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Scrubs Star Is a Wizard of Ha-Has

Donald Faison, Scrubs

Tonight at 9 pm/ET, NBC's Scrubs presents its 100th episode, featuring — no, not the death of someone close to Clark Kent — a humorous homage to The Wizard of Oz. This week's second helping guest-stars Jason Bateman and a whole lotta angry ostriches. Is this show officially off the hook? spoke with Donald Faison, aka Turk, about crafting Scrubs' weekly remedy for the prime-time blahs. Donald Faison, pardon my French, but you are on one damn funny show.Donald Faison: Thanks, but where did you speak French in that? Um, when I said "Faison"? So do you get that a lot, people telling you that Scrubs read more

Desperate Housewives Anyone who's...

Desperate HousewivesAnyone who's been complaining about this show not being as good as it was last season (and you know you're out there) simply needed to watch tonight's episode, because, boy, did it kick butt! So many watercooler moments, where do I start? Definitely Alfre Woodard's best episode yet. Betty showing up on Bree's doorstep right before the other housewives came over was classic. How perfect for Betty to blackmail Bree — what a great way to shut her up! Loved the looks on all the women's faces when Betty walked out of Bree's kitchen. Earlier, I loved when Bree looked up and saw Caleb gazing out the window. Speaking of Caleb, the actor now playing the role, Nashawn Kearse, is doing a fantastic job. It's not an easy task to play a character who is mentally challenged. Just ask Rosie O'Donnell. Even earlier, the funniest line was Bree t read more

Everybody has been saying ...

Question: Everybody has been saying that Desperate Housewives is in a slump. I'm not sure if that's an opinion I truly agree with, or merely one I've acquired from others who have been saying so pretty much since the day after the second-season premiere aired. Whatever the case, I have to say there is one part of the show that I have come to loathe: George. In the first season he was a creepy character who proved to be an interesting wrinkle in Bree and Rex's marriage. This season, with Rex out of the picture, George has taken on a bigger role in Bree's life as well as the life of the show, and I, for one, can't say it has been for the better. We have gotten to see just what level of crazy he is, and to what lengths he will go to get what he wants. I mean, not only did he manipulate Bree into having sex with him when she obviously wasn't ready, but now he's killed her therapist and proposed to her just seven weeks after her husband's death (which he, of course, caused)! To me he is a ... read more


Speaking of the Housewives: In the December issue of Cosmopolitan, Eva Longoria deflects talk of the divas dueling backstage by calling Marcia Cross "one of the kindest, warmest people," Felicity Huffman "a solid chick," Teri Hatcher a Martha Stewart-like cook and Nicollette Sheridan "the light of the set." Hmm, sounds like someone has a major beef with Alfre Woodard. read more

OK, is Bree's son gay? Or was...

OK, is Bree's son gay? Or was he lying the same way ABC did with their promos for this "surprising new Housewives"? Because I don't trust either. Nor should any of us after an hour so shock-anemic that Susan's totally uncharacteristic decision to buy Zach out of town — and away from the chronically underused Mike — almost passed for plot development. And don't even get me started on all the sex gags. We all know I'm no prude, but really, having Andrew describe the sound of his own mother's climax to tick off creepy George is just tacky, and the Solis' battle to win a conjugal visit felt forced, like the whole thing was cooked up to introduce the horny new lawyer headed for Gaby's bed. (Welcome back, Adrian Pasdar. Good luck with that one). At least Lynette finally got some stuff worthy of Felicity Huffman. Though again, I refuse to accept that our working mama's parenting skills are so schizo that her answer to Parker's separation anxiety would inv read more

DH spoilers?

Question: DH spoilers?

Answer: (SPOILER ALERT) We'll finally get a glimpse of that restless man-beast in Alfre Woodard's basement next month.

read more

Um, I hate to break it to ABC,...

Um, I hate to break it to ABC, but the wives are becoming less desperate and more psychotic. Seriously, I understand the horror of a messy house, but Lynette's releasing a rat in her own home to "bend Tom to her will" has me fearing that she shares a few too many attributes with certain serial killers who tortured animals in their youth. Then there's Susan "accidentally" backing her car over Edie. Unless it was the Suzanne Somers roller-disco finery that sent her into a rage blackout. That I can understand. Otherwise, nobody deserves a broken tibia just for shacking up with her neighbor's ex. Who, by the way, is aging very nicely. Well done, Richard Burgi. (Now give 'Cooler's Rhoda Charles a call, would ya? She wants to… uh, talk about In Her Shoes. Yeah, that's it.) I'll give a break to Gaby and Bree, though. Bree is in enough trouble now that the Arzt guy who blew up on Lost is keeping tabs on her coziness with crazy George read more

At like, 8:58, I was giddy that...

At like, 8:58, I was giddy that the girls were coming back, loaded with six Emmys and tons of expectations. And you know what? Eh. Even the "Oh, my god" moment of Zach's so-called death was smudged — first by his not being dead, then by Susan's ditching Mike over his creepy love child. Come on. We probably won't see the man-fro'd geek for a few more episodes, and James Denton has apparently upped his cardio. Have at it, woman! You too, Gaby. Carlos is still locked up, he thinks it's his baby… now go get that John boy back! Roses, non-alkie mimosas, those abs? Give that up, you're as dumb as you are slutty. As for my Bree, I'm loving her going head-to-twisted-head with Rex's mom and the idea of a Marcia Cross meltdown gives me the vapors. But replacing his prep-school tie mid-funeral? Please, the widow Van de Kamp would so know that was poor form. Though she does get line-of-the-night for that "I will go nondenominational so fast" threat to switch churches ju read more


"I'm a grown woman. If I only went where people get along, I would be in my house all day."  Alfre Woodard on whether she had any trepidation about joining the the cast of Desperate Housewives given the rumors of tension on the set, in an interview with TV Guide's Bruce Fretts read more


"Thrilled" with its 15 Emmy nods, Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry promises "more surprises, twists and turns" in the series' sophomore season. "We're going darker with some of the story lines, and Alfre Woodard's [new] character is just up to no good on that street," Cherry revealed at the 23rd Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, where Housewives merited fabulous buzz. "Any time you get four or five strong women doing dastardly things, gay people get a big kick out of it," noted Cherry, who is gay. "The moment you put a woman in an evening gown mowing the lawn, it's just gay." And dangerous, too, when paired with strappy heels. read more

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