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Narrowing It Down to the Sweet 16

All right Ill admit it Im disappointed In fact Im seriously bummed I know that Alexandra didnt have the best performance last night but did she deserve to go Not even close I dont think that her If You Leave Me Now was bad at all in fact I thought it was a far bit better than several of the other girls efforts and when she sang it again tonight I was reminded of just how gifted she isDid anyone else notice David Archuleta weeping during Alexandras swan song and then sharing that touching moment with her when she finished singing Could there have been some little sparks flying there perhaps Or were they just really good friends [Update These two have been friends since competing against each other on Star Search years ago] Regardless it was sweet Alexandra showed poise and good humor in her departure even though it was clear how disappointed she was I sincerely hope that she keeps singing because Id love to see how she read more

And Then There Were 16: Who's Your Fave Now?

This week on American Idol, America's second vote was revealed, sending Alaina, Alexandréa, Jason Y. and Robbie home. That brings us to 16 wannabe Idols. Who is your current favorite? Vote now for the best male and female.Poll: The Top Eight Guys: Your TakePoll: The Top Eight Gals: Your TakeRelated:• Read Nina's in-depth American Idol recaps!read more

Top 10 Girls

Well this was definitely a letdown from last night I mean there were a few really good performances by the girls tonight but the vast majority were just so-so just there in a way that didnt make them memorable And I hate to be petty but my first impression when the girls filed by in the intro was Yikes Amandas hair yikes Bride of Frankensteins got nothin on this gal And why Ryan felt the need to talk about the fact that Randy wears a size 13 12 shoe I cannot explain Also Ryans silly thing of not thanking Simon at the end of the show is just annoying now He needs to stop I guess it might have been amusing to him the first time but at this point its just foolishThe two high points of the night came courtesy of Carly and Brooke I kept rooting for some of my other favorites to pull out show-stoppers but alas it never happenedOn to the performancesCarly Smithson Crazy on You Clearly Carly likes herself some Heart as this is the second song byread more


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And Then There Were 20: Who's Your Fave Now?

Last night on American Idol, America's first vote was revealed, sending Garrett, Amy, Colton and Joanne home. That brings us to 20 wannabe Idols. Who is your current favorite? Vote now for the best male and female.Poll: The Top 10 Guys: Your TakePoll: The Top 10 Gals: Your TakeRelated:• Read Nina's in-depth American Idol recaps! read more

Idol Thoughts: Before the First Elimination

What a weird first week for American Idol, and what a disaster to pick a theme (songs of the 1960s) for the contestants’ first nights in the spotlight. Why not let them stay in their individual comfort zones at least for the introductory week, the better for us to get to know them by letting them do their thing (whatever it may be) without a period straitjacket? Of course, the fact that more than a few were battling the flu didn't help matters. (You can find Nina's complete Idol recap here.)As with Tuesday’s boys’ night, Wednesday’s inaugural ladies’ night was a decidedly mixed bag, with too many personalities held in check by overcalculated (and often miscalculated) performances. It’s not that these people — girls or guys — can’t sing. It’s just that in their first week out, they needed to prove they could bring down the house, not just make it through a song. Too few lived up to that challenge. Too few proved that they’ve &#... read more

Top 12 Girls

I have to say right off the bat that I like several of the girls who sang tonight have the flu The judges didnt have much sympathy for them but let me just say I can barely write about them and they were actually up there singing their hearts out Thats pretty darn amazing Some of the performances really were impressive even if they generally didnt blow me away As Randy put it Season 7 is turning out to be the year of the young ones I couldnt agree more three of my faves thus far Alaina Whitaker Alexandrea Lushington and David Archuleta are all under the age of 18 Though I felt like smacking Ryan when he commented on the fact that Alaina was sweating after her performance he used to do that all the time to Elliott Yamin Its like one of his favorite man-handling comments Is that really the most interesting thing he can talk about in those few seconds of banter He is so very very oddOn to the performancesKristy Lee Cook Rescue Me I read more

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