider the idea of losing any weight is beyond us. But Heroes' hottie, Ali Larter, admitted to Allure magazine that she once had to duct tape her thighs because she was told they were "a little too round." Poor thing even cried in her trailer when a film's director and producer told her to lose a few. Luckily, Larter developed a thick skin to the criticism and embraces her self-proclaimed "juicy" butt. read more

Today's Stars...Yesterday! Who Have You Spotted?

Ali Larter by Chris Haston/NBC; Steven W. Bailey courtesy ABC; Lisa Edelstein by Adam Taylor/Fox

With the long Memorial Day holiday this weekend, let's have some fun and play a game!We've actually played this game before, last October. I had a different blog back then, called "DVD Guy", and I called the game "Today's Stars...Yesterday!" We all had a great deal of fun, and lots of readers chimed in with their own examples of big-name celebs they've seen "in smaller roles, during leaner times".The way to play is very simple: Think of hot "new" stars that you see in any current TV show, and try to think of where you've spotted them on DVDs of older programs. Probably only slightly older shows, but there's absolutely no limit. Let's just have a blast with it! I'll give us several examples, just to get us started:• Grey's Anatomy wrapped their fourth season last night, and the younger Dr. Grey wrapped her first full season in the show. Chyler Leigh's straight-laced turn as "Lexi" might not make her recognizable, though, to the few of us who saw her as punk-rockin', spike-m... read more

Beware, Beyonce! Ali Larter Is One Obsessed Stalker

Heroes vixen Ali Larter wants what Beyoncé Knowles has got (um, an overzealous publicist?) in Obsessed, a thriller going into production this summer. According to Variety, Idris Elba (American Gangster) will play a handsome asset manager blessed with a bootylicious wife and great career until a temp (played by Larter) begins stalking him. Beyoncé and her father, Matthew, are executive-producing the venture. read more

Larter in a Garter: Heroes Star to Wed

Original Heroes cast member Ali Larter got engaged to her longtime beau, actor Hayes MacArthur (The Game Plan), over the weekend, the glossies are reporting.OK, white space to fill... I have little to add here except that I got to interview Ali in person at the Gramercy Park Hotel for the Heroes season premiere and, well, wow. As for groom-to-be Hayes, Ali introduced him to me at TV Guide's Emmys after-party this past September and, wow, tall. Very tall.Alba pregnant, Ali altar-bound... it's been a very trying week for menfolk. read more

Pandora's Box

Episode Recap: "Powerless"I’m trying to figure out what to write, so I’m going over my notes and the last thing I wrote was: "the pet. bro. are so cut"… then Nathan gets shot! WTF.I knew it was coming. A political assasination was predictable at 9:59pm.Possible Spoiler: This is what I’ve heard of the fallen heroes: dead, uncertain and healed. We know Maya was healed. I’m glad she survived. Personally, I’d pick Nathan over her, but the best way to “fix” a character problem is to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Many have complained about Maya, but you have to imagine her character’s possibilities. She’s a weapon of mass destruction and pissed. I can’t wait to see her in action. She and Sylar will meet again.So, is it Niki or Nathan that is uncertain? Although Peter’s healing abilities (and those who've already received blood transfusions from Adam and Claire) are still questionable. Nathan looked like a gone... read more

Exclusive: Tim Kring Explains Heroes' "Generations" Finale

Hayden Panettiere, Heroes

Will Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) die by an assassin's bullet? Was Niki (Ali Larter) truly blown to hot, blonde, gorgeous bits? Will Adam (David Anders) spend eternity six feet under? And — say it ain't so! — does badass Elle (Kristen Bell) really have an inner Girl Scout? The Dec. 3 episode of Heroes, the conclusion of the show's second volume "Generations," left us with lots of big questions. Creator and executive producer Tim Kring has the answers. And, whaddya know, he's even sharing some of them!The fate of Nathan, who was shot during a TV press conference, and of Niki, who may have died in an abandoned building explosion, are " read more

Saving the World: Redux

The Haitian repaid his debt by saving Peter. Jimmy Jean-Louis by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Four Months Ago"Bonsoir mes amis! Leah Friedman (Friday Night Lights, among other blogs) in for Casey tonight, and I figured I'd stick with the Montréal theme. I'm thrilled to be filling in for her for the second in what will hopefully become a series of great Heroes episodes. We all know about the griping (and yes, I've done my own fair share of it this fall) about how the season started out, but between last week and this week, I'm hoping we can all agree that the show is back on track. It was certainly a subtle episode by Heroes standards; more along the lines of last season's "Company Man" than anything else, and as a character study of the Petrellis, Elle and the Sanders family, it worked well — most of the time.First off, thank you Tim Kring for finally revealing just how in the hell Peter ended up in Ireland. We already knew that Nathan saved New York from Peter, but in dueling bouts of self-sacrifice, Peter rescued a falling, burning Nathan and deli... read more

How TV Guide and Heroes Got So Graphic

The four Heroes covers 

Four Heroes collector covers. Five superstar artists. Meet the creators of this week’s "comic book" look. Cover No. 1 (Kensei, Hiro, Ando): Jim Lee"TV Guide is a cornerstone of pop culture, so doing a cover for you guys is a real honor," says Lee. Hey, we’re honored, too! A true comics legend, Lee is currently illustrating DC Comics’ All-Star Batman & Robin and drew the acclaimed Batman arc "Hush" (written by Heroes co-executive producer Jeph Loeb). He openly admits he does not follow Heroes, though he did try. "I downloaded the entire first season from iTunes to my Apple TV, which, for some reason, played the episodes backwards," Lee says. "So there I am watching the season finale thinking it’s the first episode of the series and I’m going, ‘Oh, my god, this storytelling is soo confusing and revolutionary — how d read more

"We All Have Our Roles to Play"

Who can be trusted? Jack Coleman, Ashley Crow by Chris Haston/NBC

Episode Recap: "Out Of Time"Welcome to November Sweeps. The writers’ are on strike, NBC is green and Heroes is back!If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you are a regular at the Heroes TV Guide blog. Let’s get right to it.Last week, I mentioned Mr. Bennet’s sloppy handy work in Ukraine. I knew he would get caught! He also destroyed the remaining paintings. Two of which, came true in tonight’s episode. The battle between Kensei and Hiro and Peter’s distraught first look at human extinction. Many of you should give yourselves pats on the back! As I watched tonight’s episode so many of your predictions and comments in the past weeks came true. Especially, when Kensei turned out to be Adam Monroe! So, Kensei/Adam and Claire are immortal. I think they remain forever young at the age they realize they have powers. It looks like we will never see Claire at happy hour. Who liked this episode as much as I did? I know it’s been slow... read more

The First Cut Is the Deepest

David Anders by Justin Lubin/NBC

Episode Recap: “The Line”Heroes has never made me lose interest, but it did get off to a slow start. I knew tonight would be a good episode. OK, I hoped tonight would be a great episode. It was the lead-in to November sweeps. However, I didn’t want to set my expectations too high. I’ve noticed a growing trend with network television: they build up the months of November, February and May for Nielsen ratings, and then leave us hanging. Sometimes, the episodes that air during those sweeping months live up to the abundance of promos, previews and annoying scroll lines under everything you watch. Other times, a ferry crashes and we are left with the letters WTF on our minds. That being said, let’s recap.We’ve all been through high school hell, and I’ve watched the genius of Tina Fey's Mean Girls, but do people like the cheerleading captain really exist? If so, then she got what she deserved. (When she wrote the number of pounds to lose on the girls' f... read more

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