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Supergirl - I Dream Of Krypton
03:26 — Kara is caught in a dream world of her home planet.
Supergirl - A Soldiers Death
02:47 — Astra and Supergirl say their last goodbye's.
Supergirl - Medical Evacuation
02:11 — Agent Danvers finds Kara in her apartment with a parasite feeding off her.
Supergirl - The Kiss
02:11 — Adam kisses Kara right before she's kidnapped.
Supergirl - Held Captive
02:17 — James is held captive by Bizarro.
Supergirl - My Creation
02:08 — Mr. Lord creates a new Supergirl.
Supergirl - There For A Friend
04:14 — Supergirl makes sure to be there for Hank when he needs her.
Supergirl - Hank's Devastating Story
03:00 — Hank tells Agent Danvers about his family.
Supergirl - Anti Alien Senator
02:00 — A new alien emerges at an anti alien rally.
Supergirl - Prison Escape
03:13 — The FBI comes to question Winn about his father escaping out of prison.
Supergirl - Infiltrating Lord Technologies
03:18 — While Agent Danvers has dinner with Mr. Lord, Hank discovers what is hiding in his lab.
Supergirl - A Special Toy
02:16 — Winn is held captive by his father.
Supergirl - Watch Supergirl's Greatest Saves: 40,000 Lives And Counting
02:31 — Relive Supergirl's most exciting moments so far, with a super-fast roundup of all the action-packed ways she saved the residents of National City.
Supergirl - Get To The Truth
02:29 — Supergirl tries to stop the General from torturing her aunt for information.
Supergirl - Kara And Supergirl
02:37 — Cat Grant is shocked to see Kara and Supergirl in the same room at the same time.
Supergirl - Perception Problem
02:29 — Kara continues to deny that she's Supergirl.
Supergirl - Cat Discovers Kara's Secret
01:56 — Cat Grant comes to a new conclusion about Kara.
Supergirl - Family Memories
03:55 — Supergirl learns the truth about her mother.
Supergirl - Fair Fight
01:55 — Supergirl gets into a fight with her aunt.
Supergirl - Hacked!
02:05 — Cat Grant's Catco emails have been hacked. She meets with her lawyers to get ahead of the scandal.
Supergirl - Supergirl star Mehcad Brooks takes you behind the scenes
01:23 — Actor Mehcad Brooks shows the magic of automated dialogue replacement for the Supergirl episode "Human For A Day."
Supergirl - No Escape For You
02:41 — Agent Danvers doesn't trust Hank Henshaw anymore.
Supergirl - The Truth
03:24 — Hank tells Agent Danvers the truth about himself and her father.
Supergirl - A Million Microscopic Killers
01:24 — Kara gets sick for the first time in her life.
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