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ER Finale Admits Gilmore Girl Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

TV's former Gilmore girl, Alexis Bledel, will return to the smaller screen as a guest star in the two-hour ER series finale, airing April 2

Bledel will trade in her Traveling Pants for scrubs, playing ... read more

X-Files, FNL Guy Woos Rory Gilmore, More Movie News

Amanda Peet by Steve Granitz/, Xzibit by Denise Truscello/

Rapper Xzibit, Amanda Peet (Studio 60) and Billy Connolly have joined the cast of the new X-Files film. Everything is hush-hush, but the Reporter hears that Xzibit and Peet will play fellow FBI agents of Mulder and Scully…. Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford is in talks to play Alexis Bledel’s would-be beau in the The Post-Grad Survival Guide.... Jamie Chung (ABC Family's upcoming Samurai Girl) has joined the live-action adaptation of Dragonball, playing the love interest of Justin Chatwin’s Goku…. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka Superbad’s McLovin, is reuniting with producer Judd Apatow for Year One, a comedy set in biblical times. read more

What is Alexis Bledel up to ...

Question: What is Alexis Bledel up to these days?

Answer: Beats me, but had Gilmore Girls been back this season, she would've been (wait for it) spending time with ex-leading man Matt Czuchry! No lie. Czuchry recently confirmed to me that despite Rory and Logan's series-ending split, he quietly inked a new deal with the show last spring that — if Gilmore was renewed for an abbreviated, 13-episode eighth season — would've called for Logan to return. "Contractually, there was an agreement that I would come back for a certain amount of episodes," reveals the upcoming Friday Night Lights guest star, who insists TPTB didn't clue him in on why Logan would've returned. "I don't know [what would've happened], because those episodes were never written. There were a lot of hypotheticals about what those 13 episodes would be." At the very least, the return engagement probably would've given Rory-Logan a better send-off t read more

Gilmore Girl Moves to Another Small Town

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel knows she can't shake her lovably sweet character Rory so soon after the series ending of long-running Gilmore Girls — and she's not trying to. But she is excited to try new roles, like the quiet, calm-talking Kate Peterson in her latest film I'm Reed Fish (in theaters now), where she faces marriage and romantic turmoil, far from the fast-paced "Yale Daily News" and the hustle and bustle of Luke's Diner. caught up with the Stars Hollow favorite for her thoughts on Rory's final moments and moving on after Gilmore. How do you feel about Logan (Matt Czuchry) and Rory's breakup and how the series ended in general? read more

May 15, 2007: The Goodbye Girls

It’s really over. As hard as it is to write those words, I actually feel like I am able to let go. I had a lot of help, actually. It took a village. Every single person in the wonderfully quirky Stars Hollow made it easier to say goodbye to Rory as she left her tiny town for wide-open America. And it was bittersweet.Who else but Luke would gather everyone to plan a huge last-minute surprise party for Rory in the town square? And when the forecast (aka Babette’s swollen ankles) called for rain, he collected tarps and raincoats to sew together a tent. Sure enough, it was pouring on celebration day when Lorelai and Rory pulled up in their Jeep as all of Stars Hollow huddled beneath that tent. I loved that panning shot of the happy faces that we’ve gotten to know over the past seven years: Zack, Liz, Kirk, Lane, Michel, Lulu, Brian, Gypsy, Miss Patty, Babette, Morey, Taylor, Jackson, Sookie and a wide-grinning Luke all clapping and cheering for Rory. “I can’t be... read more

May 8: Diamonds, Diplomas and Decisions

I’m shocked. Totally and completely shocked. Not that Rory turned down Logan’s public marriage proposal. (You never want the answer to be, “Will you come talk to me, outside?”) No, I can’t believe she gave back the ring the same day she got her diploma. “I graduated today. It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Now when I look back on it, I’m just going to think about this horrible thing that happened,” she told Lorelai. So she couldn’t wait one day? Guess not. Maybe that’s because deep down she always knew she could never marry the guy. Did you see her face when Logan said goodbye and walked away for good? Lorelai looked more anguished during the proposal. Rory just didn’t seem all that devastated over such a “horrible thing.” Sorry, Rory and Logan fans. I know you’re upset, probably more so than Rory. I’m upset too — that we didn’t get to see the huge rock he probably gave her. Aren... read more

Unhappy Gilmore: CW Officially Says Goodbye, Girls

Gilmore Girls by Frank Ockenfels/The CW

This just in, a joint statement from the CW and Warner Bros.:"Announcing the final season of Gilmore Girls is truly a sad moment for everyone at the CW and Warner Bros. Television. This series helped define a network and created a fantastic, storybook world featuring some of television's most memorable, lovable characters. We thank Amy Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino, Dave Rosenthal, the amazing cast led by Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, as well as the producers, writers and crew, for giving us this delightful gem for the past seven years. We would also like to thank the critics and Gilmore fans for their passionate support and promise to give this series the send-off it deserves." What will now be Gilmore Girls' series finale airs Tuesday, May 15.UPDATE: As forecast, the Ausiello Report has more on exactly why CW is saying, "No more" to Gilmore.UPDATE: How do you feel about CW's decision? Vote here. read more

May 1, 2007: Girl Power

We have just witnessed the power that is Gilmore. Who else could turn a reckless, rakish, rebellious little rich boy into a responsible, polite, mature grown man? And who else could make a rough, hardened, jaded tough-guy tear up over a love song? Yep, those are our girls!So Logan is going to ask Rory to marry him! And he actually went to Lorelai’s house to ask her permission. Now, usually I would write this off as one of his typical smooth moves. But you know what? He had me at “I came here to see you, Lorelai.” This wasn’t just some old-fashioned formality. He really, really wanted her approval. And he thought he’d get it. After all, they’d just bonded over late-night pie and ice cream. She told him she believed he had cleaned up his act, that he didn’t need to convince her anymore. But there’s one teeny-tiny problem: Lorelai’s reaction. The last time we saw that devastated look was when she woke up next to Christopher, not Luke. (That... read more

Ferrera Not Forced into "Pants"

Despite reports that America Ferrera is being forced to reprise her role in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” a producer of the sequel insists there’s nothing ugly about the negotiations. “The full truth of the story is that America was ambivalent at first,” says Alcon Entertainment producer Andrew Kosove. “But she’s very pleased with the screenplay and much more comfortable about her involvement now.” Shooting will begin June 2 in Greece for Ferrera and cast mates Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively, who play a group of girlfriends bonded by a special pair of jeans. If the film series follows that of the books, two additional sequels may be in store. But Kosove says, “At some point the actresses really will be too old to play these characters. I think honestly that was some of the ambivalence at this stage.” —reporting by Bekah Wright read more

April 24, 2007: Luke, Where's My Car?

Let’s get the worst part out of the way first: Rory didn’t get the fellowship. I’ll admit it, at first I was a little surprised, especially after Paris opened acceptance letter after acceptance letter. But sometimes the best opportunities don’t go to the best people, a lesson Rory has finally learned. Remember, this is the girl who breezed right into prestigious Chilton, was accepted to both Harvard and Yale, landed a top spot at the best college newspaper in the country and then became its editor-in-chief. These things don’t just happen to your typical journalist. At some point, that chance-of-a-lifetime will be given to someone else. But without the risk, there is no fellowship. So good for you, Ror, for going for your dream job. And don’t worry, we’ll be seeing your byline really soon.Now, what to make of Luke and Lorelai? At first I thought the car shopping would go smoothly. You know, an afternoon of witty repartee, lots of bonding over Hummer... read more

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