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Who's Mom is Better?
04:22 — Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi fight over who's mom is better and share what each other were like growing up.
Quit Whining
01:27 — Join Jim and Alexis as they attend church.
Alexis' Dream Job
01:05 — Alexis Bellino talks about her dream job and updates us on her fashion line.
Friends or Friends No More
01:01 — Gretchen Rossi gives an update on the status of her friendship with Alexis Bellino.
Tips On Starting a Business
01:21 — Alexis shares tips on starting a business.
Alexis' Thoughts On Tamra's Party
00:46 — Find out why Alexis went to Tamra's party.
Jim Is the Kid in the Family
01:05 — Alexis explains that her husband Jim is like another kid in the family.
Alexis Tries to Get Over Julian
01:15 — Alexis receives a text from Julian and struggles to say no to him. Sam is still trying to get over Silas. Alexis thinks that they need new men.
Alexis Argues Her Case to Danny
00:37 — In this exclusive web clip, Alexis needs to prepare for court and wins her case with Danny's help.
Julian's Declaration of Love to Alexis
00:36 — Julian asks Alexis to believe that he loves her.
Sneak Peek: Molly Still Blames Julian
01:07 — Present wrapping takes a sour turn when Alexis arrives.
Idol Moments: Under Pressure
00:55 — It’s not all great moments at Hollywood Week, which for most Idol contestants is the most grueling musical challenge they’ve ever faced. Alexis Granvi (more…)
Hayden & Nikolas Almost Have Sex
00:23 — Hayden & Nikolas begin to go at it before Alexis interrupts them.
Olivia's Confession Is Interrupted
01:14 — Olivia almost reveals the truth about Leo to Alexis & Julian.
Deleted Scene: Jade & Tanner's Happy Family of Three
02:39 — A day at home with Jade, Tanner and dog Pippa.
Alexis and Tamra's Tiff
01:14 — Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow respond to being put in the middle of the Alexis Bellino and Tamra Barney's fight.
Keeping the Flame Alive
00:42 — Alexis shares her tips to keep a relationship flame alive.
Gretchen's Relationship With Alexis
02:46 — Gretchen gives an update on her relationship with Alexis.
Road to Hollywood: Alexis Williamson
02:22 — This Virginia native got a standing ovation in a talent show and it inspired her to audition for American Idol. Learn more about the girl who isn't af (more…)
Love in the Afternoon: Alexis & Julian
01:41 — Love in the Afternoon: Julian & Alexis get caught in the throes of passion.
Julian Tries to Win Alexis Back
00:53 — Julian shows up at Sam's to see Danny and Alexis tells him that she is trying to move on.
Ric Returns
00:44 — Alexis is about to tell Molly the truth...just as Ric arrives.
Bonus Scene: Minibar Confessions
00:54 — Julian confides in Olivia about his situation with Alexis. The two take advantage of the minibar and bond over being alone on New Year's Eve.
Top 12 Girls: Alexis Gomez
01:41 — We've heard Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead" before on this season of Idol, but not the way Alexis Gomez sings it. She makes it feel new and dif (more…)
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