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President Kirkman Addresses the Nation
02:17 — Will Kirkman be removed from office?
Secretary Kirkman Is Asked to Step Down
02:08 — Kirkman has a surprising conversation hours before the attack.
Designated Survivor: Meet Seth Wright
02:21 — Seth makes an interesting first impression on the new president.
Designated Survivor: Meet Hannah Wells
02:03 — FBI Agent Hannah Wells arrives on the scene after the attack.
Who Attacked the Capitol On Designated Survivor?
01:24 — FBI Agent Hannah wells fears this is just the beginning.
Kirkman Is Sworn in As President of the United States
01:28 — Secretary Tom Kirkman becomes President Tom Kirkman.
State of the Union Attack On Designated Survivor
03:25 — Disaster strikes on the series premiere of Designated Survivor.
Designated Survivor Series Premiere
01:27 — Meet the new President of the United States.
Jessica vs. Teenage Boys
01:32 — Obnoxious teenagers push Jessica too far.
Eddie's Plan Saves Halloween
02:02 — Eddie enlists Nicole's help to scare off teenage boys.
The Huang Boys Investigate
00:54 — "Crime doesn't sleep, and neither should you."
Amazing Costumes
00:38 — The Huangs go all out for their first Halloween.
Ncis: New Orleans: Sister City: Part Two Trailer
01:07 — While Special Agent Pride and the New Orleans team investigate a Russian sleeper agent who was involved with Abby’s brother, Luca (Tyler Ritter), Seba (more…)