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Fri Mar 31 8:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowDouble or Nothing(Season 5, Episode 2) VH1

Phil and Mouse take Jamie to a club to help him get over losing his job and his girlfriend, but Jamie's pickup lines fall flat with the ladies. Then he meets a woman named Nancy, who seems to have much in common with Fancy. Nancy: Golden Brooks. Phil: Alex (more…)

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Fri Mar 31 8:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowServe No Wine Before I Get Mine(Season 5, Episode 3) VH1

After a series of low-paying gigs, Jamie gets a break and records one of his original songs for a record producer, but the arrangement might not be as legitimate as the singer thinks. Clive: Darryl Sivad. Lucien: Ed Lover. Babyhair: Darrel Heath. Helen: El (more…)

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Fri Mar 31 9:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowShades of Gray(Season 5, Episode 4) VH1

A lonely Jamie spends the night with Fancy at her apartment, but the morning after proves awkward for the former couple. The tension increases later that night when Jamie sees Fancy with another man at a party. Brandon: Billy Kane. Barbara: Devika Parikh (more…)

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Fri Mar 31 9:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowI'll Do It My 5, Episode 5) VH1

Jamie refuses to sign with a record company and instead tries to sell compact discs of his original music over the Internet, which leads to a “Matrix” fantasy with Garcelle Beauvais (Fancy) and Christopher B. Duncan (Braxton) appearing as characters fr (more…)

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Mon Apr 3 8:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowCandy Girl(Season 5, Episode 6) VH1

Jamie wants to film a video for his latest song at the hotel, but Helen opposes the idea because of the video's sexual content. To further complicate matters, the actress slated to appear in the video objects to her lack of wardrobe. Helen: Ellia English (more…)

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Mon Apr 3 8:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowShakin' and Fakin'(Season 5, Episode 7) VH1

Jamie gets sick after eating Japanese food and Fancy nurses him through the night, only to have him fake a relapse the next day to keep her from going out with another guy. Garnett: Wayne Wilderson. Michael: Ty Upshaw. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Braxton: Ch (more…)

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Mon Apr 3 9:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowIf the Shoe Fits...(Season 5, Episode 8) VH1

Jamie finds a pair of size-22 sneakers under Fancy's bed and he thinks that she is involved with NBA star Kevin Garnett, who books a press conference at the hotel. The NBA's Derek Fisher also appears. Gloria: Karen Maruyama. Sheila: Sherri Shepherd. Fancy: (more…)

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Mon Apr 3 9:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowBachelor Party(Season 5, Episode 10) VH1

Jamie catches Fancy auditioning male dancers for her bachelorette party after they each promised not to have such gatherings, so he and Mouse plan to get even. Peabo: Johnny Mack. Ron: Bilaal Salaam. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Mouse: Suli McCullough. Gloria (more…)

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Tue Apr 4 8:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowEast Side Story(Season 5, Episode 11) VH1

The Kings announce their retirement and offer the hotel to Jamie and Fancy---but Fancy considers a job offer in New York. Meanwhile, Braxton feels unappreciated at work, having assumed that his time at the hotel would merit his taking over the operation. H (more…)

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Tue Apr 4 8:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowThe Bad Seed(Season 1, Episode 2) VH1

Jamie tries to impress Fancy, by volunteering as a "Big Homie" for a neighborhood youth. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan. Helen: Ellia English.

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Tue Apr 4 9:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowBurned Twice by the Same Flame(Season 1, Episode 3) VH1

When an old flame (Tanya Wright) shows up at the hotel, Jamie thinks it's time to rekindle romance---then her boyfriend arrives. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Helen: Ellia English. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan.

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Tue Apr 4 9:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowWho's Da Man?(Season 1, Episode 4) VH1

Jamie takes Braxton to his favorite club to show him some action, but it's "B Smooth" who impresses the ladies. Basketball's Gary Payton has a cameo. Gwen: Renee Tenison. Naja: Rosie Tenison.

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Wed Apr 5 8:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowWe Finally Got a Piece of the Pie(Season 1, Episode 5) VH1

Jamie plans to get rich by selling Aunt Helen's sweet-potato pie, which has Dennis and hotel customers hooked. But he may be making a mistake by cutting too many people a slice of the business. Aunt Helen: Ellia English.

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Wed Apr 5 8:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowAnd Bubba Makes Three(Season 1, Episode 6) VH1

Braxton's induction into the Burgeoning Black Men's Club coincides with a visit from his unrefined parents (Johnny Brown, Bebe Drake). Christopher B. Duncan. Vray Beaujay: Rif Hutton. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais.

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Wed Apr 5 9:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowStuck on You(Season 1, Episode 7) VH1

Junior's surprise anniversary gift for Helen gets stuck on Fancy's finger, leaving Junior stalling for time while Jamie struggles to remove it. Garrett Morris, Garcelle Beauvais. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan. Directed by Scott Baio.

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Wed Apr 5 9:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowSeems like Old Times(Season 1, Episode 9) VH1

A reunion of Junior's old Army buddies includes a lawyer, who lands Jamie an audition---and makes a play for Helen (Ellia English). Front Line Freddy: Ellis E. Williams. Rubberneck Watson: Lou Myers.

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Thu Apr 6 8:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowA Star Is Almost Born(Season 1, Episode 10) VH1

Jamie's dreams of stardom may come true with the arrival of director Ike Yee, who uses the hotel as the setting for his latest movie starring Jackie Chin (Peter Navy Tuiasosopo). Ike: Alec Mapa. Helen: Ellia English.

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Thu Apr 6 8:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowA Killer Ending(Season 1, Episode 11) VH1

Jamie thinks a hotel guest (David Koechner) is a fugitive killer---who's eyeing Fancy as his next victim. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan. Junior: Garrett Morris. Helen: Ellia English.

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Thu Apr 6 9:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowI Am What I Scam(Season 1, Episode 13) VH1

Jamie's jealous when Fancy's smooth ex sweeps into the hotel flashing plenty of cash---and a diamond ring. Garcelle Beauvais, Garrett Morris, Ellia English, Christopher B. Duncan.

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Thu Apr 6 9:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowI Do, I Didn't(Season 1, Episode 14) VH1

After her wild bachelorette party, Fancy's sorority sister Janine wakes up next to the stripper---Jamie. Adam: Tiny Lister Jr. Adam No. 2: Rodney Van Johnson. Kyra: Michelle Anne Johnson.

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Fri Apr 7 8:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowLittle Red Corvette(Season 1, Episode 15) VH1

Jamie is much too fast to buy a little red Corvette off the street, and when the car turns out to be hot he and Braxton land in jail with prisoners planning to tunnel to freedom. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan. Tonya: Kira Arne. Helen: Ellia English.

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Fri Apr 7 8:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowAct Like You Love Me(Season 1, Episode 16) VH1

Edwina DuBois, a gal pal of Helen's, tries to show Jamie the ways of the casting couch, while teaching an acting seminar at the hotel. Garcelle Beauvais, Steve Whit, Ellia English.

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Fri Apr 7 9:00am
The Jamie Foxx ShowWestside(Season 1, Episode 17) VH1

Jamie tries to maintain control after the Westside Connection (Ice Cube, Mack-10, W.C.) checks in with a huge entourage and a wad of cash. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan. Rev. Alize: Jamie Foxx. Helen: Ellia English.

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Fri Apr 7 9:30am
The Jamie Foxx ShowStep Up to Get Beat Down(Season 1, Episode 19) VH1

A chance to sing on the radio lands Jamie a contract with record mogul Sweet and Low (Tony Cox), but the deal comes up a little short. Braxton: Christopher B. Duncan. Junior: Garrett Morris. Helen: Ellia English.

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