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Teen Kidnapped As Baby Defends Abductor: ‘She Will Always Be Mom’
02:20 — Alexis Manigo was taken from a Florida hospital as a newborn; her abductor raised her as her own daughter. Now the woman Alexis thought was her mother (more…)
Woman kidnapped as newborn forgives abductor
01:50 — The only mother Alexis Manigo has ever known was arraigned in court for kidnapping her when she was a newborn. Alexis spoke to Manuel Bojorquez about (more…)
Teen Kidnapped 18 Years Ago Says Woman Who Stole Her Will Always Be 'Mom'
02:06 — Kamiyah Mobley, whose name was changed to Alexis Manigo, saw her world turned upside down when she learned that the woman she thought was her mother a (more…)
Teen Raised By Alleged Abductor Says She Still Loves The Woman She Calls Mom
01:42 — The teenager snatched from a hospital when she was a newborn 18 years ago says she still loves the woman who allegedly took her when she was just hour (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Johnny on the Spot
00:50 — Johnny (Eugene Levy) discovers there's no rest for the working class when he helps out an injured Twyla (Sarah Levy) at the cafe during Schitt's Creek (more…)
Inside Schitt's Creek: The Threeway
01:46 — Stevie (Emily Hampshire) and David (Daniel Levy) discuss pillow talk and variations on the menage a trois in S3E1 of the exclusive digital series "Ins (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Lunch Plans
01:31 — To prove David's (Daniel Levy) not her favorite child, Moira (Catherine O'Hara) invites Alexis (Annie Murphy) to dine with her at the café. From Schit (more…)
Adolescente Se Reencuentra Con Sus Padres 18 años Después de Ser Robada Al Nacer
02:37 — Una adolescente de nombre Alexis se reencontró con sus verdaderos padres después de haber sido robada del hospital donde nació hace 18 años. Mire el e (more…)
Woman Kidnapped As A Newborn 18 Years Ago Finally Meets Her Birth Parents
01:17 — A woman allegedly abducted 18 years ago from the hospital hours after she was born has been reunited with her birth parents. Kamiyah Mobley went missi (more…)
Shark: James Woods and Cast Interview
02:13 — |Alexis Cruz|James Woods|Jeri Ryan|Sarah Carter|Sam Page|Shark
IDOL's Alexis Grace, talks both sides of save rule and shoes.
03:27 — Alexis Grace opens up and says that the save rule is fair and that she has quite a penchant for shoes.|American Idol|Alexis Grace|Matt Mitovich|
Inside Schitt's Creek: Fad Diets
02:05 — Alexis (Annie Murphy) and David (Daniel Levy) weigh in on Screamnastics and other trendy fitness programs in S3E1 of the online-only series "Inside Sc (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Too Many Olives
03:25 — Johnny (Eugene Levy) wakes up with a nasty hangover after an evening of self-doubt and drinking catches up with him. From Schitt's Creek S3E1, "Openin (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Moira's First Council Meeting
00:44 — Newly minted politician Moira (Catherine O'Hara) gives a rousing speech to her fellow council members. From Schitt's Creek S3E1, "Opening Night." Sch (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Love Triangles
00:44 — The cast of Schitt's Creek analyze the weird romantic situation Stevie (Emily Hampshire) and David (Daniel Levy) find themselves in after S3E1, "Openi (more…)
Schitt's Creek Extra - Which Star Could Be a Politician IRL?
01:06 — Moira may be making her mark on Town Council--but one Schitt's Creek actor has real-life political potential. Schitt’s Creek airs every Wednesday at (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Afternoon Delight
01:59 — When David (Daniel Levy) has new boyfriend Jake (Steve Lund) over, the rest of the Roses awkwardly make his acquaintance. From Schitt's Creek S3E1, "O (more…)
Schitt's Creek - Johnny Has a Hangover
01:00 — David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) torture Johnny (Eugene Levy) after a night of drinking catches up with him. From Schitt's Creek S3E1, "O (more…)
Pancreatic cancer to become second most fatal cancer
01:18 — Lung cancer is currently the deadliest cancer, followed by colorectal and breast cancers. But as deaths from many cancers drop, the Pancreatic Cancer (more…)
Designing Woman
01:40 — The economic crisis has forced unemployed workers to get creative. For the first part of the CBS News series on "Recession Reinventions," Alexis Chri (more…)
Look at Serena Williams Big...
01:48 — Engagement ring! We got photos of Serena Williams and her fiancee Alexis Ohanian and we finally get to see her engagement ring although the picture is (more…)
Gang On Vicki Day
02:05 — Alexis Bellino call Vicki Gunvalson out on Vicki's behavior over lunch.
Has Alexis Recently Spoken to
02:08 — Alexis Bellino answers questions for God.
Serena Williams Shows Off (Real) Engagement Ring
00:48 — After teasing us with a hilarious taco ring on Instagram, the tennis champ finally shows her ring from fiance Alexis Ohanian. Newsflash: it's HUGE!
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