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Navy Yard gunman left behind cryptic messages on shotgun
01:53 — Sources say gunman Aaron Alexis left behind two short phrases on the side of the shotgun he used in Monday's Navy Yard massacre. The FBI is still sear (more…)
The Roses Are Back, Weeknights Starting 7/31
00:20 — Catch up on seasons 1-3 of Schitt's Creek, airing weeknights at 6p/5c starting July 31--only on Pop. ABOUT SCHITT'S CREEK: When wealthy video store m (more…)
Alexis Tries to Get Over Julian
01:15 — Alexis receives a text from Julian and struggles to say no to him. Sam is still trying to get over Silas. Alexis thinks that they need new men.
Alexis Argues Her Case to Danny
00:37 — In this exclusive web clip, Alexis needs to prepare for court and wins her case with Danny's help.
Julian's Declaration of Love to Alexis
00:36 — Julian asks Alexis to believe that he loves her.
Julian Tries to Win Alexis Back
00:53 — Julian shows up at Sam's to see Danny and Alexis tells him that she is trying to move on.
Julian Interrupts Alexis's Date With Ned
01:28 — Julian interrupts Alexis's date asking for her help in finding Ava.
Alexis and Julian Pre-Break up Sex
00:51 — Alexis and Julian go at it like animals before breaking up.
Alexis Flips Out About Julian's Lies
00:55 — Alexis flips out on Julian after he lies about Mickey Diamond.
Alexis & Julian Together Again
00:38 — Alexis tells Julian that she will not leave him again.
Bonus Scene: The Gatekeeper
00:49 — Alexis describes to Olivia what being the family gatekeeper means.
Alexis Tells Julian It's Really Over
01:03 — Julian is about to tell Molly the truth about her father, but they are interrupted when Alexis returns. Julian tries to win Alexis back and fails.
Julian Shoots Mickey
00:18 — Julian retaliates against Mickey for the explosion at Alexis's lake house.
Alexis Volunteers to Get Answers Out of Julian
00:51 — Alexis volunteers to find out if Julian is working with Luke.
Julian and Ned Fight Over Alexis
00:19 — Alexis walks in to find Julian and Ned in a full blown fight.
Alexis and Julian Break up
00:57 — Alexis tells Julian that she can't be with him as long as he is in the business.
Julian Stops the Passion
00:33 — Julian stops Alexis before they can go further.
Sneak Peek: Alexis Kisses Ned in Front of Julian
00:53 — A jealous Julian watches Alexis and Ned kiss.
Alexis and T.J . Bond
00:30 — To Molly's surprise, Alexis & T.J. have bonded.
Alexis's Lake House Explodes
00:22 — Julian rushes into the burning lake house looking for Alexis.
Julian Finds Alexis Safe
00:41 — A frantic Julian finds Alexis after the explosion.
I Remember Seeing How Cruel Kids Are
01:38 — David Arquette opens up about his transsexual sister, Alexis, and what it was like to help a transgender teen on the Sundance series “Dream School.”
Julian Tells Ned to Back Off Alexis
01:17 — Julian wants Ned to leave Alexis and Port Charles in the dust.
Study: Age does not affect male fertility
01:10 — British researchers have discovered that the age of men does not affect their fertility. Also, a report linking kids with ADHD to substance abuse. Ale (more…)
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